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  1. Malaya

    where is webb chiles?

    77 is clearly the new 27, Kick ass Webb!
  2. Malaya

    Sail or Bail?

    I'm guessing it includes the slip. SB slips are often more the the value of the vessel docked in it.
  3. Malaya

    Aluminum fuel tank

    Moon, The tank is under the cockpit sole and above the keelson. Only about 5" from top of tank to bottom of cockpit. I will not cut an access hatch in it.
  4. Malaya

    Aluminum fuel tank

    Raz'r, Stream, You had these installed on the side of the tank and there was no problem with leakage and such?
  5. Malaya

    Aluminum fuel tank

    I'm talking inspection ports i.e. to provide access for clean out.
  6. Malaya

    Aluminum fuel tank

    It is going to have to be a side access, what I would like is some best practices for installing these / this port Thznks
  7. Malaya

    Aluminum fuel tank

    18wx30hx40d This tank is below cockpit sole and keelson. Bottom, no access top no access, front and 1 side
  8. Malaya

    Aluminum fuel tank

    I have an upright 70 gallon fuel tank without access ports. Top of tank installation is NOT an option. Side top is best. Tank is on centerline, apx 18"x30"x40" ish. Opinions, popcorn available on request.
  9. Malaya

    source for top gun and high quality boat cover materials
  10. Malaya

    Iron Wood

    IStream, That might be a "go to" as I know it is available. Thoughts on Apatong? (sp)
  11. Malaya

    Iron Wood

    Thanks Rasputin I'll add this to the search list and thanks for the warning on tooling this stuff.
  12. Malaya

    Iron Wood

    Wet I have the same list, but my question to the wood nerds is a proper match for what is have with a source in Southern Cali of even within the US. That is why I included the proper name.
  13. Malaya

    Iron Wood

    Fleetwood It is unfinished
  14. Malaya

    Wooden boats thread

    Trickypig I'm waiting for the admin to allow me to post there. I will post here if I get results.
  15. Malaya

    Iron Wood

    A question for the wood specialists. I need to replace a short section of rub rail. I was told that it is Philippine Iron Wood also know as Mangkono, Xanthostemon verdugonianus. What I was told the builder fell the trees for this and was unable to float them out of the forest, had to go back in and pull them out with a tractor. This makes sense as the boat was built in Subic Bay. Back on point, I have not been able to source this wood and wonder what might make a suitable replacement or better a source for the iron wood. I would need about 3 feet ot 8/4 X 4"