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  1. @Mylar, Up or down on screen degree indicator only goes +/- 25 degrees. After that - no indicator shown. the Shift figures if your off 25 degrees - you don't need an indicator on screen That's correct. The thought was that a shift of 25° would be a deliberate course alteration or such an obvious shift that you wouldn't need any additional indication. Battery/solar charger is a bit on the weak side - takes a good day of charging outside in the sun This is more a function of the battery size than the potency of the solar charging. The Shift battery is 900mAh. On a full charge the Shift battery will power the device for 100 hours or 60 hours with the backlight without an additional charge. The mast bracket (extra $) needs spacers between mast or the bracket doesn't seat and lock the Shift in place The Shift Low-Profile bracket was designed to get the Shift as close to the mast as possible while still being able to operate the locking tab on the cradle. If you need spacers in order for the bracket and cradle to work we should take a look at your set up. Would you mind forwarding a picture or video to support@velocitek.com?
  2. Velocitek ProStart Feedback

    @crashtestdummy, The factory default for the ProStart is degrees true. To get the ProStart to display in degrees magnetic you need to enter your local magnetic declination. Here's how to enter your local magnetic declination: Look up your local magnetic declination here: https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/geomag-web/#declination If your declination is East, enter a positive declination angle into your ProStart. If your declination is West, enter a negative declination angle into your ProStart. Press and hold RESET on your ProStart for 5 seconds. Enter your local magnetic declination, rounded to the nearest whole number, using the line set buttons on the front of your ProStart. Pin (triangle) is -1 and RC (square) is +1. Press GUN until your ProStart exits the user setup mode (one or two presses) and returns to normal operation. It is also worth noting that the ProStart is strictly GPS based and the ProStart's "GPS heading" is actually Course Over Ground (COG). The difference between COG and heading is that COG is the direction your boat is moving and heading is the direction your boat is pointing.
  3. Velocitek ProStart Feedback

    @Sundreamer, Yes, the ProStart does retain the start line information. However we recommend re-pinging the line each race. There is an error vector that increases over time and fresh pings are more accurate than old ones. Best, Charles Charles Swanson Sales & Support Manager Velocitek Web: www.velocitek.com Toll free USA & Canada: 1-866-498-6737 ex. 103 Worldwide: +1-650-529-4519 ex. 103 Fax: +1-(650)-618-2679
  4. Velocitek ProStart Feedback

    Yes, GPS Action Replay works with SpeedPuck and ProStart files. In fact, GPS Action Replay is bundled in the Velocitek Control Center download. GPS Action Replay works with .GPX files which is one of the three file formats which you can use for data download from your SpeedPuck or ProStart. You can launch GPS Action Replay directly from Velocitek Control Center: Open Velocitek Control Center and connect your ProStart or SpeedPuck Select the desired track and click Download In the File View popup, select Play with GPS Action Replay Or you can download your data as .GPX files and save it for later: Open Velocitek Control Center and connect your ProStart or SpeedPuck Select the desired track and click Download In the File View popup, select Export and select the desired file format from the drop down menu Aside from .GPX the other file formats are .VCC (a Velocitek file format), and .KML (Google Earth). Best, Charles Charles SwansonSales & Support ManagerVelocitekWeb: www.velocitek.comToll free USA & Canada: 1-866-498-6737 ex. 103Worldwide: +1-650-529-4519 ex. 103Fax: +1-(650)-618-2679
  5. New features on the Velocitek Shift

    I own two Shifts right now for my boats. Can I trade them in for the new style? Hi Will, We'd be happy to offer you a great price on a new Shift or Shifts in exchange for your old ones. Please send an email to charles@velocitek.com and we'll get the exchange process started. Best, Charles Charles Swanson Sales & Support Manager Velocitek Web: www.velocitek.com Toll free USA & Canada: 1-866-498-6737 ex. 103 Worldwide: +1-650-529-4519 ex. 103 Fax: +1-(650)-618-2679
  6. New features on the Velocitek Shift

    I have a prostart that doesn't always turn on and randomly shuts off. Can I send back to be fixed? @crashtestdummy - I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty you've encountered with your ProStart. Please fill out this form and we'll get the warranty process started: http://tinyurl.com/8xrynh4
  7. New features on the Velocitek Shift

    @ateam - The new style Shifts start at serial number VS001001. The serial number is located on the back of the compass in the gray trough between the blue Shift logo and the debossed Velocitek logo. You can also determine whether a Shift is the new style by pressing and holding the RESET button for 5 seconds to see if the device enters the damping setup mode.
  8. New features on the Velocitek Shift

    Unfortunately it is not possible to update older Shifts with the new damping algorithm. Sorry about the lens video, you should be able to see it now.
  9. New features on the Velocitek Shift

    Here's a video comparison of the Shift's new AR/AG lens vs. the old style lens:
  10. The Shift now comes with an anti-reflective / anti-glare lens and an adjustable smart damping algorithm. The new AR/AG lens makes the Shift easier to read at an angle while still playing well with polarized sunnies. Check out this old vs. new side-by-side comparison: The new smart damping will dampen out oscillatory motion and has three user set levels. Here's how to adjust the damping on your Shift: Hold down the Reset button for 3 seconds Use the +1 button to scroll through the damping levels: d0, d1, d2 Press the Reset button again to select the level you want. d0 is the default level and is good for flat water. d1 and d2 are better in chop. The damping algorithm is automatically suspended when you tack or jibe so, even at d1 or d2, the Shift will instantly lock on to your new heading when you complete the maneuver. This video shows how it works: