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  1. aloha27

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    In the grand scheme of things, his geography was indeed huge.
  2. aloha27

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    Hair dryer and plastic scraper I've seen cringe-worthy gelcoat damage using heat guns. YMMV.
  3. aloha27

    Sailing Simulator

  4. aloha27

    Perdock for Police Chief?

    I have emailed Dan Noyes with a news tip. Here's the work he did back in 2007.
  5. aloha27

    Perdock for Police Chief?

    nolatom, her name is Elizabeth Larson. AFAIK, she's still owner and editor-in-chief of Lake County News. Nice lady. Along with Dan Noyes of ABC San Francisco they (with help from us here) kept the heat on re: the prosecution of Dinius. I've already done so and anyone can subscribe to their email headline feature here. Supply an email addy and you're good to go.
  6. aloha27

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    But enough about Mission Control...
  7. aloha27

    Best Race Committee Boats

    HMCS Nanaimo. Nice!
  8. aloha27

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Facebook page now: Comments are generally brutal.
  9. aloha27

    Warren Miller

  10. aloha27

    Warren Miller

  11. aloha27

    Front Page - Train Acomin"!

    Which of the guys fishing do you suppose will be charged with BUI?
  12. aloha27

    Scooped By CNN

    Seriously? Try post 2994 Only nine hours ago..