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  1. Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    And of course "I'm driving' the boat, pulling the lines...." Keel Dragger
  2. Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    1. Called the skipper morning of race to see if need any extra crew. He says "All set. Me,you,the owner(his wife) and 6 lesbians". The 2 young ladies who lived next door had guests staying over. Seemed reasonable. 2. Later that day as we're climbing through the fleet Cap't trying to distract opposition yells to the crew something like "I'll give $50 if you'll show your boobs" he upped the offer to $100 each if I recall but no takers. Still did well in the race. 3. Fantasy Land asks what we're doing on the point during some cluster fuck. Responded "I'm fucking up - drive the fucking boat" 4. Is he (a good friend) going to the wrong mark? Yeah give him 5 more minutes and then we'll let him know.
  3. What do you do when the Hurricane is on it's way

    Upon completion of above youll need plenty of the drink of your choice food smokes if you must. Propane or charcoal for grill. And at home stow everything including pets that can fly thru windows. Ive even parked my car down the street to get out from under trees
  4. Pokemon Go, OMFG...

    Our club is on state owned land so adjacent to a small park. There were 50+ nerds (and i would say I'm a nerd/geek at heart) in tbe park tonight at 2000 doing the pokemon thing. Ive never seen more than 6 or so folks there at any time. All i could think of was Why dont these people go for a walk? Theres a waterfront "mall" down the street with bars movies etc. Theres another better park down the street. Haven't they seen the San Antonio River Walk? How about holding your girl's hand instead of your phone. Wouldn't it be great if these folks at least learned to enjoy being outside for a little while?
  5. Crazy French guy and his chicken?

    My wife showed this to me tonight. We have 9 chickens but none sail with us. I'm not convinced that his site tops an old favorite http://www.worldtourstories.com/ But he does get eggs........
  6. Fucking TeamWork Video

    Drivin the boat...workin the lines....
  7. Fucking TeamWork Video

    Epic Fucking Bump! One of my favorite videos ever.
  8. The Zombie Fleet

    I've seen and bought zombies. Current boat is a 1969 24 footer. bought her 3 years ago from a couple guys who i think got scared. Paid $1100 (think could have done better) with winter storage paid. Included an older 5hp outboard that runs reliably if not powerfully. Paid to have trucked home then bought barely used main and jib for same model boat. Into it for maybe $2000 total. After 35 years sailing i have just as much fun every time i go out as many folks would have in a $50k boat or a new $75k Catalina 27 Sport thing. I spend about $1000 each year on transport and launch/mooring fees. If only people could look a little more than skin deep there'd be alot more sailing out there.
  9. tight_jeans.gif

    Aaaaaaand Bump. This thread shall not perish.
  10. Alcohol is the cause of and answer to all family issues.

  11. has not set their status