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  1. Foilman

    Sail Georgian Bay? Sign this.

    well, it was time for a sailing pic. And yes, that's the area that will be affected. And yes, I should have been hiking...
  2. Foilman

    Sail Georgian Bay? Sign this.

    I don't disagree with any of your observations/comments. The organization of the opposition to the plant seems pretty loose at the moment. One person went ahead and independantly started the petition, another few have held town hall meetings, and then there's the SaveGeorgianBay Facebook Group that somehow tries to pull it together. The group needs to get better organized, raise some funds, pull in someone with better media/marketting savvy, etc. The biggest stakeholders are the cottagers that are within a km or two of the plant (not easy to raise public sympathy for them), plus the full time residents that are in the path of the hydro lines and any catastrophic failure of the upper holding pond. But if my postings can get a few more signatures on the petition, or influence someone with the right skills to help out, well... every bit helps. Cheers Phil.
  3. Foilman

    Sail Georgian Bay? Sign this.

    Lots of good informed discussion. Great. And I get it - why should I be advocating for this one little corner of Georgian Bay to be spared, when the pumped storage plant is for the greater good. Well, for one, I LIKE that little corner of GB and the proposed plant will be a substantial and permanent blight on the shoreline, for the purpose of an aging technology. Power storage is a rapidly evolving field, and by the time this plant comes online in 10 years, the need for it could be past. Something better will have come along (hydrogen?) AND power use / load sharing profiles will have changed with climate change pressures. Link for the petition is in the first post. Sign it. Or not. Phil
  4. Foilman

    Sail Georgian Bay? Sign this.

    Not at all. They are just now in the consultation phase. No permits yet. Environmental surveys not yet done. The Dept of National Defense, who's land the plant will be on, has a link here:
  5. Foilman

    Sail Georgian Bay? Sign this.

    I'm a believer in small nuclear, but that's a wee bit off topic. As for closed loop pumped stored power, there's a decent sized one going in at Marmora (near Peterborough). No idea how much opposition, if any, they faced. To me, using an old quarry for this is far better than ripping up a really nice stretch of Georgian Bay shoreline, installing large breakwalls, and mucking up the water. In an area where there is no convenient connection to the existing grid, so it also comes with the need for a large hydro corridor - likely through Blue Mountain (Collingwood) area to Barrie. Sign the petition, or not. I'm just doing my bit to raise visibility of a very large project that has been trying to slide in under the radar. Only now are community groups becoming aware of it, and its implications to the bay. Cheers, Phil.
  6. Foilman

    Sail Georgian Bay? Sign this.

    This is simply about making money for Trans Canada Energy (formerly Trans Canada Pipelines) with the proposed pumped storage facility. Not adding any net new energy to the grid. There are pumped storage facilities that make sense with much less environmental cost, such as the closed loop systems where they use a worked out quarry as the lower holding pond, and pump it up to a pond above. Using the bay in an open loop system is pretty ugly in terms of potential harm.
  7. I'm not much of a NIMBY, and certainly not an activist, but want to take a moment to raise awareness of something that seems like a Really Bad Idea. In a nutshell, a large corporation has planned a pumped storage installation on an untouched stretch of Georgian Bay near the Bruce Peninsula. Federal land owned by Department of National Defense and used for land forces training, the shoreline is quite spectacular. Once its destroyed, its gone forever. Pumped Storage dates back to the 1930s, and is basically pumping water uphill to a storage pond, then releasing it to run back downhill and generate hydro electric power. This plant will be a massive 1000 megawatts, and to generate that much power, they'll burn 1300 megawatts pumping it uphill. The money is made by buying power off-peak when its cheap, to do the pumping. Then selling it at peak hours, when they release it to run through the turbines. Its not "green" energy... that 1300 megawatts to pump the water uphill comes from the grid and all sources powering it, including gas powered generating plants. This plant will be on the scale of the Ludington plant on Lake Michigan (google it) which has proven famously efficient at killing fish by the millions as they get chopped up in the turbines. The chopped up biomass goes back into the lake of course... The site chosen on Georgian Bay has a clay bottom, and all that churned up clay will hang in suspension for ages. There goes the clear water that the area is known for. So, if like me, you think this is a bad idea - please add your name to the petition. I hope its not a futile effort - there are literally billions of dollars at play here. But maybe the politicians will listen. Its old technology. It will destroy a beautiful little corner of the earth. Photo taken a couple weeks ago at Ludington... check out the plume from the discharge from the turbines.
  8. Foilman

    Show your dingy sailing....

    That can be fixed - buy another one!
  9. Foilman

    Show your dingy sailing....

    Sailing with my kid. Fireball Worlds this past August.
  10. Foilman

    Where to get a carbon spinnaker pole?

    We've got a J-35 specific spin pole mould (female molded, autoclave cured). scroll down to J-35 Cheers Phil.
  11. Foilman

    looking for S2 7.9 photos

    Happy to help. The boat will feel a lot different if you change blade shape from the original long chord / short aspect ratio to something narrower and deeper. I like semi-elliptical... curved leading edge that comes to a sharp point where it meets the trailing edge at the bottom of the blade. Don't mix glass and carbon unless they are off-axis from each other (or the glass doesn't do any work). Carbon uni @ zero and biaxial glass skins make a lot of sense. S-glass rarely worth the price premium over eglass. Phil
  12. Foilman

    looking for S2 7.9 photos

    just stumbled over this thread ... we build a few S2 7.9 rudders every year. All customers seem happy with what we provide. There seems to be a fatal flaw in the design/build as the transition from the blade to the head is very far back, where the foil section is thinner. Attaching a photo of the cross section of a factory built rudder, right where it snapped. Draw your own conclusions. The replacement is just being templated and will be shipping shortly. Phil Competition Composites Inc.
  13. We did a set of carbon boards for a Florida boat 2 or 3 years ago. Probably still have the tooling kicking around somewhere... Phil
  14. Foilman


    Just delivered our first set of i550 spars. Back story is that a few years ago we thought we'd build a boat. Same old story... when we had time, we didn't have money. And vice versa. But we'd commissioned the mast design from Eric Sponberg. We had a real customer step up this fall and commission a complete set of spars from us. He just took delivery today. We're pretty darn proud of what we built for him. Click the linky to see more, full sized, photos. Cheers Phil