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  1. SO -- Where are the ACTUAL regattas sailors and their opinions....Mendelblatt 13...Troll sailing in third place on a family boat?-- SO - That is pretty cool...Family members sailing together and against each other...That's what we ought to be talking about...Along with YO MAMA running with father -son team and how many other families sailing / husband wife in the class etc... FIVE ( yes that's 5) out of 25 that are Corinthian AND the first Corinth team is 15...it's a GP class! IF it smells like, tastes like, and IS a PRO class - well let's just accept it. I raced J24 for 20 years...sailed a LOT of mid fleet regattas with decent boat prep, mediocre sails and a fat guy on the helm(me). Raced with, wife, sister, niece and a guest...We sailed to our potential and LOVED sailing against, Hutch, the Read's, Larson, Ingham and the likes...except it was back when they STEERED the boat...Getting yelled at by a PRO tactician on the line isn't nearly as cool as sailing side by by with the PRO through out the race course...AND then they come up and toss a few tips your way as to why they lifted off and rolled you while sharing a beer...Any FUN from the pros at the regatta? Or are they in bed resting up / studying weather grib files?? Grand prix classes have ALWAYS been dominated by the money. It WILL scare people out of the class, but let's be real...M20 regatta with 25 boats is a LOT of boats for what they selling. The boat has always been TOO tweaky for anyone without kryptonite in their pocket....that's a glass ceiling that won't get shattered, they have peaked! What I'd like to know is what the HELL they DISCOVERED about the tuning / tweaking....Obviously that two boat program has discovered something that others haven't...IN MY DAY that shit was shared, put in a tuning guide and the NEXT level of speed was the new target. Tossing a 3 -- impressive REGARDLESS of what you paid! ANY camaraderie at the event just curious?? -- BUT I wasn't there and would like to hear from actual participants instead of a STONED Ed and Co. with clearly an axe to grind? Ought to edit, but what the hell......Maybe it's a class crushing thing -- Not a sponsor to SA...now fair game with our commentary? Maybe a "Drew" Axe to the back subliminally? Ok I went to the trenches, probably shouldn't...Conspiracy theories anyone? Mikie
  2. Wow that sure was ugly if you an MSU fan. Clemson still underdog against Bama! Not surprising. Ok. Don't forget we can now complete the picks and get the title game pick and tie breaker points/score. Not sure how the hell I am leading with going 1-3 yesterday....had both Ok and Msu....thanks for the help guys...
  3. Go Houston. Loved him at osu( my team) and gotta appreciate what he can do coaching!!
  4. It's a long bowl season..although it's always nice to win the start!
  5. I'm in....WOW there are a lot of BOWL GAMES I don't give a crap about....Gonna be a great bowl season -- Some really intriguing match-ups. I think the bowl selection guys did a nice job with the matches of the big 6 - there will be some telling match ups -- gonna be interesting to see how the Pac / BiG and SEC fair...Pundits don't have many B1G wins predicted...Seem like big 12 is getting attention and of course Bama.... So -- Who has the unlikely matchup of MSU and OK in final? Or don't y'all buy into the UA / Clemson charm...
  6. The shocker to me is that JBY had her for 8 months and didn't "accidentally" discover an issue -- I've always had fabulous experiences there. Surprised they didn't notice anything out of the ordinary and delve deeper...Surely she was out of the water, rig up / down etc...May have done fresh bottom paint for Salt water etc. Something still feels off here?
