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  1. jack_sparrow

    James Cook - 250th Pacific Voyage Anniversary Calendar

    Little wonder people get confused as to Cook's place in history. This stupid woman is an Australian Member of Parliement, held various Ministerial positions, ex Teacher, double degree University and private school educated...yet she thinks Australia Day (1788) is when Cook arrived (1770). Fuck me. https://thewest.com.au/news/australia-day/nationals-deputy-leader-bridget-mckenzie-makes-captain-cook-landed-on-australia-day-blunder-ng-b88971352z
  2. jack_sparrow

    Expedition Routing Software License Transfer

    Mate give Nick White the money to support the product and so he can support it. That will disappear or come at a price if people do this penny pinching transfer shit.
  3. jack_sparrow

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    There used to be a well known amateur HF guy on Isle Amsterdam. With that location I think his unique call sign was the envy of many. Amateur marine land based stations that still service HF Voice in addition to their HF digital services have just about dissapeared. This is one of the exceptions run by a wonderful guy Allan Richie who services SE Asia, the North West Pacific and east Indian Ocean. http://www.bruneibay.net/bbradio/
  4. jack_sparrow

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Don't forget it is not HF which is obsolete, just HF Voice or Non DSC (Digital Selective Calling) HF. GMDSS RCC's, Marine Land Stations, SOLAS/Commercial vessels (and private vessels that have elected) all have DSC HF and save for privates they are turned on at all times to take your digital page. There are a multitude of stations to accept and send you emails containing weather data even low res sat pics. All you need is a DSC HF Transciever, Modem and PC. Except for the Modem & PC a lot of competitors have the gear on board nosy, they just aren't allowed to use it except for voice comms.
  5. jack_sparrow

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    ^^^^ Tough cookie. Good advert for Aries.
  6. jack_sparrow

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    This answers the Nav question. https://www.sail-world.com/Australia/So-whats-it-really-like/-152214?source=google.au
  7. jack_sparrow

    Is tempesta cooll?

    There is cool and cool. The Ed clearly like many thinks the the Golden Globe Race is a bit of a joke and not worth a FP mention. That's fine but the reality is a RTW RO has just cashed a big cheque held by the entire offshore racing community and one financed willingly by the general public for just pulling two competitors out of the Indian Ocean. Would have thought that FP material in terms of that rescue cost surpassing the comparative cost outlayed over many prior VG's and many competitors. It doesn't take much for taxpayers to start mumbling "pay for rescue" (when they discover competitors are denied decent weather info) and upsetting our applecart. Surely a subject more important than fuckin hats.
  8. jack_sparrow

    FTFP : love/hate

    .....don't forget Bellhops, Coppers and Airport Greeters.
  9. jack_sparrow

    Should Carbon Monoxide Alarms Be Mandatory?

    Two CO related inquest outcomes in a short space of time from one small country and a temperate one where onboard heating is relatively rare (putting aside combustion engines as a potential CO source) is a statistical blip. Maybe temperate places are more at risk in terms of hazard awareness of burning fuel (therefore greater need for CO alarms) compared to colder places where its use in boats and RV's etc is common place and hazard more widely understood?
  10. jack_sparrow

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Yes on line but not on the YB. Anyone who sees it online can't communicate that to you or you request it. DSQ if they do. You can only ask RO for it and then only in an emergency. The Rules are like a Rubix Cube where only the RO has the instructions. You can aka 1968 ask someone your position (ie a ship, lighthouse etc) providing they can see you physicaly (not relying on the on-line Race Tracker) and you make and recieve that positional request via a 1968 style device ie radio only. Assume signal flags or lamp ok if you come across someone who has them :-)
  11. jack_sparrow

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Position not shown on tracker and positional advice deemed outside assistance and DSQ.
  12. jack_sparrow

