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  1. Hi all! My sailboat is an Archambault A35. Unfortunately the built in flexible water tank from Plastimo with the order number 18036 got damaged. The most similar tank I can order is the Plastimo 18033 but it has the outlet valves on the wrong side. Could you please help me: Where can I get a suitable tank? Any other ideas? Many thanks!
  2. Kasogi

    B&G H3000 Migration Route

    Hi all! I use the calmness of the holiday season to research and structure my thought around a potential B&G refit of the sailing boat I recently bought. Maybe you can help me a bit - some of the topics I will bring up have been touched on in the discussions here but either the discussion happened some significant time ago (and available hardware changes quickly) or they seem to me not to be conclusive in themselves. The boat (which I use for single-handed sailing and sailing with my family but extensively for racing) has a B&G H3000 setup consisting of the following main components: Two GFD displays (one not working correctly and one only partially working - in both cases as a result of dampness in the display) One GPD autopilot display (working but showing also some wetness in the display) H3000 Hydra CPU B&G VMHU wind transducer ACP1 autopilot computer Jefa DD15 drive Three 20/20 mast displays KVH compass Remote vision remote control Depth transducer Speed transducer As a result of the two GFD displays failing the whole system is not operating correctly anymore and I will have to do something about it. Basically I see the following three main alternatives: 1) Get one new GFD and one new GPD from A+T Instruments I am thinking about the displays being shown here: http://www.aandtinstruments.com/home/products-2/displays/ Most likely the quickest alternative but will set me back 3500 €. And somehow I hate the fact that I will be investing so much in an older system - I also checked with them: Reparing my existing displays sustainably will be very difficult if not impossible. A potential other alternative would be to by an H5000 display and the B&G H5000 Fastnet Interface but that is only transferring data in the direction of the display and no commands in the other direction (like to control the 20/20 displays or to calibrate the autopilot) ... or am I mistaken here? 2) Upgrade to H5000 Most likely I can keep the transducers, the compass and the drive but will have to buy displays, autopilot and CPU. This will set me back 5300 € (if I am lucky). But I will not be able to use the nice mast displays... Is this worth it compared to the other alternatives? Especially if I consider how annoyed I feel about B&G not supporting the H3000 system anymore after what feels only a few years... 3) "Upgrade" to a Triton-based setup Maybe it is worth to migrate to a Triton / NMEA2000 based setup - also because of not being trapped in the situation where you have to upgrade everything because just one critical component fails in a system that is not supported anymore. I am considering: Two Vulcan7 as displays in the cockpit A NAC2-Autopilot A Precision9 compass 508 Wind sensor DST800 speed and depth sensor This will set me back roughly 4400 € - and maybe I can sell some of my still working old stuff on Ebay. But: Do you know any way how to still use my 20/20 mast displays in an NMEA 2000 world. Any experience with this solution here: http://www.sailmon.com/processor/? I also would love to use the B&G VMHU wind transducer on NMEA 2000. Any experience with this solution here: http://www.eurotaskltd.com/product/sailmon-windbox-bg-mhu-to-nmea2000-interface? Or any other solution? Which one of the alternatives would you recommend in general? Sorry for the lengthy post but I am a bit lost here ... and: Enjoy the rest of the holiday season! Cheers Sven
  3. Hi all! I am planning to buy an Archambault A35. Currently I have two boats as possible alternatives: One with a single-rudder configuration and one with a double-rudder. The single-rudder version is about 8.000 € cheaper while being comparable when it comes to equipment and sails. Furthermore, the single-rudder version is much easier to come by for me. I plan to sail the oat mostly short-handed and it that sense the double-rudder would be most likely better suitable - but the questions is: 8000 € more suitable? Does anyone of you have an opinion on the two versions and maybe even sailed both of them? Many thanks Sven