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  1. what is it?

    Leward cockpit ought to hold about 10 gallons in over 15knots...Yikes..."Frankendek"...Just needs a bolt through the neck!
  2. So -- No real info here....WHo is RBS / Hannibal LLCs... Who is the Petitioner / Temporary Receiver? Just curious if this is a restricting thing or a full meltdown?? Good brands, with a place in the market if done correctly?? IMO...
  3. money wins!

    SO -- Where are the ACTUAL regattas sailors and their opinions....Mendelblatt 13...Troll sailing in third place on a family boat?-- SO - That is pretty cool...Family members sailing together and against each other...That's what we ought to be talking about...Along with YO MAMA running with father -son team and how many other families sailing / husband wife in the class etc... FIVE ( yes that's 5) out of 25 that are Corinthian AND the first Corinth team is 15...it's a GP class! IF it smells like, tastes like, and IS a PRO class - well let's just accept it. I raced J24 for 20 years...sailed a LOT of mid fleet regattas with decent boat prep, mediocre sails and a fat guy on the helm(me). Raced with, wife, sister, niece and a guest...We sailed to our potential and LOVED sailing against, Hutch, the Read's, Larson, Ingham and the likes...except it was back when they STEERED the boat...Getting yelled at by a PRO tactician on the line isn't nearly as cool as sailing side by by with the PRO through out the race course...AND then they come up and toss a few tips your way as to why they lifted off and rolled you while sharing a beer...Any FUN from the pros at the regatta? Or are they in bed resting up / studying weather grib files?? Grand prix classes have ALWAYS been dominated by the money. It WILL scare people out of the class, but let's be real...M20 regatta with 25 boats is a LOT of boats for what they selling. The boat has always been TOO tweaky for anyone without kryptonite in their pocket....that's a glass ceiling that won't get shattered, they have peaked! What I'd like to know is what the HELL they DISCOVERED about the tuning / tweaking....Obviously that two boat program has discovered something that others haven't...IN MY DAY that shit was shared, put in a tuning guide and the NEXT level of speed was the new target. Tossing a 3 -- impressive REGARDLESS of what you paid! ANY camaraderie at the event just curious?? -- BUT I wasn't there and would like to hear from actual participants instead of a STONED Ed and Co. with clearly an axe to grind? Ought to edit, but what the hell......Maybe it's a class crushing thing -- Not a sponsor to SA...now fair game with our commentary? Maybe a "Drew" Axe to the back subliminally? Ok I went to the trenches, probably shouldn't...Conspiracy theories anyone? Mikie
  4. Wow that sure was ugly if you an MSU fan. Clemson still underdog against Bama! Not surprising. Ok. Don't forget we can now complete the picks and get the title game pick and tie breaker points/score. Not sure how the hell I am leading with going 1-3 yesterday....had both Ok and Msu....thanks for the help guys...
  5. Go Houston. Loved him at osu( my team) and gotta appreciate what he can do coaching!!
  6. It's a long bowl season..although it's always nice to win the start!
  7. College Football 2015

    I'm in....WOW there are a lot of BOWL GAMES I don't give a crap about....Gonna be a great bowl season -- Some really intriguing match-ups. I think the bowl selection guys did a nice job with the matches of the big 6 - there will be some telling match ups -- gonna be interesting to see how the Pac / BiG and SEC fair...Pundits don't have many B1G wins predicted...Seem like big 12 is getting attention and of course Bama.... So -- Who has the unlikely matchup of MSU and OK in final? Or don't y'all buy into the UA / Clemson charm...
  8. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    I have no first hand Knowledge, but with an M24, they may have been sailing with a PROVISIONAL PHRF rating for the regatta, which makes them NOT eligible for Sundance ( and they were already ineligible for Falcon ) Trophies -- That's my only explanation. I had a similar experience several years ago, we were provisional rating ( didn't pay / get PHRF cert as it was a last minute entry) and finished second OA....lucky didn't finish 1 OA, or else would have been really bummed. C&C 37R beat us that year... Mikie
  9. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Hmmmm - Age old problem...Grand Prix prep - vs - Club race prep. That's why people pick OD - so they can sail against evenly prepped boats sailing at a more optimum level. They add in the differentials of a J70 racing against a C&C 40, Express 34, or J34 or other "Lead Mine" and viola it's a recipe for disgust on the race course. You can't split the fleets into like types of boats if you don't have the boats...I was shocked to see JW on Jack Of Hearts the SLOWEST boat in the CRW PHRF Fleet racing spinnaker...That sorta says it all..NO PARTICIPATION by ANY of those old time brands mentioned above. You combine J70s, M32, T10, other OD "race" boats with a PHRF Fleet and that is the result a slowly diminishing fleet. Everyone would like to feel like they have a shot, with these boats in fleet they might get a shot in 1 in 15 races...or possibly none. IF you notice CRW puts tens in their own class both weekends...otherwise, you have 8 tens in 1-5 in their fleet and then 3 more boats 6-12... No no right answer...JAM fleet is closest - BUT even JAM fleets have inherited old race boats who beat up on the regulars a few times a year when they go out. It's PHRF and frankly, LE-PHRF, in my opinion has penalized OD classes / sporties over the years, unconsciously trying to level the field...Ok maybe consciously... THERE ARE NO GOOD ANSWERS...But I did like encouraging the rotters( parked) to get out again and mix it up. OR encourage / incentivize youngsters to participate. ONly answer is buy the same turd and sail it against other turds...Ensign, dragon, J24, T10, J70 there's a boat for every ass...OR if you prefer a unique turds, man up and suffer through the pains of PHRF. Be happy to have ANY fleet to sail against and encourage others...Who went sailing and took a guest for the SAILSTICE...BE a sailing Disciple! Ok - I ran out of steam...Mikie Out... AND BTW - I am bummed to see an icon like the Robert's Race flop...shame on y'all for not brining a boat and carrying on a great tradition / iconic distance race...I could tell you about 30 knots+, trying to set a # 3 as WitchDoctor( C&C 38 out of LYC) surfed by us with their Chicken Chute up on our C&C 40 about 25 years ago in that race...
  10. BMW

    Larry - These "Jesus Shoes" are OK, next pair please.