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  1. he b gb

    Did You Know...

    I can see what you are trying to insinuate there, actually i was told by someone who was on safari in Africa when their holiday took a terrible turn for the worse!!
  2. he b gb

    Did You Know...

    Did you know that getting raped by an elephant is less painful than getting fingered by an elephant.
  3. he b gb

    Rogue Wave Trimaran

    WTF is going on with the repair job on the port ama (2nd photo from top in the boat yard pics) looks like some of the rubbish from the boat next door has somehow attached itself to Rogue Wave! I think the guy running the yard might might be telling a few pork pies claiming he is a boat builder.
  4. he b gb

    New winner - boom height/LOA ratio

    I’m getting vertigo just looking at that photo!!
  5. he b gb

    Prada Cup

    Ps. Forgot to say that I thought I had seen a graph showing that it was 20kt max ?
  6. he b gb

    Prada Cup

    Must have been an amazing spectacle to be there to see, just watching it on my iPad was a blowout!! I have raced fast multis for years so know how scary that top mark rounding can be but I sure would like a bit more depowering an steering control than these missiles have!!
  7. he b gb

    Prada Cup

    Going by the amount of this style of wipeout (virtually every syndicate has had one or more) I’m wondering if there is a major design fault that needs remedying. Shit, the so called squall/gust was only 20 kts. Do they need to work out how to depower the rig faster or steer better with that tiny amount of rudder in the water??? They are amazing sailboats but I’m not sure if they are sorted out enough to race, let alone in the Americas Cup.
  8. he b gb

    Hughes/Perry 63 tri

    Were Antigone and Sugar Blues your boats Harry? I remember reading cruising stories about them both mega years ago in the American Multihulls mag!
  9. he b gb

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    ^^ Yeah BM, thanks, two of them woul be real nice!!
  10. he b gb

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    The Grainger sure is a nice cat at a good price but the 1.6 mtr draft would turn me off, may as well own a mono. Cats can easily be designed to dry out by using the hull floors and a longitudinal bulkhead under to strengthen the bottom along with several extra layers of glass where the hull connects with the bottom. Shallow draft is right up there as one of the best advantages of owning a multi.
  11. he b gb

    pics: TF10, 2019 Vallejo Race

    Pretty sure the Australian one was returned.
  12. he b gb

    Top 10 list for SF based foiler

    Wow! Awesome tri, that has to be a contender for ‘best boat for Race To Alaska thread’
  13. Great looking yacht Paul, congratulations! (Ps. Rig looks a bit small, sorry but some other smartarse was going to say it)
  14. That’s got to be @VWAP’s dad and brothers!
  15. he b gb

    Anyone know this design?

    Alikat reminded me a bit of ‘Brandy Creek Ferry’ (hull shapes mainly) which was a Grainger also built by Peter O’Brien (if I remember correctly) B C Ferry was eventually bought by Keith Glover before he bought Trilogy. Anyone know if Peter is still building multis?