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  1. Sorry Retired but nothing basicaly mini about these. Both boats are proto division mini's with canting keels. They have recently changed the box rule allowing their foils to go outside the box. One competed in minitransat with foils going inward with no drama. I would feel more comfortable in a mini than some 40 footers I see racing offshore. Take away the scow bow there for added RM and you have a 20" version of the foiling Volvo 60. Mini designers are leaders not followers and befitting their 40 year old trans-Atlantic racing heritage, these are not toy boats and nor are they driven by toy people. Now sit in the corner for 3 hours back to the class.
  2. Understand insurance business, my comment was in the context that Joakim thought it was potentially only a UK insurance requirement. You fellows would obviously appreciate it could quite easilly occur anywhere.
  3. Joak yours is a hypothetical example so who knows what the result maybe. I'm really only interested in Sailabouts real time example of a 40.7 with hull liner repairs pending that could not get insured post repair for love or money. Therefore it is reasonable to assume it can happen again and anywhere if Sails info is accurate, bearing mind insurers prerequisites for insurance are not exactly static and can't be relied upon not to change.
  4. Joak maybe you should first acquaint yourself as to how the insurance business works with regard to primary, sub-insurers and underwriters etc. These underwriting arrangements go far beyond what you see written on your policy as the name of the insurer. Do that and then I'm happy to answer any questions about new comprehensive policies with or without exclusions on this subject of 40.7's. My comments have no bearing on existing policies of any kind.
  5. Joak nothing to do with insurance coverage, local or otherwise. I can assure you your local insurers don't underwrite 100% their own policies, they are sourcing underwriting worldwide for proportion of the policy risk attached to the policies they write. No place on planet earth is an insurance island.
  6. Why strange??? Roughly same timing going back 25 odd years with relation to pending race that occurred with announcements of the W60, Open 70 and current VO65. That new boat design timing is a must have to allow sufficient timing to get some host ports/sponsors sorted either before or not to soon after the pending race finishing so a course announcement/some sponsors locked in for the following race and can be made accordingly while interest is still high. This following race planning stuff takes time and a lot of hard work before the current one even starts.
  7. Jay well bugger...there I was hoping you would own up and say there is no clocks and the sky is green in your world.
  8. Well who is boning her??? little Darshon?? This is too weird even for me.
  9. Rant are hookers the only ones that sail in Sydney now when the breeze gets up???
  10. Joak if Sails facts are correct and no insurer would touch it post a proper repair, without manufacturer comment, it is not Britain centric as the marine recreational insurance industry shares the same bunch of underwriters worldwide. Therefore it would appear the only hull liner laminate design being sacrificed by this bullshit write-off/safety, manufacturer hears no evil sees no evil approach is the 40.7. The world will keep travelling on just as it has and exactly as you say, providing it is not a 40.7 it now seems.
  11. Yes their offshore HPX with snatch track cover range is very popular.
  12. Sail now it is clear. A pending insurer won't budge without a view from Beneteau on a expertly planned 40.7 hull liner repair, but Beneteau refuse to comment, despite them previously documenting repair procedures on hull liner laminate damage, and countless repairs being sucessfully done to date over the years. If so then the insurance world (same collection of underwriters), legal eagle's and Beneteau have now sucessfully fucked as a collective the 40.7 used market. Wouldn't be too happy about that if I owned one. Logically it would be disingenuous of them to now not apply that same write-off /safety thinking to 30+ years of hull liner models including those coming off the production line today as I write, plus those of other manufacturers once any incur substantial grounding damage. However that won't be happening and nor will production techniques change. If your facts are correct, it seems the 40.7 is the sacrificial witch and has been tossed on the fire and with its manufacturer not appearing to care nor willing to contest that sacrifice.
  13. Hey Jay what's the time here?
  14. Local accessor says it repairable, factory says safelty issue its not repairable. Bearing in mind you now say this is a T-Bone repair not a hull liner has seperated around keel repair, what is the factory response? You originally said they said nothing, now you say Beneteau say it is not repairable?? Which one is it???
  15. For system with a course computer or big brain (X5) treat the head unit (ST6002) as a keyboard with half a brain and simply passes onto big brain what you want to do. The big brains eyes are your GPS, fluxgate compass, gyro if it has one and wind sensor ( sorry I mentioned the war). Unless half a brain tells big brain of your change of plan, big brain keeps his eyes open and tries to deliver to plan. If half a brain notices big brain has fallen asleep on the job he can't do anything but let you know. Half a brain also has as sister called MFD. She can step in and take over half a brains job without being up top getting wet like him. Your problem is half a brain doesn't understand your wind eyes language so he can't tell big brain it is there, even though big brain can understand it, but only if he knows about it. Half a brain therefore needs cousin the converter to interpret for him so he can pass on to big brain wind is there ready to be another eye. Luckily I don't write manuals for a living, otherwise I would starve.