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  1. VOR Man Overboard

    Thanks. Been a tough few days for a lot of people, can’t stop thinking about his family and crew. We also did a tribute at the start of the B2G broadcast today.
  2. VOR Man Overboard

    I filmed it....
  3. Bloody awesome work Nic!!

  4. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    10-15 easily on the Derwent at the moment.
  5. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    On my way to the finish - will be live on Facebook. Www.facebook.com/sailorgirlhq
  6. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Did my best. Not allowed to stream anything with "moving images" at all once the exclusion zone is in place which is why I can only do audio. Merry Christmas all - will put all the interviews up individually today.
  7. Potential AC36 teams get talking

    Yes that was in my last interview with GA. Here:
  8. The Fish?

    For all who are keen to know - Fish got home safely not yesterday but the day before He will be ready to rock for the Fastnet!
  9. The Fish?

    Was at the SINS party with Fish, he was on fire as per usual. He took a tumble and went into hospital on Friday. Broke three ribs and has a chip out of a vertebrae (pelvis is in tact). I have been visiting him every day to take him the press conferences and keep him company (so Friday through to now) to help get him sorted. Very happy with the ETNZ result to say the least. He is pretty awesome, already off the painkillers I have to leave tomorrow but hopefully he will be home safe and sound soon.
  10. Live Racing Thread

    Wow. Well it is pack up time for me after over five weeks on "the rock". It's been a massive project. I really do appreciate all of the kind words above, apologies that I haven't had a chance to respond to until now, but thank you! It is a bit harder than it looks to even get access to the sailors so your words do help to make the effort and expense worthwhile. Just to help with some of the more negative opinions; having been involved with a few events now (120+ in 2015/16/17 so far), there are some questions that sailors at this level just won't answer. You get sometimes a max of two questions in one on ones, so to ask a question that a sailor will just sidestep is a complete waste, and would not deliver to my TV shows that have helped to get me here, and would still not keep you guys happy. So in essence I have to use my one on one time as wisely as possible to try and get around the PR. Just bear that in mind On the flip side, I got to speak to Iain Murray daily over the course of the Cup - and he was able to speak for himself so these were definitely my personal favourites. All of our content is at www.nicdouglass.org/ac35 for those who want to take a look, and again for those that were following - thank you so much x
  11. Live Racing Thread

    I actually called Pete out on it too
  12. Live Racing Thread

  13. Team NZ

    I try to have a conversation
  14. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Unfortunately I could only come to half of the regatta because the dates were changed and I was already booked for Key West. So instead I did Hobart, my Nationals, Key West and Festival of Sails back to back to make sure I could support local events. I had a script to stick to, and I brought as much knowledge of the local sailors as I could to the event - especially given I flew home in June to MC the RGYC presentation night, I knew a lot from the home club. As for the sound system, that was above my pay grade of helping out. To each their own though
  15. Live Racing Thread

    Hi all - I am commentating on radio for those who don't have access to TV coverage, and have a heap of other stuff going on too from interviews to photos. My rolling blog is here.