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    So my rating went from zero to -10 At the same time Lord Douche quoted me on 10 old posts. I mean old posts...... March etc Coincidence? Me thinks not......
  2. Boink

    Gitana Maxi 17

    Whether Gitana will ever share their findings is both unlikely and moot. Remember that the large offshore multihull teams, whilst being competitive, are operating in a small collaborative world of designers, fabricators and personnel, so those who need to know will, and florida modelmakers won't..... What the picture does reveal is that the damage did not propagate from impact damage on the leading edge. If you want to speculate then it can be seen that the delamination has occured in the zone of greatest foil curvature. This would be suggestive of where turbulance, and possible cavitation would most likely propagate. The smallest flaw in the structure or even surface finish would emanate and spread from there - up, down and forward. Recall how Oracle's AC72 rudders needed repainting and refairing after each and every day leading to the fillet and intersection work by Bieker - and that was after a few hours of use. Gitana's failure was after nearly a week of angry use..... Think also of the foil flutter, as witnessed in even monohulls such as imoca, or at least the forces trying trying to force flutter - which again would be greatest at the thin trailing edges and propagating from there. The magnitude of forces is we know very high and the foil is most suseptible at its thinnest part, which makes the damage spreading from the trailing edge more likely, even if slightly counterintuitative. The structural makeup is interesting - remember that the honeycomb core that is exposed, is unklikely to be uniform through the whole section. A tubular spar like structure is more likely to be found where the foil chord is thickest. Are there any pictures of the reverse side of the foil where we have seen some pictures of some very aggresively shaped chord sections?
  3. Boink

    Gitana 17 on Foils

    On 9/14/2017 at 6:24 PM, Boink said: Don't buy a Ferrari - you'll never fit that tubby physique - let alone that fat head Besides, it will only be more confirmation that you are compensating for all things lacking...... Now toddle off, and deepthroat some industry insider, you paragon parasite of sailing journalism AWwwwww........Did I get under your skin? (Being of the larger framed variety, means you have a lot of skin to get under) Your writing is so eloquent and well chosen. You must make your partner and mother so proud; not to mention your English teacher. Now put down that donut, and get back to your deepthroating....... Console yourself instead, with the following fact: there are over 200 proteins present in the semen that you are knobgobbling........ Chop chop Cocksucker
  4. Boink

    Gitana 17 on Foils

    On 9/7/2017 at 10:43 PM, MR.CLEAN said: Oh yes, the value of those foiling anarchy clicks...a few more and I'm buying a ferrari! You, boink, clearly know exactly how the internet works. Bravo! Damn that pesky auto correct software. The above reply of mine has published "paragon" of sailing journalism; whereas what I wrote AND meant to write, was "parasite"......
  5. Boink

    Gitana 17 on Foils

    Don't buy a Ferrari - you'll never fit that tubby physique - let alone that fat head Besides, it will only be more confirmation that you are compensating for all things lacking...... Now toddle off, and deepthroat some industry insider, you paragon of sailing journalism
  6. Boink

    Gitana 17 on Foils

    +1 to the request to ban DL - for design theft and then worse still, passing it off as his own IP. Now watch how nothing gets done (in the chase for click traffic..........) by Clean, Scott or the administrators.
  7. Boink

    Naked sailing day

    Oh, come on; so be so hard on yourself, the Reynolds 33 was more flawed with its final execution, rather than being silly......
  8. Boink

    australia speed control

    I remember many years ago driving south through France to go to some event on the Med, using the Peage autoroute system, (which I may recall had a 120Km speed limit) but we were repeatedly buzzed by a group of sportbike riders absolutely chin down and fully wicked up. They included Ducati R1's CBRs GSXR1000 and Kwaks. Having seen them multiple times through the day - we witnessed them in all modes - in full flight; stopped for a coffea and a cigarette and starting a new section where they would each pull up to a booth - and the guy in the left most booth would hold his arm up, and at his dropping of the arm, all would grab their toll ticket and promptly drag race off en masse in real life gumball rally style. Caught up with them at one service area and chatted to a a couple of them. They said that they were heading south to go to some endurance bike race and would race each other in each section at about 170mph (260kph) but had to stop prior to each next toll booth to allow their average speed to around 160kph so as not to incur a speeding ticket that would be issued on the point to point basis of time stamping that was built into the ticket details. This allowed them to refuel, piss, drink coffee and generally refresh whilst still having a blast. Seemed to be the perfect example of Frenchness.........
  9. Boink

