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  1. Mikie

    John Middleton - Sailor in need!

    Scot - Thanks for posting on front Page -- Make a difference today -- follow the link above! Mikie
  2. Mikie

    John Middleton - Sailor in need!

    Thanks for your support and visiting the GOFUNDME page -- This will really make a difference for this family!
  3. Fellow Sailor / Industry veteran in need of our assistance! John Middleton, father, husband, sailor, yacht broker and all around great guy needs the sailing communities help! On April 24, John collapsed while working on a boat, he suffered a massive brain bleed and spent the next 40+ days in ICU @ GW. He has recently woken up and has been relocated to a rehab facility in Annapolis, MD. He has a LONG road to recovery and getting back on his feet, both physically and financially. Being a small business / local sailing business, John is a partner in Sail Annapolis, the local Catalina dealer and used boat broker. There are mounting medical bills, as well as the loss of income and future preparations for future. This is a great family, that needs our assistance. John has been a fixture in the local sailing industry in Annapolis and throughout the east coast. Let’s rally the troops / band together and help a fellow sailor in need! A go fund me page has been set up for the family’s benefit. Please give whatever you can — it WILL make a difference! https://www.gofundme.com/help-johnjr Thanks - Mikie ( Fellow Yacht Broker here in Annapolis )
  4. Mikie

    What was it?

    MUST have 3+ feet of water in it then....as the N/M - Morgan 45 were much higher floaters WITH a keel and rig....Guess they all end up here eventually???
  5. Mikie

    What was it?

    NOPE -- Plenty came out of Oakville /Custom shop with rolled edges....a bunch of true customs like amazing grace, evergreen etc.,....and also the Custom 41s / 44s ( these would have been 82- 92 Custom C&Cs ( I bet they did 25+ without rails) ....YES - Their production shop( and many from Custom shop ) mostly finished with alum. toes...but this yellow barge is certainly from that vintage(82-92) and could been an Oakville Custom shop boat...IMO --Mikie -- Found of couple of examples...Amazing Grace and 44 / 41 -- Could be the old Dorothy Gale, that was a C&C 44 -- Vanpire was a C&C 41 same custom rolled deck joint, sailed her a lot on the 80s...silver Shadow, Charisma and others of this vintage / series...?? 41 / 44 were open transom boats, so defiantly NOT the yellow barge...
  6. Mikie

    What was it?

    NOT ENOUGH AFT DECK BEHIND COCKPIT FOR OLSON -- My Money's on Peterson 41 -- Sistership to COUG.??? Could be C&C / Peterson custom 43 / 45...Amazing Grace sistership but with a housetop? Looks a bit like Wiggers 37 -- but looks too long? Might just be the low freeboard / Full os water?? What was before the RP 68 Taxi Dancer? That yellow if so distinctive -- makes me think of West Coats sled... - Who knows what they had BEFORE the RP68 ?? mikie
  7. Mikie

    Boat Purchase Contract

    Short answer YES...Most brokerage contracts ( with a broker ) require a deposit, but the deposit is fully refundable until you ACCEPT the the vessel...Once you accept it ( complete your due diligence, including survey, sea trial, financing etc...) THEN and only after "acceptance" your deposit is in play...That is typical for a USA Brokerage agreement, although each broker association / brokerage contract will vary in specific terms a bit. BUT if you act nefariously...Your deposit could be in play...If you say, completed a survey and didn't pay the surveyor or boatyard for the short haul etc...But those are extreme situations for sure. Those vendors would be chasing you and follow the money to the broker who is holding your escrow funds and depending on the phrasing in the contract, the deposit may be reduced by those expenses. We will assume in your case that you are responsible for your actions and that your deposit woudl be refunded shoudl you choose not to "accept" the vessel. .... Hope that helps....Mikie
  8. Mikie

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    Surprised none of your experts didn’t suggest just surveying the boat in the water...95% of the issues would be revealed...if it passes that test, then coordinate the haul to see the bottom or complete the insurance / sale without seeing the bottom. Unless it is out for a few days, you won’t get accurate bottom moisture readings anyway.... and if it is the great deal you say, seller doesn’t want to be bothered...dockside survey is likely plenty of data for what you are buying... my 2...Mikie
  9. Mikie

    what is it?

    HA - Blue tape is masking tape...masking WHAT is another question?
  10. Mikie

    what is it?

    This.... And then this.... Somebody is going bi-polar? Red - Grey - red - grey...."damn, doesn't matter what I do -- it's still a FT10"...Can't unscrew This....
  11. Mikie

    what was it?

    Damnit. My 80s memory failed again. Cobra and MACE were sisters though? Both were badass fast compared to anything else in MORC B. Knocked Little Feat off kilter.... MIKIE.
  12. Mikie

    what was it?

    MACE -- Damn - Been wracking my brain all day trying to remember that boat -- Raced against it a bunch on Lake Erie with Original Cleveland YC Crew....There was a lot of fun that followed that boat back in the day! That boat / Design GREW into the Maxi MORC designs Especially the G&S // N/M ones of Risky Business, Zoo, Easy GO and eventually Invincible. Canada Cup using Maxi MORC rule boats for a few cycles didn't hurt -- That's what really gave us Invincible, with Larry Klein at the helm...MACE is a piece of MORC history...circa 1989 or so?! Looking forward to seeing how she is resurrected! Pretty sure after MACE he had a very early J39 for a year and then went broke, as my memory serves??
  13. Mikie

    what is it?

    Leward cockpit ought to hold about 10 gallons in over 15knots...Yikes..."Frankendek"...Just needs a bolt through the neck!
  14. So -- No real info here....WHo is RBS / Hannibal LLCs... Who is the Petitioner / Temporary Receiver? Just curious if this is a restricting thing or a full meltdown?? Good brands, with a place in the market if done correctly?? IMO...
  15. Mikie

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    I have no first hand Knowledge, but with an M24, they may have been sailing with a PROVISIONAL PHRF rating for the regatta, which makes them NOT eligible for Sundance ( and they were already ineligible for Falcon ) Trophies -- That's my only explanation. I had a similar experience several years ago, we were provisional rating ( didn't pay / get PHRF cert as it was a last minute entry) and finished second OA....lucky didn't finish 1 OA, or else would have been really bummed. C&C 37R beat us that year... Mikie