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  1. Boink

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Don't know anything about this guy, or the context of where in the spectrum he sits politically, but the Host does seem to fit the profile of Teaspoon for anything that will increase viewers - like so many others around here...... You know who you are....... Ehman started out OK sitting on the fence but undermined his position with the we always did it better over here spiel. Yet the whole media circus thing now seems to be pivoting from running out of things to say while investigations are ongoing, to reframe the whole thing to ask why GD is in charge of both Team and Event Organisation? Whilst others have commentated that with Billionaires they just do, rather than justify, and it makes them more agile as a result. If whatever transpires here turns out to be nothing, then his dual role is a lesson in pro agility and in keeping with the NZ ethos; yet if there is fire amongst the smoke then those who support governance via committee and transparency will shout loudest. Neither situation is perfect.
  2. Boink

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    ^^^^ Yet you read it....... and commented on it
  3. Boink

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Excellent work @weta27 and nice enhancement by @meanermachine Any Ideas as to the three outlined objects in these 2 pics? The Most forward and aft (both lower) seem likely to be cameras to monitor foil immersion and flight height - which would need to be a constant - yet you never see a head peering over the side. The Upper one (on black background) - is this just a drain from deck or jib tracks? Lastly, any thoughts as to the Black Rectangle in the deck right at the Bow? is this a deck mounted camera monitoring forestay sag and sideways mast bend? The Sail designers and Trimmers would have to be happy with those Tell Tales - can't see any that aren't marching in step!
  4. Boink

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    Oh, be fair, the Orange one is just struggling to fill his nappy more than he usually does........ Bit of Constipation always after Taco Tuesday. He gets them flown in over "The Wall" by jet, or at least they will cross "The Wall" (Paid for by Mexico) when it gets built........ Wait to see the Look of uncertainty on his Tangerine Face after Thirsty Thursday, becuase there's no way in Hell (USA) he would be doing Dry July.......
  5. Boink

    A big project!

    What I also meant to express in #609 was that the construction back in the day was not only fit for purpose (undoubtably strong and overengineered) but suitable for the context of its use - by that I mean that navigation and forecasting were nothing even remotely close to what we are used to today. All of these made the maritime environment much more perilous - so scantlings were deemed to survive the worst storm condition that might be considered, and they certainly built them sturdy enough, but they were not so much built by being refined and detailed, because of the very real chance that the craft may not survive for very long at all. Fit for purpose, absolutely. Polished floors, WTF??? Certainly life expectancy of both boat and crew would not have been expressed in centuries. But now that these perils can be managed more readily by the technology and skills that have developed, why wouldn't Leo want to have build tolerances that enable such life expectancies to be sought? The fact that he is funding all this through the You Tube world also means that his attention to detail gets scrutinised, and when he perisently and consistently pumps out such fine quality of work, he builds not just Tally Ho, but increased value to the whole proposition, be that himself personally, the fine people that assist and most of all, Tally Ho. It's a virtuous circle for the project, and one that we are lucky to have.
  6. Boink

    A big project!

    Is this not a reflection (pun not intended) of how expectations have altered to suit their needs? 110 years ago, Tally Ho's creation spanned that era when sailboats were morphing from being utilitarian workhorses to becoming more of a Status symbol - the same way that Bristol Cutters were fast and seaworthy for their age because of their purpose which made them useful for conversion into pure racing yachts as the sport developed. But the technology and trades that created them were still in the mindset of creating a workhorse, and its was being built in a commercial sense by a yard that would have deadlines and profit to maintain. These criteria are different now for Leo and the aims and expectations of the undertaking are subtly but distinctly different. I applaud both eras for their output. The original for its endeavours without the power tools and technology that we all take for granted today, and Leo's contemporary restoration/rebuild which so poignantly reminds us of the lost art of true craftsmanship that has been eroded by todays voracious mass production and societies increasing throwaway mentality because of misplaced fashion sense and poor longevity or quality of many of todays goods/products. I know I am not alone in my sense of anger & disillusionment that is summed up by the phrase "planned obsolescence". Leo is the antithesis to that appproach.
  7. Boink

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Autocorrect shenanigans? Hoping you meant "moot" not "mute" - because for those with Dual Burden, this could become a pillar for a good deal of misappropriated "knowledge"......... And there is enough of that already to navigate (and tolerate).
  8. Boink

    A big project!

    Inspirational Alchemy from what is fast becoming the the Hair Bear Bunch! Leo's Barnet is suffering a challenge for "most impressively coiffured coiff" from Pete the Foundryman. As ever the craftsmanship on display is exemplary. This series alone offsets much of the ills that the internet has created. I guess you have to accept the Grubby, Shonky & Bad against the Excellent, Inspirational & Worthy.
  9. Known locally as "Cum of the North" becuase of its Sperm shaped Ghost Logo......
  10. Boink

    INEOS Team GB

    If the Wife has any sense and effect, it will be the transport required to import the "Nanny" for Sir Ben.........
  11. Boink

