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  1. Pendragon35

    Chesapeake 2019

    I know the feeling. Just hoping for a MUCH better sailing season this year!
  2. Pendragon35

    Chasing the dream.

    That's good advice. I think there are three things that need to be balanced to have a happy experience with your boat. Where are you using it, what are you using it for? You mention a "blue water cruiser" but honestly is this what you are going to do with this boat? I've seen so many people search for a blue water cruiser who mostly weekend/daysail. And even if your ultimate dream is that round the world cruise, are you going to do it on THIS boat or will you work up to it? What are you willing to do? Most of the issues on a boat are things you can figure out. Youtube is your friend for this. But it's a lot of work. I know personally, if I won the lottery the big beneficiary would be a local yard. But I haven't so I do my own work, learning along the way. You can too. Go sailing. Other already covered this. Go, sail, learn.
  3. Do you have the fixed keel or centerboard model? The Fixed Keel T22's have a real issue with rust on the keel. I had one in the 1990's and my memory was the recommended procedure was to grind the keel bright and then IMMEDIATELY put on a barrier coat. I take it from the above that the Interlux 200e is, a barrier coat. Loved that boat, still have the sails from it and the old Tanzer Talk newsletters. I sailed her on northern lake michigan in fresh water. Built like a tank, sails like a J 24.