  7. I have no first hand Knowledge, but with an M24, they may have been sailing with a PROVISIONAL PHRF rating for the regatta, which makes them NOT eligible for Sundance ( and they were already ineligible for Falcon ) Trophies -- That's my only explanation. I had a similar experience several years ago, we were provisional rating ( didn't pay / get PHRF cert as it was a last minute entry) and finished second OA....lucky didn't finish 1 OA, or else would have been really bummed. C&C 37R beat us that year... Mikie
  8. Joli - I know plan is to have a partial / potentially full liner. Tartan has changed up their internal designs and only have a couple of stick built in their line up 4000 / 4700 & 5300 - Although even those model have large glass interior section to build structures. Tartan has done runs of stick built to start new models in the past, as you likely know, but I'm I don't know and haven't asked...yet... I suspect they will do a liner similar to the 4300, which is there mostly for consistency in bulkhead fit / consistency, as they use CNC for more and more stuff with each new model - vs - wood router templates. 4300 has a liner, but bunk risers / counter units etc are wood ( which folks like - vs glass) and fit into the bosses in the liner. Makes for better consistency and the same pieces fit over and ver, where a true stick built, is truly a one-off for duplication purposes. Boat feels more stick built, but has the benefits of a liner where you can't see. Most recent thought on forward cabin is a privacy curtain. Could do one aft for q berth as well I suppose? Q berth will be tight, two in there will defiantly need to be very close acquaintances... Tartan has become pretty used to scalping out the liner where needed and stick building modifications for customers -- example 3700 liner has notch in forward bunk molded in and a std vanity / sink molded as well -- Modified, the bunk goes from a glass surface with a notch to a flat faced surface in wood, additional drawer storage where the notch was and accommodates an AC unit forward without loosing drawers etc. The vanity then gets chopped out of the liner and we have add a matching bureau to the port side for additional shelf / hanging locker storage. Sort of a his and her dresser arrangement, very popular modifications on the 3700. Mikie
  9. BC - The 3600 is definitely purpose designed and 3-4 guys on board...not enough bunks. The 3700 accommodates this REALLY well have 3 doubles and a single in comparison and a very similar sail plan with the Tartan CCR rig. Jackett has discussed a privacy curtain or optional bifold / sliding door to the forward cabin so that you can change in a modest fashion and not have to duck into the head...Some of this detail is still ongoing. Quarter berth does NOT have a curtain or door. Generally this design is very open air and modeled after some of the 32-28 power boats available - a different approach fore sure, but with the success the 3700 has had (167 hulls built since 2000 and still going) Tartan knew they had to differentiate from the 3700 for model and market reasons. In my experience the first few owners / orders are allowed a lot of feedback / involvement in the final product and how the little details come together. I know that the first owners of 3400 / 3700 / 4300 all of whom ordered hulls 1-3 in advance of final build were heavily involved and influenced some of the features that become most appreciated on the new models. Good example of this is the 4300 and the cockpit design -- some wanted a full T cockpit at helm, other wanted the benches to extend all the way aft so you could sleep on cockpit benches -- final design was a FULL T cockpit, BUT with removable inserts at the wheel so if you want to leave them in and starch out you could. I have owners with small dogs who LOVE the inserts( so the doggies have full access to run circles in the cockpit and owners who take them home to the garage. But that detail was driven by those first two owners during the final design / build stages. Tartan also consults heavily with their dealers / reps to get feedback on model development and design. It's a big advantage of designing "in-house". It is a unique thing that Tartan involves new owners in the new design process and offers a LOT of semi custom tweaks to their existing / ongoing designs. They don't like to move bulkheads, but different cabinets, doors, specific goals, most of the time can be accommodated? ON the settee question -- We labored a LOT over whether we could make the Starboard side a center nav table / card table, like the Cat 36 of old. Making the table lower and making a full length settee( when down) on stbd side. Compromise would be the dedicated nav / work station. After a lot of deliberations it was decided that a traditional nav station and comfortable dining for 4 was more important. Could Tartan custom build that side with a lowering desk top? Maybe, likely a spendy change 3-5k but maybe the sort of option they ought to have / develop?? Mikie ( Just in case anyone had a question who I am - Mike Titgemeyer, Crusader Yacht Sales, Tartan dealer etc etc.)
  10. Ok - My bad on the signature - It's been deleted, I had not realized that that signature line was still there. Anyone offended, my apologies, it is a very old / classic joke, but in bad taste none the less. Any defensiveness in my reply was aimed to Kent who seemed to have hit a frustration wall on the negative comments. I merely wanted to relay my experiences of a long history with the brand. If the group would prefer not to have my feedback / experiences that is fine. And YES a power winch is a domestic tranquility option -- no sexist implications -- making sailing easier and more efficient is a good thing for ALL. MIkie
