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  1. he b gb

    Older fast Aus multies

    Was just being a smart arse
  2. he b gb

    Older fast Aus multies

    Thanks heaps for those photos Pil, the bottom one is how she looked when he bought her from me. Pretty sure Aust Spirit wasn’t launched in 1968 !!
  3. he b gb

    Older fast Aus multies

    Hey Pil, I think I was told that Pete bought the wingmast from Loch as it used to be on his super shockwave Wahoo (I might be wrong though) Pete was also the main instigator in getting Simply the Best (the old formula 40) up and racing again, I’m pretty sure he didn’t end up doing any racing on her though. That was left to Jamie (Morris) who was his partner in the project, Jamie doing the work getting her sailing again and up to cat 2 specs and Pete bankrolling it. Pete bought my Crowther Spindrift “ Nambawan” back in 1988, I never could work out why he wanted a Spindrift when he already owned what I thought was the coolest cat ever (Duet). He ended up selling Duet to Kenny Lang a mate of his for bugger all and spending heaps getting Nambawan to how he wanted it (this was before he bought Catamundlepigeons). Kenny Lang was a larger than life character who presumably fell overboard as his boat was found run up on a beach with the outboard down! That’s Kenny helming Duet in that last photo, blue shorts and red bandanna. Does anyone out there know where Nambawan is nowadays? And did Pete give you (Pil) any photos of her?
  4. he b gb

    It can't get much worse

    Hey multihuler, didn’t you say you were thinking of buying this boat? Lucky for you someone else beat you to it!
  5. Always loved the looks of your proa Sidecar, do you have any vids of her sailing? I’m sure heaps of us would like to see your experimental rig in action.
  6. he b gb

    Older fast Aus multies

    Hi Pil, those above photos are of Kialani. It was built by Ostac using the hull moulds of the parallax but with the deck design done by Tony Lawnton. It was built for Rob Cleveland an American expat who lived at Coolum with his Aussie wife and family. Rob was a good surfer and sailor and pushed his boat hard, I did a few races out of Mooloolaba on her and when the conditions were right we would take her to Old Woman Island to surf the excellent left hander there. This was during the early 90’s.
  7. he b gb

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Oh the irony, that photo is pure gold!! Especially being the Italian boat
  8. he b gb

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    ^ as long as you take into account waterline hull beam which would probably be close to double on a Lagoon as compared to a similar length Outremer.
  9. Hey Cynophobe, what actually happened? I saw a news flash of what looked like a storm went through Manly marina ?
  10. Wow, I would never have thought that solid alloy would be suitable for rudder shafts, is it a very high tensile alloy that you use Boardhead?
  11. he b gb

    Identify this Boat

    Looking at the vids posted by kc375 the cat in the first vid has flaps on the mast but the one called Bob in the 2nd vid doesn’t seem to have them? Anyone out there know why?
  12. he b gb

    Identify this Boat

    Anyone know why the aft mast is pointing backwards, is this something to do with mast windage when at anchor?
  13. he b gb

    Greta Rides Again?

    Wow, what’s the story behind these photos? (Put a foot of dirt over them and all’s good, out of sight out of mind?)
  14. he b gb

    Need ideas for a safer, better escape hatch

    Couldn’t it be easily be made to fit through the hole by making it slightly oval? Not sure I know what you’re getting at.
  15. Sand bags work pretty good. Anti fouling between tides is just one of many benefits of keeping draft as shallow as possible.