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  1. Harken Flash Sale - Up to 35% Off

    Hi cpt_757, Try this link: https://www.mauriprosailing.com/
  2. Spinnaker masthead block sizing

    If you are trying to save every ounce at the top of the mast and be sure that the block will not fail, then the 57mm (2,400 lbs. of MBL) with bearings will be a better option: Harken 57mm HL Block Code: HAR3215 This Month: $ 148.95 Note: There is a Load Load alternative, part # HAR3226 for $134 but features 1,600 of maximum working load. We think you will be better off with the HL option.
  3. Harken Flash Sale - Up to 35% Off

    Heads up guys, only few days left. Perfect timing to renew those tired winches, blocks, travelers or anything Harken on your boat. Discount varies from 20 up to 35% Off + FREE Shipping! Looking forward to continue our support to all Anarchists Best regards, Juan Note: Thanks to the Viper 640 class for the picture.
  4. Spinnaker masthead block sizing

    Hi TIz, Check the new Harken Element 60mm Block (latest from Harken) , it features 2,400 lbs. of maximum working load. It is comparable to the previous ESP one. Harken - 60mm Element Single Swivel Block Code: HAR6260 Sale Price: $35.95 Hope this helps.
  5. Take your girlfriend, wife or favorite sailor. Our marketing team got crazy and wanted to do something special for you guys. Maybe you already visited Venice, but it always nice to go back, specially if somebody else pays for it or go for the first time and impress her. All about how to win here: Hope one of you Anarchists wins it. Good luck! Best regards and see you on the water. Juan Mauri
  6. Mauri Pro - so pissed off!

    Hi all, Saw the early post and let me be the first to apologize to JBSF for any trouble caused by an unusual situation. We got the order for a very unusual cam cleat that was backordered. Once the order was received (Aug. 18th.), our system trigger one first email to the customer with any backorder items. If there is no answer a second personal email follows (submit directly by one of Order Processing team members - Aug. 20th.). Unfortunately in this case it was like the perfect storm because there was no indication that there was a need to exchange the cam cleat for another option or delivered on an exact time frame. Since the order was posted as Free Shipping there was no indication of a "rush delivery" nor that the final destination was overseas. Still agree with JBSF that ten days usually is more than enough to deliver any order but as I mentioned the cam cleat ordered is a special one not a regular Harken or Ronstan one. Further more when something is backordered and we miss an US destination for an order going overseas, we will ship it directly to the final destination free of any shipping charge. Still in this case was our fault because we fail not to send a third email or try to reach JBSF by phone which is the regular procedure. As far as "In Stock" goes, our site does not post any message as "in or not in stock" as most of the time we will have it on hand or at any of our affiliate warehouses. As you can imagine it is almost impossible to consolidate all sailing products under one roof specially since we serve and offer not only regular products but large systems that require some assembly too. Me and my team are committed to do our best for all our customers across many wind and water sports. I am the first to accept that 99% of the time we get it right and 0.9% of the time we can fix it in time. This was not the case and it falls in that 0.1%. JBSF, let me try to make it right for you. Send us your address overseas, we will like to send you the cleats and deckvest free of charge. If in the future any one of you guys run into any trouble with any order or any issue with our website, please feel free to PM or send an email and address it to me (use our contact forms so we can monitor it). Even though our company has evolved into many other sports and activities I am still a die-hard sailor and want to do my best to serve the sailing community. On an upside note, hope one of you guys win the two tickets to Belize! Best regards, Juan Mauri
  7. What's happened to the VX One ?

    Hi Jerryd, There 17 Vipers in Texas now and two more most likely to come before the year ends (to DCYC). Looking forward to a future Texas Sportboat Regatta. Juan Mauri
  8. Henderson 30?

    Hey guys, we are in the mood to sponsor Henderson 30 Nationals. Help us located them all so we can figure out the best venue for it. Ready to travel?
  9. Henderson 30?

    Hi sailtrmr, I will dig into my files, I am sure I have a Henderson Tuning Guide and Polars somewhere. Please send me a note here: http://www.mauriprosailing.com/us/contact-us-sales.htm and I will follow up with you. If any body knows about a Henderson 30 for sale, let me know. Best, Juan
  10. Henderson 30?

    I regret selling mine. We use to race with 7 or 8 onboard and felt pretty competitive. Runners "a must" for upwind performance. Going downwind a fun, fast boat. As soon as I can sell my current boat I will looking forward to buy a Hendo again.