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    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Maverick was 13 places behind (over the line) Black Pearl (Carkeek 47) for the Giraglia. Black Pearl was 40 minutes ahead.
  2. I think the Captain thought he had seen it all before. At 4:10am: "well this is every day in Alaska. this is what it's like."
  3. tigrah

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Yeah, 120. But they all start with renderings And getting to this stage takes a little more than just talk. There's cold, hard cash involved - across multiple designers.
  4. tigrah

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Thanks SB. I've tried to get buy-in in a similar way. SWMBO grew up on yachts, so after years of spending her school holidays playing rummy in a small cabin, she's over it. The Carkeek is a balls out racing yacht, but I've tried to soften it: including a removable forward berth, enclosed electric head, some interior design flair, hot and cold running water with a shower in the head, a fridge. Haven't pulled the pin yet but am close. It's going to do the Hobart as well as the short-handed Melbourne to Osaka, so deck is all hydraulic for shorthanded. Cabin-top is heightened and lengthened, giving more internal space. Deck layout is using the the VO70 philosophy with runner winches brought way forward, plus I've brought the steering forward, single central pedestal for main, and two pit winches instead of one. Length has been extended by one foot to 48 feet for offshore waterline length. She's all about ocean racing and not around the cans. With a 3.44m draft, it's where she will play. We are going to hunt TP52s with a better IRC rating. By designing for short-handed means I could run a pin-top delivery main with smaller headsail and get away with solo-ing for a family day, and leave the spinnaker back in the dock box. I feel guilty and unapologetic in equal measures. But heck, this is how we roll, no? If/when I push the button, I'll start a thread like yours.
  5. tigrah

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Hey Shaggy, That's almost my favourite post of this thread. So here's a "Construction" question for you: How did you get SWMBO to agree to the build in the first place? From my experience, attempts to go down this road without spousal/family sign-off are destined for doom. Especially if they aren't really into sailing. And even more especially if racing is going to be your thing. I'm facing those issues right now. And I'm already a long way down the track:
  6. tigrah

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Thanks. I'm currently (trying) to talk to Jason about his new 46+. Good luck! Patrice has just had a new keel designed by Jason. Not sure if it's fitted yet, but reduces boat weight by a lot!
  7. tigrah

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Hi Rawhide, Do you have any more details on the IRC changes? How did you hear? Is it a published announcement? Cheers.
  8. tigrah

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Nice looking boat. Non-overlapping headsail? Why not reef the main and go short-handed on the day for the fun of it?