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  1. Forney"s Cove Santa Cruz Island
  2. Malaya

    Coolboats to admire

    Malaya interior
  3. Malaya

    Coolboats to admire

    Rasputin, Did you also know John, the builder of Malaya, she was commissioned in Vajello. Story was mine was built in the submarine yard at Subic, but Officials asked that she be removed from that base prior to completion and she was shipped back to Cali. I'm the second owner. It would be really cool to see these two together. oops Rasp, thought you were referring to the builder of the Wylie
  4. Malaya

    Coolboats to admire

    Yup. Hull is 5/8' square cut Douglas Fir over frames 3.5' spacing then 4 courses of 1/8" mahogany. Mine then has additional material from waterline to keelson, as thick as 8"
  5. Malaya

    Coolboats to admire

    Floater, I own her sister. The Wylie you posted was built somewhere near Berkeley. Malaya was built in Subic Bay. Both are cold molded but 2 different builders and Malaya has a shorter cabin and flush fore deck. I had spoken to the builder of her sister her original name was Cetacean. Both boats are solid and relativity fast, I've had Malaya moving over 14 knts. with plain sails.
  6. Malaya

    Regal Mariner oven/cook top

    Bump Come on I know someone has one
  7. I have a Regal Mariner 3 burner. One of the Piezo rotary valve igniters is not functioning i.e. no click/spark. My parts catalog calls for a Rinnai CSA-5-4 as the replacement and I can not locate that part number in my searches. I know that this was a popular stove and also there have been others that agree but have replaced theirs. Any help with a replacement or even a used one that has been cannibalized from another old stove would be a big help.
  8. Malaya

    Pettit EZ cabin Coat

    Anyone used it, any opinions considering using it on interior bulkheads
  9. Malaya

    Spraying the inside

    I'm redoing Malaya's mahogany bead board bulkheads. 1 coat varnish (in case future owner wants bright work) 2 coats 545 2 pac primer and now for the top coat which will be rolled and tipped. Suggestions for said top coat are....?
  10. Malaya

    where is webb chiles?

    77 is clearly the new 27, Kick ass Webb!
  11. Malaya

    Sail or Bail?

    I'm guessing it includes the slip. SB slips are often more the the value of the vessel docked in it.
  12. Malaya

    Aluminum fuel tank

    Moon, The tank is under the cockpit sole and above the keelson. Only about 5" from top of tank to bottom of cockpit. I will not cut an access hatch in it.
  13. Malaya

    Aluminum fuel tank

    Raz'r, Stream, You had these installed on the side of the tank and there was no problem with leakage and such?
  14. Malaya

    Aluminum fuel tank

    I'm talking inspection ports i.e. to provide access for clean out.