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  1. Caferacer59

    Worlds most expensive Home Stereo ?

    2 channel and surround sounds are completely different animals in my book (and i don;t know much about surround, I have a sound bar and a woofer connected to my tv and thats as far as i care to go with movies) - it rumbles and the choppers sound scary enough in apocolypse now. in terms of THD, component matching is the key, properly driving the speaker with that first watt of power will get you far.
  2. Caferacer59

    Worlds most expensive Home Stereo ?

    I love my KG 4's I have had them for 30 years, redid the crossovers last year and they continue to sing. And if you need them to they will flat out knock the plaster off the walls. I still use my reel to reel all the time, the only thing new I have is a Music Hall TT and only because my 50 year old Miracord 50h met an inglorious end thanks to an indoor football game with my boys and their friends (not authorized). Even the cabinets are old, they are mid 60's lane record cabinets matching but found about 2 years apart on craigslist. The pioneer is an sx750 upper mid range from around 78, its essentially the same as the flagship 1250 with less wattage. With the KG4's you do not need power, sensitivity is 94db at 1 watt. this rig can play motor head or Bill Evans or Vivaldi's 4 season and excel at it , it will do what ever you ask it to do. That's my doggie Olive listening to Metallica's Kill em all! (first press too)
  3. Caferacer59

    Meanwhile in the world outside impeachment...

    Do you fuckers sail, in all my years on SA I never looked at these sections. What a wankerfest. I feel sorry for your wives, girlfriends and dogs. If ya even have one. BWAHAHHAHAHHAHA. goddamn, it takes all types i guess.
  4. Caferacer59

    Nobody Wants To Take Up Sailing

    Sailing, at least on the Chesapeake can be deadly boring in the summer. I invited friends (a few days in advance cuz everyones busy), and occasionally we would hit that great day with 12-15 knots and just having a ball actually going places. More likely fluky 5 knots barely pushing my 4ksb. Sure we drank and talked and had fun but it was 5 knots in a 4ksb. People were happy to go but happier they didn't own a boat. I ticked it off my list, learned to sail in 14, bought a boat in 15, beer canned it 16 and 17 and 18 and sold it. It was fun, but I'm done. glad I did it, i learned alot. now I am happy to be crew 2-3 times a summer. but hey, at least I sold it some guy on ebay, who completely re-did the damn thing per below and that makes me happy. I have a habit of jack of all trades master of none. Glad I can say I know how to sail and do it somewhat competently. same with motorcycle racing, old car restoration, fly fishing, photography etc etc etc......
  5. Caferacer59

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Rimas has tackled the entirety of the Pacific, we need him over here to now show the atlantic who's boss. ima start looking for a boat.
  6. Caferacer59


    beaners, i get it they like beans.
  7. Caferacer59

    Yacht Season Series

    Used to be a half decent job. That prez thing. ....
  8. Caferacer59

    Yacht Season Series

    god this place is inane....but the Janitor thing was funny.
  9. Caferacer59

    Old puget sound sailor

    Go for it!
  10. Caferacer59

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    My bosses boat is named "exit strategy" seeing as we've fucked up everything, got delisted and all our options aren't worth the paper they're printed on I wanted to suggest renaming it "underwater" . seems like a career limiting move however.
  11. Caferacer59

    NTSB releases transcript of El Faro sinking

    The thing i thought was interesting is that the article said he was a safety first kind of guy, but got fired for refusing to run a vessel down the Chesapeake with faulty steering, he then got fired, and the article intimates that perhaps he was less inclined to act on his old natural instincts of his past. He evidently had to work his way back up to captain. Did that past experience change his tolerance for conservatism is what the article briefly posits.
  12. Caferacer59

    Adrift Movie

    this seems a sensible request.
  13. Caferacer59

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Jim thinks Rimas is a dim wit, that post was pretty funny. almost makes me want to join facade book.
  14. Caferacer59

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    On behalf of all of us here at SA, Rimas, we apologize for ever doubting you.