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  1. he b gb

    Help identifying Crowther design

    Ps.,are the hulls ply?
  2. he b gb

    Help identifying Crowther design

    I thought it was a modified Spindrift until I saw the chined hulls. Maybe the builder also modified the hull plans,including the chines, so he could build the hulls with ply instead of the usual foam sandwich to save a few bucks? Loch had an earlier spindrift design (Whiplash) that was built totally of ply that had cold molded bilges, maybe it’s that design modified with chines. Those hulls look very Spindrift ish.
  3. I love desserts so I’d eat Mary Anne’s pie anyday
  4. he b gb

    Airlie Hammo Maggie 2018

    Havn’t seen any reports but saw some good footage of boatworks on day 3 vid. How’s your boat coming along Pil?
  5. he b gb

    Catamaran seen in Italy

    I think he might mean sailing downwind, on my biplane cat I use both jibs always except for around 20deg either side of beam reach.
  6. he b gb

    Catamaran seen in Italy

    Thanks for that Klausfu, very interesting boat. Do you have any photos of it under sail?
  7. he b gb

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    Hi Randi, to me it’s a no brainer, the r33 x 16 would leave any GBE, Turrismo behind in a cloud of spray! Cheers.
  8. We used an Inreach for our trip last year (Oz to Tahiti and return) and paid an extra subscription to receive weather texts from Ocens.We found that their four day forecasts were ok but very basic (we also paid a bit extra for a wave height feature) in the areas more frequented by cruising yachts but found it pretty useless and inaccurate in the more remote areas where we needed it the most. (We spent the 2016/17 cyclone season at Kiritimati Island) The big problem is that you don’t get a synoptic map to see if there is anything nasty brewing down the track if you are doing a long passage, we did several 1000+nm passages on our trip. For our longer passages we had friends text us more detailed observations that they made from synoptic charts, and found it to be a great compromise. The ‘Inreach’ is a fantastic and cheap way to stay in touch and worked flawlessly for our entire trip, much cheaper than any sat phone we researched before we headed off. (bought for 460 aus$, and 80aus$ for a month with 500 texts.) Not sure of what models Ocens uses.
  9. he b gb

    Aussie Heroes Gold Coast Style

    Playroom, Margaret Dupre, wow, loving this thread. I lived on the Goldie 76 to 80 and remember MD being a regular at the Stubbies (surf contest) strutting her stuff, but as I lived at the southern end of the coast the Patch was our regular drinking hole, though Sunday nights were pretty good at the Playroom! Work the next day was a problem though.
  10. he b gb

    A broach to remember.

    Wow, that’s a great story, and you will be in deep shit and looking for another bow woman when one of your mates shows the above post to her ( which is what I bet is going to happen!! !!
  11. Gee, can l join your ‘shit stirring religion’ over and out.^
  12. he b gb

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    Pumpkin eater was the gun boat for a couple of years before D Flawless took over . The name is a classic as two Peters owned it (Peter ,Peter Pumpkin eater!) How long ago did you own it and how would you rate its performance compared to your new boat? Just interested to compare it to a modern racing cat. My first offshore multihull was also a Crowther, but not a racing design. (Page 12 in his catalogue)
  13. he b gb

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    ‘Miranda HiFi’ ?
  14. +1^ Nice reply to the other criticisms Airwick. This is one very cool cat and congratulations to the owners and designer for launching this state of the art bi- plane multi. A good reason for not having nets going right to the bows in a lightweight cruising cat is the windage they can create if caught in extreme conditions. I’ve heard of a couple of cats going over backwards here in Oz caught in thunderstorms , and as Airwick says, you don’t need to go forward in this design. The only drawback I can see in this setup would be retrieving the anchor once the bridle was disconnected, with such a long distance from the bows to anchor roller she sure is going to be hard to keep the bows from sailing off when it’s blowing. Apart from this ‘Saphira’ is my idea of the ultimate cruising boat!
  15. he b gb

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta

    If you call it 66, make sure it doesn’t end up being 99 !!