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  1. Shoes for big boat racing

    I like the Zhik's. I slipped and broke my ankle on an offshore race, and was determined to get the grippiest boat shoe when I got back on the boat. Sat in a shop and tried on a good selection of shoes before settling on the Zhiks. I think that they would be a cold shoe when damp though so it might depend on the climate you're sailing in.
  2. Who wants to try my new sailing app?

    So I had a look at it, and can't figure out what it does. I'd read the manual, but there isn't one.
  3. Another stolen boat.

    Hi Bob. When you see Laurie Davidson, tell him that we are loving one of his designs. My 'new to sailing' crew wanted to try offshore racing so I bought a Cavalier 350SL (Davidson 35). I love this boat. :-) She's comfy at sea, and we have pushed her as hard as you can push a 20yo boat, but we always feel safe and have a ball. Love his work. Sorry for being off topic but, when someone has achieved I think that we should take every chance to pat them on the back. Back to normal programming ,,,,,,
  4. Rock n Roll Boat Names

    Wasn't Strider a dog? Good name for a dog of a boat I s'pose.
  5. Rock n Roll Boat Names

    My first Fireball was called 'Dazed and Confused'(Led Zeppelin). It fitted! Still does to be honest. Then my sportsboat was 'No Quarter'. Zeppelin made great songs for boat names.
  6. Has anyone used Yachtworks Australia?

    Yes the site is up. We can make more purchases. Just not check on the status of our orders or get a response to enquiries about pending delivery. If there is an issue with the business, communicate it to customers. I ended up having the bank refund my card. Still no communication from Yachtworks. I feel,,,,,,,, violated! My trust in shopping on line has been broken. Wait. I'm over it already! But I won't be going back to Yachtworks, or anybody I know is affiliated with them. FS
  7. Has anyone used Yachtworks Australia?

    Yes the site is up. We can make more purchases. Just not check on the status of our orders or get a response to enquiries about pending delivery. If there is an issue with the business, communicate it to customers.
  8. Has anyone used Yachtworks Australia?

    Thanks for everyone's replies. Facebook post left on the yachtworks page. I noticed there that their mission statement reads 'Established in September 2010, the team at Yachtworks are determined to provide quality products and advice, all in a timely manner.' Good intentions. I wonder where it all went wrong. Hopefully I'll be able to post with good news soon. FS
  9. Has anyone used Yachtworks Australia?

    So it's just the way that they do business?!!! How long do I wait before taking action through a third party? Maybe I'll give them another week, A single response to my enquiries, stating that delivery has been delayed, would go a long way. FS
  10. Has anyone used Yachtworks Australia?

    I'm also having a bit of an issue with Yachtworks. I purchased a pair of deck shoes on Feb 14th. Payment was taken from my credit card on 17th February but the purchase still hasn't arrived. I have made several attempts to contact Yachtworks: 3-4 attempts of return emails to the address the invoice/receipt was sent from. No reply, but their website was down for some time, so maybe the email was too; Numerous phone calls that were not answered. I left a message each time asking them to call me regarding my purchase. One phone call was answered about 2 weeks ago, with the person telling me to text my order number to him and he would get back to me. I did that and received no response. Every other call, and many following text messages have gone unanswered; The website came back up last week, and I used the 'Contact Us' page to email them again, about my purchase, and lack of delivery. Still no response after 2-3 days. It's not just the very late delivery, from a 'store' only 5-60km away, but the complete lack of communication effort on Yachtworks part. Strangely, my daughter bought something from the store at the same time as me. Her purchase arrived 3 days later. Apart from 'Next Level', has anyone else done business with Yachtworks in the last month? I am beginning to wonder if I will ever see my purchase, or money back. Perhaps someone has some inside information that I'm not aware of? FS
  11. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    You should be ok, but will probably bump the bottom in places. We went in and out on the weekend before Australia Day and skipped over a few high spots on the way out (middle of the tide in the channel). We draw 2.15m. One the way back in though, the boat bottomed out enough to knock over one of the crew and crack a couple of ribs. His hands were full of tinnys at the time though! The worst spot was, again, just past the marina/Marine Rescue at the entrance to Swan Bay. The bottom of the channel seemed to be made of waves of sand 0.6m high, so the depth would go from 0.6 to 0 in a second. That was just after dredging though so it should have flattened out by now. High tide will be your friend (the channel's about 2.5 hrs after Swansea). You should be ok then unless it's changed much in the last couple of weeks.
  12. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    scoz, did you dns the old? I'm ashamed to say I did. I called it off at 5.30 that morning, and spent the rest of the weekend sulking, giving everyone around me the shits, and vowing never to do it again. I have a soft penis I know Ashamed.
  13. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    If you're going to allow off the beach boats, include them in the NOR & SI. The comittee left itself wide open for protest this year, and if there was an accident .......... Its all very well to say that they had their own support boat, but there were 3 dinghys all a bit of a distance apart eh? That said, it would be an epic 'off the beach' race if you could organise it. But not just for a select few. Agree with BS too, it would be nice to have approx co-ords of the marks at the briefing. More advertising, starting now, but word is spreading .....
  14. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Excellent HCW. That'll add to the colour of the event. But do skiffs make Cat 7? Or can off the beach boats race too?