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  1. Mok has had some experience driving Frank Pong's TP52 so he might also get some wheel time.
  2. Can you please provide detailed quote to deliver my boat from Amsterdam to BVI.
  3. The people jumping in a doing this stuff is rather diverse. I gather this guy is buying the Doodle boat..not sure if Megan goes with it.
  4. For Scallywag/Witty fans
  5. I'm planning to take on the Sailing Doodles crowd with this to make my Vlog fortune...am I on the right track or do I need a better looking couple of dogs??
  6. No way Adrienne will go again...she is now in relaxed part time navigator mode. I reakon Will would contemplate another run around the orange on the proviso it was a strong team with more than a reasonable chance. However he may already be committed for some other stuff. The strong teams already have skipper/nav relationships hence why he is not already there. Don't discount Wouter (who's unfortunate legacy to us all is not to forget about zooming digital charts) even with Nico as he is no slouch in the weather department, however I'm not too sure of his availability/committments.
  7. ^^^^^ Nonsence. They have always manufactured carbon foam in Peoria, Illinois and haven't moved. The batteries they manufacture in India are low tech LA directed at local consumer market. They have already had QA issues in Peoria and know that would be 100 worse in India, unacceptable to their industry market and so a future move doubtful. Their Firefly delivery problem is they put large commercial/industry orders to the front of the qué and consumer gets the leftovers. While they keep doing that the consumer market, with its larger profit margin won't grow to help fund increased production inc automation to replace expensive North American bodies and raise QA. So I can't see things changing unless there is a large infusion of 3 party capital.
  8. They have had supply problems and promises to correct that since day 1. Normal wait is 4-6 weeks, though you might get lucky. Damm shame as great product.
  9. I only know one person who has these in a remote solar installation and they rave about their ability to recover from partial state of charge use like Fireflys. They are actually cheaper than high end imported AGM's or around AUD $700 for a 200Ahrs @12v. That makes them nearly half the price of Fireflys (which are not available in Aust). I would give them a go Ocean.
  10. So growing my own teak onboard for that deck replacement is not a good idea???
  11. The largest cell case area is the cell sides, however for all but the ends of the assembled battery pack, each cell side is supported by the side of the adjoining cell. It would be uneconomical and impractical to produce every cell if it were to be used on the ends of a pack. Secure pack assembly and mounting in a sailboat is important as LFP electrolyte is highly flammable.
  12. Oh ye of little faith
  13. Actually I'm starting to think Witty is hoping for a quick trip to Melbourne then the boys step on board the 100 footer with its new keel for S2H...that would be epic.
  14. ^^^^^ Great post Potter...such a relief reading that instead of the inane crap Bucc and Retired keep punching up from their couches. Their endless shit just makes people stay away from this thread. The Witt/Scallywag tour I am hoping will find a gear. They are the closest to the first Australian entry in this gig since inception 40 years ago, despite providing big slabs of talent to this race over that period. I suspect the Melbourne pitstop was a condition of their entry. If they don't deliver this time around it does not auger well for anyone else to step up from down there. ...and yes like you I miss the 70's...great machines and great to see a lot of them still going wild.
  15. They have a controlling interest in a public company, that is as common as. It is not private, it is not self funded and there is a myriad of third party interests, some secured some not. Point was I answered your question about Lee bankrolling it out of his own pocket, which he clearly isn't.