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  1. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    The outside lane always seems to come up trumps yet yesterday AzN abandoned it and Mapfre went looking for it?
  2. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Nothing else seems to be working. Probably cutting out stickyback letters as we speak.
  3. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Informal like their sailing? You also might get lots of time to follow them Hoppy if they don't pull their finger out. Seeing that pic reminds me of wondering why Steve Hayles walked in CT? It appeared they parted on good terms with him sticking around to nav prep for Leg 3. I got the impression Hayles got jack of Witty's routing input or maybe no input but still bitching about it, or did Witt make him the fall guy for the ordinary leg 2 result? Or maybe got the shits with the 69 episode and said bugger this, don't need it and went home to mow the lawn?
  4. Melbourne Osaka 2018

    Pil it would be like like sailing a tennis court when on watch by yourself. Anything would be improvement, maybe a phone box in the arse corner? While a bit slower uphill, an IMOCA 60 would be like being in a Winnebago by comparison. I don't envy them. If they get the race record they will deserve it.
  5. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Leg 3 the big stuff came out I recall...definitely see them this leg. Stief our esteemed keeper of the archive I'm sure has some examples. I think a personel thing for some also. Don't forget not a lot of apparent across the deck at the moment. ..
  6. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Probably a close, maybe even questionable call but Scally called it, so Xabi did the circle work anyway to wipe the slate and kill it off just to be sure. Something WOXI didn't do in the last S2H and paid the price.
  7. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Pretty hard to disagree with that. From what we are seeing here in the BS department, short of something weird happening in the SO, maybe up to 4 boats will round the Horn in sight of each other.
  8. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Pretty slick of Vestas to slide west and stay ahead of Mapfree..Scally are clearly just making it up as they go along...wtf.
  9. laugh or cry?

    Sail your sure it's not hemorrhoids :-)
  10. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Thanks SX..I actually prefer those blogs than their vlogs as far more insightful to what's happening on board.
  11. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Southern I wasn't interested in that dumb thread, didn't join it and still aren't, hence my last sentence. Chill out it's polite to answer genuine questions.
  12. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    There are a myriad of constraints (and maybe opportunities) attached to designing more protective dodgers with smaller and deeper cockpits, different hull forms etc for crewed boats versus SH boats, the latter which involve minimal upwind time, hand steering, sailhandling, accommodation and provisioning requirements in comparison to the VOR boats/courses. There is also the IMOCA 60 being a 8 tonne boat versus 13 tonne V65's to consider. It is not such an easy thing to implement the SH approach to crewed boats. That said there is a better solution than the V65, which hopefully will appear in the next edition.
  13. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    The helmet and visor of choice for most teams is Gath. They then have googles and visor only combinations depending on the conditions and personel choice.
  14. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    The Dong heading towards the freezer.
  15. Oyster Yachts gone bust

    Barbican look up to us70's post.
  16. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    ^^^ Papa passing lanes refers to the absence of dead spots like the doldrums. The ice fence takes out the prospect of a really deep alternative route so this bunches the fleet within a narrow band of latitude. Once around the corner (the last passing point) and on the same bus down there it is pretty hard to fall off those east moving lows providing you don't make a mistake, in fact at times they will manouve to be out of the really knarly stuff. That is not to say transitions like fronts and ridges (like the one starting to form LH bottom of your pic) etc don't occur, they do. However usually it should effect everyone equally providing the fleet is not too spread out.
  17. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    The Umbilical Brothers Red and the Paintwaggon are all in top gear...the others not quite and with Mellow Yellow looking for the periscope manual.
  18. Guns on Boats

  19. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Scally have to capitalise on that prior and in hindsight shit decision now that the soft stuff to the right is in the rear mirror and there is definitely more pressure to the right down the runway. The only problem is they have now cashed in a lot of that leverage by chasing a faster angle east and other than the Crash Test Dummies and to a lesser extent Mellow Yellow (who have got a bit more right hand on the wheel), everyone else is very conscious of that buffalo lane. Particularly the Plastic Last Tricks, who are guarding it like a father on prom night....and doing a pretty fine job I might say. Now is the time for Witty to leg it, or it might be lights out until the other side of the Horn.
  20. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Witty frustrated
  21. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Would be helpful to some here if they placed "WP in Use" info on the tracker. Would save a lot of confusion about true positions and gains/losses. Could even be just a simple arrow.
  22. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Lot of talk happening..then again the only skipper wearing thongs.
  23. laugh or cry?

    Scan what is this footage thing? Is that a subterfuge image of this subaverage passage under steerage and lots of cordage, with radar coverage, then damage, breakage and bad floatage to the racing carriage and in no shortage of time sinkage to a boat from the village anchorage and some multiage too bad to bandage putting some in the orphanage? If so miscarriage about pilotage on this voyage will be settled..
  24. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Stief thanks for the tour down Leg 3 memory lane quoting Kenny's stats...seems such a long time ago. That page was an interesting read ..some excellent superlatives. SX is definitely a boxing nutter.
  25. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Can't see Vestas and the Submarine surviving this coming section un-bruised and Witty has now cashed in his angle advantage. They might be the 3 new back markers soon. If so doesn't auger well for Vestas after being gifted a second chance.