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  1. ....having faces like a pigs arse is one thing but also having arses that look like 2 pigs let loose in a bag is a bit much.
  2. 1981 & Graham Larkin orig owner???
  3. Wasn't a toy gun that slowed that sucker down. BJ cyclones really not the issue until your up there in the New Year, (where a well protected mangrove inlet and where any surge can dissipate is better than any marina, which for the most part are pretty exposed anyway), it is catching breaks in the nth easters to get north and which gets harder the later you leave it between now and Xmas.
  4. The set points for Firefly's more closely resemble Gel and I assume could be easilly and similiarly damaged if too high. For 10 degrees C increase in temp from say 30-40 degrees the setpoint needs to drop around 0.25v so all but the AGM setting should work well with maybe switching bulk setpoint down from 14.45v traction to 14.25v FLA setting when ambient temperature is up. If you ever need to change MPPT controllers Victron make a programmable one that works well.
  5. Scan you need to stop drinkin.
  6. ^^^^ Dylan I get that magic feeling everyday...even just rowing away from the boat and looking back ...then one day it got even better..I got divorced and found Aurrette who is nearly as good as me at fixing boat shit...which isn't surprising her being an electrical engineer and an ex-stripper.
  7. Funny business on that boat off Catalina..no way she could have sunk with those cans...Furthermore this Beerhunter guy on board that night was accused by Nats hubby of pumping her up...so her just sinking is clearly not possible...she would have been like a weather balloon.
  8. ^^° I thought the Lonestar chick was in a rehab/brain-crash lock-down facility in California??...anyway seems as though she escaped with one of the guards.
  9. That sort of platform comprising domestic electronics and their respective power sources maybe fine for many folks cruising at times maybe a hundred or so miles offshore at best in benign conditions off a 1st world country and only interested in knowing where they are. While still questionable beyond that it is an arrangement that really isn't worth a cracker. Go look at what Cat 1/2 Offshore Race Regs require..an iPad isn't on the list. I know many people do long distance passage making with just a GPS based location device and an EPIRB and they think they are dandy. I have crossed oceans with only a SSB, sextant/tables, compasses, barometer, pilots and charts. But are those smart approaches today? I think not. Ones navigation, weather routing/warnings, long distance two-way voice and digital communications plus GMDSS distress platform should be a holistic approach governed by where you are going, when, in what sort of boat, it's system capacity, who is with you and your budget. I'm sorry but a box full of domestic shit from Apple or whoever doesn't tick one box in any department, no matter how many of the fuckers you might have on board. When it goes pear shaped all you end up doing is putting the safety of those on board and anyone trying to save your arse at risk.
  10. And before doing anything exotic in the electronics arena invest in a properly engineered lighting conductor setup as one strike everything is fucked including handhelds and maybe with a decent side-flash down below even you. I wack the handhelds in the oven...trouble is it isn't big enough to fit me.
  11. Good luck finding one of them for a fair while.
  12. Anyone thinking about buying a used but recent production boat in the US mono or multi, may need to get their skates on. There will shortly be a lot of upward pressure on prices if it hasn't already started to occur. Pre hurricane Irma and Maria a lot of Euro boat builders had orders backed up to late next year. The charter companies that have lost nearly all their boats and their biggest customers will put enormous pressure on them to give them everything they can get off the line over the next few years. A boost in the used boat market in the US may even extend to Europe where owners will shortly be saddled with the downtime costs of winter but where cost of delivery across the Atlantic is not a lot. That said this may take a while to materialise as the popular cruising destinations will first need to get back on their feet in terms natural attractions and the infrastructure needed to support them. To further muddy the used market there will no doubt be some boats that might have incurred damage that either have only been repaired superficially or say in the case of a dunking the damage won't become evident until a year or so after purchase.
  13. Well you will love this one. This chick was clearly dropped at birth..and not once ...but she has 160k followers. Warning you will throw up after 20 seconds.
  14. The optimum solution has been around for years now albeit the equipment has changed along with improved access to weather data and even close to real time satalite imagery. That is a dedicated fixed ruggedised computer or laptop at the nav station running your PC based nav/routing/performance software of choice and where it has secure wired connections to instruments and reliable power supply. You can then have a roaming tablet that replicates the PC via wireless. If the tablet goes overboard, crashes or loses power all is not lost. The proprietary chart plotter is really now a redundancy item with limited functions though it can be running at the same time but say at a different zoom level for convenience. The tablet must be waterproof and have decent daylight visibility. So products like XSlate, Panasonic FZ series, Getac, etc are preferred. iPads need a case and viewability an issue. You can connect the tablet via Microsoft Remote Desktop (also android and apple) or via VNC such as RealVNC. Remote Desktop is faster but VNC can support multiple users. If your running Expedition you can then link it wirelessly to android and apple devices like smartphones or even your Pebble watch via Ventus. This arrangement works on round the world race boats to cruisers. The former because of the amount of tactical scenarios in play will probably have two screens/laptops running. Apart from the software the above comprises mainstream hardware that is cheap and easy to maintain/replace if need be. Unfortunately the sailboat market is too small for specialist marine vendors to be able to produce anything other than the expensive old clunky hardware they do. However this stuff still has a place alongside the paper chart and traditional tools for redundancy purposes.
  15. I haven't got any data to support it but over the decades of watching and asking and comparing my own long passage times (not sprints of a couple of days), the difference between monos and decent multi's of the same LOA is about a bees dick difference.