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  1. Moving 30 amp power cord outlet?

    Don't you mean inlet? The bow is a dumb place for a AC inlet and go to shit quickly. I assume wanted because you moor bow in? Also you should have a RCD/ELD and possibly mandatory at inlet depending on country and that doesn't like moisture. Also routing from bow internally to your AC switchboard is a PIA. Your swap bow to cockpit plan without appropriate switching sounds like a good recipie to electrocute someone. Keep your current location and simply run a long 30A power cord along deck to the bow or moor stern in.
  2. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Bannatyne very philosophical ..then again camera was blinking.
  3. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Wog posted first by Terra...he has a Stan mancrush
  4. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Schak approaching 35 degrees south the Tradewinds are now to the north not south of where they are. That said your desire for repitition on this windy subject does indicate you really want the skippers hat on DongPond.
  5. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Your up early for a Sunday sis. Until the others spin the right hand down he doesn't have to make a funds withdrawal just yet.
  6. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    The economy of Vila's routing compared to everyone elses seems to indicate he does not burdan his mind with two many what ifs, but makes his mind up and then the lads and ladies wring the bejus out of it. His dig south looks a tad expensive now but should deliver a huge payback.
  7. jfa 54 with finot conq swing keel

    If the one I think it is send LB 15 a PM as it is in his neigbourhood/he will know the owner...hasn't been used in anger for years I recall.
  8. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Hitch looks like a bad weekend to be a singer, songwriter and guitarist with dementia. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/david-cassidy-in-critical-condition-in-hospital-after-suffering-organ-failure/news-story/3fcb45777fd8b638e6541106ff0a61bd His Partridge Family sister Lori (Susan Dey??) was hot.
  9. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Shang even if you were so inclined, I don't know how you quote thin-air?? Anyway in his defence I think casting his interest further afield in the sailing world and things navigation outside his pond was very confusing for him. Having to grapple with this race involving going around 4 southern capes being the Five Great Southern Capes less two plus Cape Agulhas and then Capey having gone around 6 times and was now on his seventh...well all this Cape stuff just did his head in.
  10. The best sailing film for a long time

    Better still if Robert Redford wasn't saved we would be none the wiser and happy.
  11. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Yes those two also Kochy.
  12. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Thanks for linky and good night stifler..when your back we need to explore the difficulties of checking the rig offshore v the ease of doing it onshore.
  13. Another fatality for Clipper Around the World.

    Fuck not another poor bastard.
  14. Sailing art

    ...and add the obscure nature of interaction between those sailors that only great artists can capture.
  15. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Why is it taking so long to de-brief and interogate the two dogs??