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  1. Thread drift, but pretty few Seascape 27's thus far in N.America, but there always a few used ones available in Europe/UK it seems. As they fit, on trailer and 37' mast down, inside a standard 40' container, I'm wondering what roughly shipping cost might be from Europe to east coast, and optionally onwards overland to inland western NAM (Montana or BC)?
  2. Skid51

    Andrews 28 Hulls 2 and 4?

    As someone who is looking to move to the 27-30’ racer/weekender range in the next year or so, I agree. Compared to the admittedly clever First/Seascape 27 the A28 has a backstay (significant impact on upwind ability in my books) and considerably more cabin room, and a galley. Similar exceptional SA/D and easy trailering (important for me). Compared to the standard-bearer, the J88, the A28 has as pros: seemingly equal room, but a better cabin layout (galley, enclosed head); retractable keel for trailering . And cons: The J88’s hull lines make it a better medium air racer (vetted by at least 10 secs faster PHRF) and the bigger cockpit a generally better racer and day sailer in any conditions But the J sure is pricey and sure there’s always the J price premium for a proven build and for the OD racing potential (none around me however) so I’m very curious how much inside a J88 the Andrews could and should price. I hope to test sail all of these next season, along with a J92S (if I can find one).
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    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    A Rocket 22 could fit the bill. To meet all your specs all you’d want to add is a spin retrieval line and sock. Since they are launched out of the front hatch (vs cockpit like J70 or M24) it may actually be easier to rig a retrieval line + sock system. Also, if you are going to reef a lot, and singlehanded, go with a riveted/bolted on mastrack with cars (vs OEM glued on groove track)... It would be easier to hoist alone with cars, the standard main bolt rope requires a 2nd person to feed it in the groove. There’s some nearby around W.Canada and trade hands now and then. We came out of racing hibernation and raced ours at Flathead once this summer and had a great time. There was an RS21 there (maybe the demo mentioned above?) and it had really clever design features. A little low and wet for my cold water lake sailing tastes though.
  4. Skid51

    R2AK 2020

    I think remember following that team’s story. Didn’t they cross Hecate in pretty adventurous conditions? Camping on random docks? Hard ass.
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    Going back to the original topic, yes there’s hypocrisy in spades on all sides but what we can thank Greta for is showing how uncomfortable taking action is going to be...
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    R2AK 2020

    Ha ha.. The start of a great story. Just remember Chef going to look for mangos. In the Great Bear Rainforest just substitute BF bear in... “Fucking tiger!... I didn’t get outta the goddam eight grade for this kinda shit!!..” Melges pedal set-up is pretty non-intrusive. Not sure if there’s any surgery needed for the driveshafts out of sight under the cockpit floor. Seems the only cutting is the two holes in the transom which could presumeably just be dealt with later by putting in inspection covers. But would be tough to transfer that approach to any boat that didnt have the handy pre-existing floor hatch.
  7. Skid51

    R2AK 2020

    Curious about some of the logistics approaches and learnings from this race. How do you provision (including all water) for 4 crew on a J24 or a Melges 24 for a week +? Or do go-small entries like that plan definite re-provisioning stops? How do you set up inside the tiny cabin on boat like that for enroute sleeping (hang hammocks?) cooking (hang a burner, or cook on deck?). Again, do folks plan stops to anchor in shelter, even camp out? Seems some of the pedal drive systems, as cool as they are, require some serious through-bolts or cutaways in the deck, cockpit floor or transom and as such presumably need patchwork and leave attendant scars once removed. Any pedal systems “clamp-on”? Would say a First/Seascape 27 style cockpit outboard well be easily adaptable?
  8. Skid51

    Canada’s new tax on yachts

    Taxes like this drive market responses that negate the hoped for effect. If a sailboat manufacturer invoiced seperately for hull, rig, fittings, sails, electronics and maybe even “assembly services / fitting out” you could probably break down even a $200k boat into several sub-$100k pieces. Or with bigger boats maybe the hull is going to be over $100k but a lot of other stuff can be pieced out to avoid super-taxation.
  9. Skid51

    Ro Ro Rolls Over in Georgia

    Hmm, GM quality was not great in ‘81 but... I was in engineering school at the time and a buddy of mine was in a co-op work term at GM Oshawa when this happened. His understanding of the reason the half order was cancelled was the Iraqi hacks got tired of ‘ambient’ sand clogging the motor air filters so.. they discarded the filters. Valves and rings didn't last too long after that!
  10. I too have been looking at the 27-30’ racer /weekender range. The thing about the First (Seascape 27) is its actually only just a few inches over 26’ and its measurements (LWL, beam, displacement, ballast, draft) map much more closely to the J80 than anything else. 100% SA + earlier downwind planing potential alone is what gets it a material notch lower from a J80 rating. But if you think about the J80 as a starting point (rather than J88 or 92S) then the PHRF for the First 27 makes more sense.
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    Worst place for a sailor in the USA

    Montreal, ya ha... pulp mill upstream, a municipality that occasionally direct dumps massive volumes of sewage in the river, recollections of a Finn Cdns of shaking weeds off the CB and rudder every 5 mins, and anyone capsizing and going turtle getting their mast tip bent in the bottom sludge, even 2k offshore. Voila.
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    Front Page: "Ban Them!"

    If you don't want hydraulic fracturing then stop using products produced from it. That would be almost all nat gas currently produced in the US and about 2/3 of US oil production. The hypocrisy of politics (and the non-inquisitive like Ed.) is to make the easy attacks on the faceless, voteless producers of commodities while spreading false virtue to the retail consumers (and btw, voters) of same. 80% of the carbon footprint of a gallon of gas comes from combusting it, just 20% (at most) from extracting (this would be the fracking part) , pipelining, refining and distributing it to the end pump. So why is all the protest against the 20% that simply serves to indulge the 80%? Because hypocrisy is easier than action. If we would be honest with ourselves and target shame on consumption, production will naturally take care of itself. E.g. If you don't want rhino poaching do you prosecute the impoverished rhino poacher in Africa or the limp-dick affected consumer of powdered rhino horn in Beijing? We don't the latter, but we should. Same with say shark fin soup, so should be same with fossil fuels. Realistically, GM, Ford, Boeing, Airbus all make things that do much more harm to the environment (as their products generate the 80% portion of the carbon footprint) than what a petchem plant or pipeline would facilitate. We are all free to drive less and fly less (or try this, Ed.) use hemp sailcloth but isnt it so much more convenient to ignore that inconvenient truth and, with mob-think virtue, protest an Ineos or a pipeline.
  13. Skid51

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    So tough there had to be losers. All top four leg 11 finishers led compelling at one point or another. What an overall race though. The podium each had highlights that will stick with us for a long time. Blast reaching past freighters at Gibraltar seems so, well, 9 months ago. For Brunel, it was the pure boatspeed slicing through the fleet in a North Sea storm and leading the fleet to the Horn in epic conditions. For Mapfre it was 40 gybes in 40 knots to seal the deal enroute to Melbourne. And Donger, so many places where they were the one to chase, so consistently fast, finally winning a leg on a gutsy nav call when everything was at risk. Tremendous.
  14. Skid51

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    That’s a respectful place to gybe by Akzo.