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  1. Remember: all boats are different. Some like tight leeches - some don't. Some like full sails - some flat. Some like full sails with a firm leech but when the wind builds just past X knots you need to go super flat and twisted. You need to experiment and learn what makes your boat go. Find a boat that goes about the same as yours and go test. If you want a boiler plate answer that seems to work on all sail boats: pull the sail in till the boat stops - then let it out a little.
  2. My recommendation is to get something like a Lido 14 and teach him how to sail. They are cheap, unbelievably stable and have tons of helm. My kids started sailing Lidos at 4 and I used to sit on the centerboard trunk, trim both sails and let the kids steer. I could reach the tiller and avert certain disaster pretty easily. They moved to sabots when they entered the junior program. If your kid is doing junior sailing from Newport to San Diego you need a Naples Sabot. If you are in ABYC you could go to either a Naples Sabot or Opti. Cabrillo and del Rey are Opti land. They tried Optis in Newport a few years ago and they sucked in the light air - the sabot sailed circles around them. Breeze and waves are a totally different story. Sabot are very complex boats and hard to sail. Maybe that's why so many past collegiate sailors of the year come from the Sabot class.
  3. Maybe we are not the only ones that think Dee doesn't belong on the course. This has the look of being hunted by the starboard tacker.
  4. I hope the main stream media picks up on this. I would love to see this plastered on CBS, NBC, Fox, etc. Dee has always been a glory hound. Let's see how he enjoys the lime light.
  5. I looks similar to a Snowbird
  6. Find some 5o5 sailors and ask them. The 5o5 is a very complex boat but the holy grail for the class is to reduce this complexity down to one line. When you pull this one line many things spring into action. Of course the main and jib come in. As you continue to pull shroud tension increases to maintain sail shape. Keep pulling and the jibe comes out of the centerboard and the headstay lengthens - dropping the rig back just the perfect amount for plaining upwind. Of course the jib halyard and mast ram follow suit. More tension brings on the reef in the main so you can get under the boom on tacks. The tricky part will be getting the pole to launch and spinnaker to set when you let the sheet out at the weather mark. But I have confidence in these 5o5 guys - they are pretty clever.