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Actually that is not quite correct. The majority of opinion was it would never get off the ground which has proved to be wrong so there is a place for it which is largely outside the traditional racing community. Once the boat floated the prediction then was of only a handfull making it around, it was universal and one shared by the RO. A scheduled sat phone call is mandatory just to HQ for no other purpose but for engaging followers and provided sponsors including the RO's with a return on investment, albeit limited. They can use a Sat phone if deemed by the RO for emergency purposes (but don't count on it). Having said that about RoI competitors were forced to have a pitstop in the Canaries to offload Super 8 and 35mm film stock which hasn't seen the light of day so I'm not sure how sincere the RO is on having competitor sponsors get exposure. The ethos of the race is one of facilitating participation on a budget so instead of one-off replicas which would be cost prohibitive, the inclusion of mass produced gear that came with long keeled GRP production built vessels has been adopted and much the same which existed in 1968 but in the modern form.This budget approach has successfully underpinned the number of entries and is generaly accepted as being consistent with the replica theme. However this is where the wheels start to fall off the race rule trolley. The communications aspect is where the race of race are not only a joke but fucking dangerous just as we have seen unfold. Being restricted to voice HF they are practically speaking worse off than their 1968 counterparts. To explain. In 1968 there was a plethora of Marine HF land stations both official and not for profit and every commercial vessel was HF equipped, all maintaining a listening watch on a range of frequencies. For both safety and disemination of weather information and in multiple languages it worked very well. You could even listen to the Beatles on the BBC World Service. The problem is this voice HF infrastucture started to disappear in the early 2000's to the extent it is nearly now nearly non existent. While it is mandatory for commercial vessels still carry HF and maintain a listening watch it is digital or DSC equipment. The same applies official land stations and RCC's for marine safety that is vessel specific and GPS enabled. Yet these boats are only allowed to use voice HF as if that 1968 infrastucture still existed. The RO does not even have a HF communication platform at HQ or a repeater arrangement yet competitors are thrown out of the race for using a sat phone to solicit information from even the RO. No thought was given to "level the comms playing field" by allowing HF modems and or weather faxes. This is in fact a RTW race sitting completely outside the world wide GMDSS marine safety platform or one having access to proper weather information to satisfy the folly of the RO. This is bizzare in the context that racing accentuates weather positional risk and they are in the Sth Ocean in early Spring. A HF digital platform could easily have been accommodated while compeitors still did the sans GPS sextant thing. Exactly this same thing is already being done to their GPS enabled AIS's without their having access to GPS positional information. It is reasonable to argue that the drama played out over the weekend could have been avoided if competitors had assess to proper weather information. Howrever what is irrafutable is the cost outlayed collectively by Australia, France and India to respond. My guess in total you would have to go back many years and many competitors in the VG to come up with a comparative cost equivalent to that. Is this acceptable? I suggest not. A small group of enthuisiasts have just cashed a big cheque held by the entire offshore racing community and one financed willingly by the general public. For instance the one country that outlays more and more per taxpayer than any other mounting rescue missions in the Sth Ocean is Australia. They do this without complaint and in fact go out of their way to be engaged. Will those taxpayers continue that support if this event continues to operate "as is" next time around without competitors having access to proper weather information? I suggest not and if the RO does not recognise this he may find a "rescue pay wall" in the Sth Ocean next time around. P.S. Commander Tomy and Indian resources deployed was a good case of coincidental timing. Like that occuring in the Sth China Sea, China has been exerting influence in the Indian Ocean much to Indias objection. On the weekend Presidential elections in the neighbouring Maldives (Muslim majority) occured with the incumbent being pro China and his opponent pro India. The pro India guy got up and I'm sure many Maldavians took notice of what was occuring south of their postcode. Maybe this race helped change a Govt :-)
  13. jack_sparrow

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Gregor's tracker must have swum to the surface then. Currently doing 1k and on course .....should beat Coconut to Hobart drop point.
  14. jack_sparrow

    Should Carbon Monoxide Alarms Be Mandatory?

    Dunc CO2 and combustible gas have different sensors and LPG/Propane sensors are only mandatory on commercial boats in Oz.
  15. jack_sparrow

    FTFP : love/hate

    Chus there are exceptions