  11. MAINSHEET -- Yep it's mid boom or more forward - Similar sized mainsail to the 3700 or slightly smaller actually and with 6:1 traveller it does adjust fine by hand. Sheet wise - I suspect 70% of the new 3600 will have a power winch on the starboard housetop for wife sheeting and raising of mainsail OR have the mainsheet / jib sheet double ended and run to the winches at the helm, which could be powered as well... It does carry a load, but the benefits of NOT having it in the cockpit are huge in comparison - Cockpit mainsheet means lousy bimini and no connector...Yep - Designed around the ability to have nice canvas and protection from the sun...Guess that's why we are in Cruising Anarchy right? Hope that helps. Not a perfect solution, but a cache of trade offs to balance. Mikie
  12. Kent & All - Couple of notes ( pun intended..) 1. Tartan d├ęsigne this as a couples boat...not trying to be a TWO couple family cruiser, just a couple layout the 3700 doe step family / 2 couple thing really well. 2. Mainsheet and self taker can lead aft to the two winches near the helm. 3. Flip Flop help is std, but they could put a traditional fixed pedestal on if desired. I like it, do a little research and it is a slick solution. new First 35 has it as well as X yacht Etc -- Doesn't accommodate a plotter / cockpit table as well, but all doable. 4. This isn't a racer's daysailer like the J boats -- Premise is cruising couple owned several boats before, NOT entertaining guests and DON'T want to flop into power. This boat has options to do Genset and air con, which must 36 footer's can't do well ( unless they are power boats) --- So buyer likely is two fold -- existing 30 something, looking for better quality and cruising with wife. OR coming from larger 45+ footer, but isn't ready to give up the lifestyle that a larger boat accommodates, but this boat will. 5. Standard Specs should be pretty easy to find if you spend a minute and download the .pdf of the standard specifications?? Websites suck in general, try and update them and people bitch, visit ANY site and 50% or reviewers would say it sucks, just like or worse than politics... Kent not sure what you expected from ANARCHY on this - NEW Tartan buyers aren't frequenters in the SA forums likely and the std list of posting Anarchists like to pick shit apart as they could never afford it or want it, so it must be a turd. ( OK I HAVE A CYNICAL SIDE....) Underbody is typical Tartan -- Plenty of views of beavertail ( yes that is a Tartan word for 20+ years) keels in archives etc. This keel looks like the -- basically an update scheel keel with out the full mushroom shape TS used. Jackett has drawn up all the BEAVERTAILS and also the Tartan built C&C keels, so it will work and do what it's supposed to do, from a cruising boat perspective. Google beavertail keel and images and there are plenty to look at... Maybe this will help those following the thread a greater insight into what Tartan is trying to do...which is sell f ew boats to performance cruising sailors, which there seem to be fewer and fewer of these days. At least Tartan is still in business as compared Sabre, Valiant, Caliber, Pacific Seacraft, Cabo rico etc, who haven't built sailboats in volume for many years. It's a crapy market, unless you are Beneteau and to be introducing new models and brands like Tartan deserves some credit...even if not everyone here likes them. (shocker) And yes - I am involved with Tartan and have been for 20 years on the retail side...I'm easy to find. MIkie
  13. Hmmmm - Age old problem...Grand Prix prep - vs - Club race prep. That's why people pick OD - so they can sail against evenly prepped boats sailing at a more optimum level. They add in the differentials of a J70 racing against a C&C 40, Express 34, or J34 or other "Lead Mine" and viola it's a recipe for disgust on the race course. You can't split the fleets into like types of boats if you don't have the boats...I was shocked to see JW on Jack Of Hearts the SLOWEST boat in the CRW PHRF Fleet racing spinnaker...That sorta says it all..NO PARTICIPATION by ANY of those old time brands mentioned above. You combine J70s, M32, T10, other OD "race" boats with a PHRF Fleet and that is the result a slowly diminishing fleet. Everyone would like to feel like they have a shot, with these boats in fleet they might get a shot in 1 in 15 races...or possibly none. IF you notice CRW puts tens in their own class both weekends...otherwise, you have 8 tens in 1-5 in their fleet and then 3 more boats 6-12... No no right answer...JAM fleet is closest - BUT even JAM fleets have inherited old race boats who beat up on the regulars a few times a year when they go out. It's PHRF and frankly, LE-PHRF, in my opinion has penalized OD classes / sporties over the years, unconsciously trying to level the field...Ok maybe consciously... THERE ARE NO GOOD ANSWERS...But I did like encouraging the rotters( parked) to get out again and mix it up. OR encourage / incentivize youngsters to participate. ONly answer is buy the same turd and sail it against other turds...Ensign, dragon, J24, T10, J70 there's a boat for every ass...OR if you prefer a unique turds, man up and suffer through the pains of PHRF. Be happy to have ANY fleet to sail against and encourage others...Who went sailing and took a guest for the SAILSTICE...BE a sailing Disciple! Ok - I ran out of steam...Mikie Out... AND BTW - I am bummed to see an icon like the Robert's Race flop...shame on y'all for not brining a boat and carrying on a great tradition / iconic distance race...I could tell you about 30 knots+, trying to set a # 3 as WitchDoctor( C&C 38 out of LYC) surfed by us with their Chicken Chute up on our C&C 40 about 25 years ago in that race...
  14. BMW

    Larry - These "Jesus Shoes" are OK, next pair please.