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  1. Serge, Wildflower was indeed a Chance 40 footer rating about 1 ton(30.5 version). She has a daggerboard and was a very pretty and FAST boat. She lived in Annapolis in the late 70's. Any pics of her would be a great addition to this thread! There is a light blue hull, looks One-Tonner sized, says 'Wildflower" on the side sitting just off Rt. 50 near Easton, MD. Would that be her? The "Wildflower" I'm thinking of was white and green, fractional rig, bumpy hull, based out of NJ..... Anyone? That boat on Rt 50 near Easton, MD is not Wildflower. Its something else, I think maybe the old "Jack Knife". Randy Scarbough had a couple Wildflower's out of Ocean City, NJ. One was a sistership to Resolute Samon and was a masthead rig, daggerboard boat, the 2nd one was an aggressive IOR hull shape with bumps, a very flat stern section and tall fractional rig. Both were Chance designs. Randy later had a Debroth one-tonner called Wildcat.