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  1. So Much Potential

    pop top!
  2. bwaaahaaahaaa!!

    The two most popular threads are Rimas and these people. damn. maybe rename the site the sailing world news.
  3. Pulling your sail boat out for the winter

    Seems like the consensus is there is some downside per pete in NJ, which are reasonable comments but that all in all I am not missing too much. Forecast is for a drier and milder winter overall this year.
  4. I have an old Pearson Ariel, that I have owned for 4 years and I am one of the few people that seems to leave their boat in its slip year round. The marina is in the Mid Atlantic, and has Ice eaters, three years ago we had a really cold winter but the marina stayed ice free even though the creek I am on was iced over pretty thick. I bottom paint it every other and it never has too much growth. Why am I one of the few that leaves the boat in, any downside I am clueless about. I'm really in the minority as I see 85% of the boats out, and I think the other 15% are owned by people who forgot that they own a boat at all.
  5. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Jim thinks Rimas is a dim wit, that post was pretty funny. almost makes me want to join facade book.
  6. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    On behalf of all of us here at SA, Rimas, we apologize for ever doubting you.
  7. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    well, I got invited for a weekend trip from the South River up to Rock Hall on a Telstar 28 tri. What a blast, that thing can fly, I don't know shit about boats except for sailing my 4knt shit box (which is fun too). That wacky Telstar could get up and go, and I spilled way less beer, though it was harder to fire up a j with that speed. Pretty cool boat with its hulls that fold in making it need no more room than a mono for a slip. I'd have one of each if i could.
  8. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Or a first date. Keep trying.
  9. The Classic Barg, complete with yelling crew :)

    Enjoyed it, thanks for posting
  10. Hey buy an ad!

    Thanks Wess, appreciate your insights. As far as multi hulls, I am looking forward to next weekend, going out with some friends on a Gemini 35 for the weekend over to St. Michael's and maybe up to Rock Hall. It's good company on this trip and rare when I sail on anything civilized with creature comforts. The skipper is the son in law of the guy who created the Gemini company. His wife still runs the company but unfortunately the boats are no longer produced here on the Bay.
  11. Hey buy an ad!

    Looking forward to selling the Ariel and choosing the next boat carefully. I am convinced that with the suggestions from here and keeping my eyes open I'll do well. Thanks for the suggestions and advice. I am almost certain to keep in the 25 foot range as it makes sense for my crew size and I am happy with my perfect little protected slip where i keep my current vessel. The boat above, J 22/24's and Evelyn's have all been enjoyable to read up on. The reality check on larger boats like the hobie 33 etc was needed. Thanks
  12. Hey buy an ad!

    Reasons not to sell on Ebay. So surprisingly (to me) my little pearson ariel got a ton of interest and some guy bought it and then called me to say he will be flying up Friday to sail it down starting Saturday to Louisiana (from Baltimore!). Needless to say that is utterly ridiculous. His plan was Rimas like to say the least, I politely let him know that single handing my Ariel to Louisiana had a about a 1% chance of success as currently outfitted. I am not Jean Mondieu. He was bummed that I insisted on sending his deposit back.
  13. Hey buy an ad!

    The Evelyn 25 seems like a good possibility for my entree into a "racier boat". Couple within a few hundred miles of me. Seems like there is a 25 a 25.5 and 26. With drafts between 4 and 6. Much prefer 4.
  14. Hey buy an ad!

    Crash and Sisu (and all), you are very helpful and make valid points, thanks for your input. Getting a lot of interest on my Ariel that i posted above, taking a guy out for a test drive in an hour, so that is encouraging. As a first boat and never sailing before, buying the ariel was a good choice but excited to be looking for my next boat.
  15. Hey buy an ad!

    one other consideration is i only race with 2 or 3 crew max - I've only done non spin, but would like that to change but crew is small.