    Maserati on Foils

    Well, well, well! Congrats to the Mighty Merloe, great job, awesome execution and giant killing performance. The Lord of Fail will be beside himself with grief and anxiety. Which is Brilliant. So within a month his mighty Orifice have failed, his unrequited Love, Guillaume has failed to share the accolades of sucess with the fLoriDa putz and now Maserati have Failed to deliver, yet again...... On a less gleeful basis; I know that Maserati has rudder damage, but that was later into the race. So where were the bursts of speed that we all expected to witness? There really didn't seem to be night and day difference that might be anticipated. And this was against Phaedo who would be handicapped by the omission of Brian Thompson. The debrief will be interesting to read.
  10. Boink

    Guillaume Verdier interview

    He also did not make any reference or thanks to the LOrd of Fail and his special design theories.......... Quelle Surprise!
  11. Boink

    Maserati on Foils

    Look retard, your track record speaks for itself. Your own designs do not perform against your own benchmarks, and 4 years after it was launched, you still can't show more than 17 seconds of lurching hip hop pogo stick like behaviour...... Which even the most lazy of cretins could have faked up some bogus evidence to support its claims; but not you, which also speaks volumes of how hopeless you and your designs are. Secondly, this discussion is about your mistaken comparison between the main hull foil found on your lawn ornament versus that found on Maserati. The ama foils and rudders are not being discussed, disputed or argued over. Yet again you seek to muddy the waters and dilute your own ignorance and feeble grasp of the basics by trying to derail the discussion/dispute. The facts remain, your toilet seat has a main foil that once upon a time, a long, long, long time ago was controlled by wand is is therefore considered by those who actually know what they are talking about to be an "active" foil. Conversely, the main hull "manta" foil of Maserati is hydraullically controlled, on a set and forget basis, thereby altered only as wind, sea state and course steered is changed. It is not permanently manned, nor trimmed continuously as it is a "passive" foil. Please regale us with your bleatings to the contrary. Because:
  12. Boink

    The winning foils

    Well said DR. Pay it forward, sideways and backwards. This is how our sport will grow. Your efforts with the drawings were most helpful in fleshing out what I had seen in photos and conceived conceptually, and I add my thanks to those posted above. We will need to see a completely unrelated class of boat announced if we hope to truly learn what consensus has garnered over both foils and wing controls. If either of these elements are transplanted then it will remain IP of high value for the next cycle. If that does happen - hopefully some smart people like Hollom will write some good stuff for Seahorse, as the next best susbstitute.....
  13. Boink

    Maserati on Foils

    Lord of Fail, stop being a pussy and go to The Winning Foils forum in AC Land and respond to Darth Repius for all your errors, trolling and fuck ups. Be a grown up for the first time ever, or cement your position as the most worthless POS here. As pointed out by ACS; active and passive are commonly understood conventions, except by you (what a surprise). Your toy is active, or as active as a machine can be, that hasnt got wet in the last three years........ Maserati, conversely, is Passive.
  14. Boink

    Libertist 850 - new tri by Erik Lerouge

    BR, please see attached. I refer to the sharp turn in the rocker just under the stem - as highlighted in both attachments.
  15. Boink

    Libertist 850 - new tri by Erik Lerouge

    Please show more. Can you comment on the rocker deviation at the forefoot of the ama floats? Both render and photo shows a distinct kink in the rocker line about 3-400mm back from the stems.