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  1. aloha27

    Russell Purdock...anyone remember?

    That case was fucked up from the get-go. Everyone on "Beats Workin' II" was taken to one hospital, Perdick to another. His blood sample was misdated. I still give a great deal of credit to Dan Noyes for keeping us informed as to what was happening at trial and Elizabeth Larson from Lake County News before and after that. That puke is a Councilman for crissakes.
  2. aloha27

    What defines a true circumnavigation?

    You mean HWSNBN's planned circumnavigation of Vancouver Island didn't qualify?
  3. aloha27

    Rules: about redress

    Having done more than my share of RO duties, my advice would be to consider your boat to be the same length at the finish as you did at the start.
  4. aloha27

    Helicopter rescue oh crap moment

    Bring me my brown pants.
  5. aloha27

    Caption Contest

    I'm so wasted...
  6. Current bid is ten bucks plus 300 paperwork fee.
  7. aloha27

    Overlap Question

    Dogwatch is correct. Wait, what?
  8. I knew I was due for surgery when one particular night I looked up at a crescent moon and saw three of 'em. From the time I was wheeled in to getting wheeled out of the procedure was sixteen minutes. 20/20 was the result.
  9. Compared to the hull itself, prop drag would be negligible.
  10. Aloha_Brochure_81.pdf
  11. In the grand scheme of things, his geography was indeed huge.
  12. aloha27

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    Hair dryer and plastic scraper I've seen cringe-worthy gelcoat damage using heat guns. YMMV.