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    Tides Marine Mast Track System

    Anyone install the Tides CMPE external track onto a no-slot carbon mast? I think Tides says the clip fasteners for the CMPE track need to be spaced every 3-6” the length of the track plus I imagine tighter spacing at the peak load head and tack areas. That’s a lot of drilling into carbon. What’s the best mounting method for the clips?.. SS rivets, tap and bond threaded inserts for machine screws, self-tapping screws.. ?
  2. Skid51

    Here Comes The Night

    Rocket 22, on Sylvan Lake in this particular pic.
  3. Skid51

    Here Comes The Night

    As in a boat name? No.
  4. Skid51

    Here Comes The Night

    From the finish line committee boat. Prairie lake, big sky.
  5. Skid51

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    Used to do SCCA-type sports car racing and 51 was an easy set of needed double digits to cobble up with duct tape on my doors. Yes keeners, 11 was taken.
  6. Skid51

    20-25' Sport boat Suggestions

    Tried to PM you re a potentially available Rocket 22. Can you enable messages?
  7. Skid51

    Too Young to be a Snowbird?

    If you’re ‘working remote’ situation allows for the time zones, then.. almost anywhere in NZL will have the wind and dinghy/foiling conditions and globally enviable sailing culture. Several places, from Nelson on the S.Island to well north of Auckland will have a big boat weekend scene and be driving distance to an airport. Auckland itself is victim to the money laundering driven real estate boom afflicting many Pacific rim metropolises but you dont need to get too far outside for reasonable rents/values.
  8. This 27-33 foot racer/weekender category (that I'm interested in) seems to be hit n miss for my 6'3" in sitting headroom and sleeping comfort. On the 99, RDS having done the walk-through, how do you think the two aft cabins set up for spooning? Since the design sacrificed the v-berth as sleeping quarters, maybe they should have made the aft cabins slightly assymetrically sized.
  9. Returning to thread topic, given comments around the apparent stiffness of the J/99 it'll be interesting to see if Salish Sea (i.e. largely light air) boats see turbocharging (OEM or aftermarket) of any kind. Kinda like the SF3300 reportedly getting longer prod and/or mast for the NAM market.
  10. Umm, I think Crash was being sarcastic. I know, very unusual in SA. Anyways, The bizarre dual wheels and lack of cockpit settees make this unnecessarily narrow-focussed and likely doomed in the market. Looks a Mattel Hot Wheels version of a TP52. Too bad, since a) trailerability (retractable keel and beam) , b) satisfactory headroom + some comforts below, and c) price, are otherwise a rare package. As a package still falls well short of an Andrews 28 or slightly more minimal, Seascape/First 27.
  11. What would sail-away price be with race-level sails and electronics?
  12. Skid51

    Sun Fast 3300

    No west coast showings on the 3300. Seems there’s just one in NAM and its on the east coast. Maybe J/99 gets the jump on this market on this side of the pond.
  13. Skid51

    Sun Fast 3300

    I have some partial info only but does anyone know if both the J/99 and SF 3300 are at both or either of the Seattle and/or Vancouver boatshows? Is The First(Seascape) 27 getting any show-time? Would be great to get first-looks in one outing.
  14. I’m looking at ways to speed up leeward mark douses. On my Rocket 22 the spinnaker goes down the front hatch into a hanging bag, which can be a time consuming hand-stuff. There’s good room for a retrieval sock down below so got me thinking. I’ve used the super fast multi-block purchase retrieval systems on assym chutes on dinghies and those sails all have an OEM grommet in the lower half of the chute for the line to go through then an x-strap sewn in on a patch on the backside of the chute in the upper half of the sail. Is there a workable home-made approach? I.e. Is there danger of tears or stretching the sail by just putting say a 12” square sail repair patch right in the belly of the sail on both sides of the sail (with offset edges to spread the load) and just using that as a single point retrieval? Want to keep it light. Any other ideas, short of sending it back to the loft?
  15. Skid51

    Retrofit a spinnaker retrieval line?