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Does the Team not seem to be applying a Leapfrog approach to development? They have 2 - soon to be 3, platforms available - but to honour the agreement of no 2 boat testing till after challenger series begins - it is unlikely to see even the mule line up against Te Aihe. You could probably find a tricky Lawyer to argue that it does not represent 2 boat testing in the terms of one boat not being "in class" but that would just create a distracting shit storm of the type that the team has a history of avoiding. More so, because the spy's from other teams will have a vague handle on the performance envelope that each boat has reached - to then Directly line up the two boats against each other will help to confirm those subtle nuances that each represents - so not simplistically looking at top speed or even straight line speed - the more important details are take off characteristics, direction, speed and acceleration profiles, then manoeuvrability and VMG characteristics - none of which will the team want to post or signal to their competition any sooner than necessary. Instead, if it is deemed worthy, Chaseboats can be set to mimic the competition. Even Te Kahu wouldn't produce the volume or height of wing wash to be a useful comparision. They also have a sucessful track record of development in solo mode. More to give away than gain IMHO. But the Team can continue the Leapfrog approach that both design evolution and boat handling bring to working these boats up. Has software been tweaked? What about changing gear ratios and hydraulic line sizes and all the thousand other details that no one here can even envison? Without looking at the big ticket items which are Foils, Hull and Rig. We continue to see references from articles, that hiding their hand will play strong til the others cannot have enough time to react. Realistically I believe that will be how it plays out. How many more rounds of upgrade will Te Aihe and Te Kahu go through is a more interesting conversation. Te Aihe is about to be relaunched with an upgrade package, call that B-1.75. Will Te Kahu get a further development round to upgrade from its B-1.5 status to come back as B-1.85? Or will it be better to focus on and work up B-2? More realistically, rather than headline upgrades with obvious and structural changes to the boats, new parts are getting evaluated all the time, and represent incremental development that even the insiders of the team would struggle to pick - and then just to really mess with peoples minds, they only need to change a paint scheme or colour of the draft stripes to fake a new round of foils or sails and keep the competition guessing whether the new graphics are actually new parts...... Just don't expect to see any Blue Buckets appear - ever
  12. Interesting to see those big deck drains just pouring the water out in that clip, in even what appears relatively benign conditions. Must have been a genuine WTF moment when first launched and without drains. Would be interested to properly see the deck diffrences with Corum (2nd Gen of this design).
  13. Boink

    Australian Sailing

    Because in all the jiggery pokery that he has enabled with his "contacts" he has forgotten specifically which one of the funny handshakes to use, to access the rewards programme......... Pull the wrong one out at a gathering, and he might invoke the Gimp role play scenario, and be on the taking not the giving end.........
  14. Boink

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Not trying to ruffle feathers here, but it is not as simple as that. You need to pick the set of variables that you are trying to define as being representative and then make the judgement call of which solution is better. I will try and (fail to) explain. Are you determining the reference point as being a TWS performance output? A drag scenario for a given Boat speed? Overall VMG upwind or Overall VMG downwind? The problem that is trying to be solved is uber complex. It is too simplistic to say that the foils or arms are oversized or that the Rig is undersized. There would be a sweet spot where the Lift and Drag profiles of these two primary components would be well matched. But is that sweet spot representative of the full sized class measured variant? No one here, from the very limited data we have, can do anything but speculate. The team would know and could apply correction factors to offset observed performance against expected. But be careful that the difference is identified as either scaling issue, margin of error or real loss/gain..... That in iteslf could melt most brains. Consider that both the Rig and the Foils are trying to optimise Lift against drag. And within the Drag side of the equation you need to identify the sweet spot of where you are trying to trade Induced Drag against Viscous Drag. Simply put Lift Induced Drag is both Span and Velocity related. But it is also traded against Viscous Drag. For instance as speed builds induced drag will drop but Viscous Drag will rise. Induced drag can also be mitigated by increasing span, but for a given speed scenario this may be at the expense of higher than necessary viscous drag. Also we do not know if the physical sizing that has been chosen on Te Kahu reflects proportional scaling for testing (like a tank test model) or because of limitations in the construction methodology (try and miniaturise too much and you will not necessarily observe the same characteristics that a full sized object will display) or because there is a willingness to test the actuators supplied and the engineers want to run durability testing of full sized components in a mule that determine to be say 50% of full sized boat. The work around maybe to use a foil size that can phsically house these components - but to even us casual observers - we can tell that the scaling is not strictly proportional. Length, area and displacement are not linear in their relationships. For foiling craft, boat length is not the primary concern. Mass is more critical as it determines power to weight ratios and all that that entails. Its about finding that sweet spot of foil area to rig power, and deciding whether the earliest opprtunity of flight gives away too much at the top end, or do you chase a later takeoff but higher terminal velocity at say 12 knts TWS? Having decided what size foils to test on your mule. Is the Rig strictly propotional to Hull Length (possible), or to Foil size (more likely) or just to ratios of scrim thickness (for close representation in material behaviours) and/or active batten technology (equivlent to the foil actuators - but buried between the twin mainsails)? Again the team may have complex solvers to offset the scaling process - I am hinting at Reynolds numbers here - because at the AC level - the scaling of Reynolds numbers are very important at the refinement that they are seeking. And we haven't even touched on the competing needs of different departments. Designers want to iterate design choices to validate or rule out - choices they feel will win the Cup. The sailing team want to sail as a full sized unit to get full synced on the Big boat environment. Grinders want to acclimatise to doing their work rate on a bucking bronco - not a stable flat gym floor. All things being equal, Choreographing those turns and transitions are really where the gains and losses will be made. Sailmakers want to test full sized solutions. Engineers want to confirm data scaling from Te Aihe to Te Kahu back to Te Aihe. Te Aihe next week will be at V1.75 after Te Kahu developments and rebuild; and boat builders want to refine v. before it gets splashed. And Time marches on....... Exhausting just to contemplate. So many variables - so little reference to understand what they are trying to achieve or test. But isn't this why we like the America's Cup?
  15. What is the World coming To? C'mon Sam, Lawrie Smith (in his infamous Fortuna Campaign) would have had a Shit Fit for bringing a Toothbrush with a whole Handle.......! Chop that Handle down - if only for the Kids.... Do it for the Children..... Bonne Chance in the upcoming Race Sam. Bisous.