    The Rocket 22 varies from a J/70 or Melges 24 in that it has a double spreader rig so the inside-the-shrouds to companionway route is a somewhat more constricted window and fraught with snag potential. I also like to keep easy access to down below to make mast jack adjustments mid-race. But certainly an option easy enough to test out.
  16. With continued weakened Euro and GBP vs USD and especially CAD I note from asking prices on online brokerages there can be quite a price discount for used, euro-built boats in N. Europe vs the N.American market. At least in the 27-33 footer range (where my interest lies) this includes price points from J/92S’, to Seascape 27’s, right up to relatively recent build XP-33’s, maybe some SunFast 3200’s too. Going a little bigger, even the later J/109’s of J-Composite origin can be a good discount to the earlier US-builds typically found over here. Is this a worthwhile arb opportunity, especially for more recent, higher price, quality boats like the XP we don’t see much of on the market in NAM? FYI CETA gives zero duty on Euro boats coming direct into Canada (i.e. can’t have been previously “consumed” into the US). So rough-rough, what’s all-in shipping cost N.Europe to the PNW for a 32-36 footer on a cradle? Or, for RORO trailerable boats like the Seacape or J/92S, just to the east coast? (would probably get it myself from east to west coast, over time and some regatta stops!).
  17. I think my hypothesis that originated this thread (i.e. that there is transport-adjusted value arb between Europe and NAM in used sailing yachts) is more often than not unsupported. Given what the helpful responses above have laid out as costs (as well as some PM's received) it probably takes a unicorn set of facts like a trailerable (or at least truckable) boat, a discounted LOLO or RORO (i.e. not container) ship opportunity, target boat being VAT unpaid (i.e. owner not trying to recoup their VAT cost), and a relatively higher cost (newer, bigger) boat to make the economics work. Could say an XP-33 hit this sweet spot? ... 9500lbs and 10.5' beam should be easily permit truckable, there's some VAT unpaid boats that come up and asking price delta can be U$40-50k between US and Europe. Anybody able to roughly quote commercial haul coast to coast (which I'd have to pay anyway if buying an east coast boat)? Oddly a bigger boat doesn't necessarily have better economics: a quick check of XP-38's (common enough both sides of the pond) showed just ~U$25k delta in average asking prices. Maybe a lower cost bracket like J/92S or SS27 _can_ work to bring in from Europe if its on the owner's dedicated road trailer for easy transport and loading logistics at either end and one just gets it dropped on the east coast and self-drives from there. However, I've heard from a few people that licencing Euro trailers in NAM is not straightforward. Overall, the boat screening diligence, transport logistics and paperwork hassles also make me think there needs to be a pretty material savings to do this one-off.. at least the cost of a full suit of 3Di would be a way to think of it.
  18. Skid51

    Winter battery storage.

    I have to park a motorbike and a couple of cars in unheated garage space through long Rocky Mtn winters and find the .8A float tenders work fine. Just be sure to get the “smart” tenders that will throttle back automatically when its fully charged. The other ones will risk eventually overcharging the battery. The small ones meant for ATV’s and bikes are fine for maintenance charging on big batteries. C$37 at Crap Tire.
  19. To correct that, Alberta alone has only the 5% GST, no PST or HST. The last, standing, Alberta Advantage.. as all else in this economy slides into the proverbial shitter. So anyways, I better bring in a boat and save 7% BC PST before I retire to the Left Coast.
  20. Ok thanks 12m, that's clear. I'd remark the article is a bit a dated otherwise as the 10% retaliatory tariff on the import of US built boats was lifted in May of this year. Bottom line, for anyone importing a used J-Boat from the US, better figure out first if it was a J-Composites or a RI build. Sucks, as a J92S is a contender for The Next One.
  21. So with say a J92S, all of which were built in Europe, would a 9.5% duty be applied on one of these boats imported from the US to Canada? That's going to be U$5k area. That might offset a lot of what it would cost to ship one from Europe, where prices are lower to start with. What's it cost to ship one from Europe?
  22. Skid51

    J 88 North Americans

    Thanks M-Bru for the market snapshot. This one has a completely different layout. Much more weekendy with a larger galley area, a sink added to the head area, a door between saloon and head, and a physical wall between v-berth and head. Were these factory options or a one-off customization?
  23. Skid51

    J 88 North Americans

    I doubt that, but... if any go up for sale, hail me.
  24. Skid51

    J/88 for single handed day sailing?

    I'd think one of the key criteria in boat spec for single or shorthanded racing is a) a boat where rail meat matters less (i.e. narrower beam all else being equal) and b) has a waterline and blades that still perform when well heeled (i.e. not a super high aspect fin). The 88 (and most new J's generally) meet the former, and somewhat on the latter. Possibly a more classic lined boat like a J92S is even more an optimal single-hander?
  25. svein99, I subsequently came across your past post complete with picture of a SS27 in a container. Very helpful. Certainly wont get a trailer in there too. Cheers.