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  1. you do remember that PB designed, drafted, and 3D printed a large part of his controls. Is that what you mean? Or are you still pushing this shit talk that the current defender and their COR are working together on a mutually agreeable Protocol. And that this is a problem. I'm sure you will see it as one even if the COR bothers to get a boat on the water. Remember?
  2. and now we know why PB and BT have taken an extended "cruise" on this type of boat.
  3. ^ please DW, you belittle yourself by griping about matters not even close to fruition. Save your venom until the show starts and there are facts, then your considered opinion will carry much more weight as counterpoint.
  4. and please nutcase; i see you don't have yur west coast mafia to supply you with buzzphrases for your signature anymore..the one yur pushing is Pretty Fucking Lame. You better figure out a new agenda quick....and maybe a team to support rather than just shit talk ETNZ. that would be fun...
  5. This thread's dead Fred BarnyB can delete it at will. edit: But where will spinbot live? hope when it's deleted he disappears into the bit bucket as well.
  6. BTW, could you fuck off?
  7. i would betcha you know shit about wtf ACEA took all the vidys down. And transferring the IP is a lot different than transferring all the media to the current trustee. i hope we find out but i'm sure you will continue to blame ETNZ for the videos, which is the public perception of the cycle, being removed from Youtube. Look, i suggest you get along to americascup.com and get your free bag while the offer is hot. how embarrassing for the pinnacle of the sport.
  8. fun...you will be bigger for it.
  9. No, I agree that it's an attractive location. I just have misgivings about the process that has led to planned apartments and condo's with marine industry relegated to ground floor of high price real estate, if they can afford it. Talking about the existing development plans and projecting of course. I would love that a park, AC and Volvo village get made at the tanks. I think of the Cloud, supposed to be a temporary structure but now open to the public most days and holding events that truly enhance the waterfront.
  10. I agree; to be fair, jimmy's a dick. got his book out at the right time...now on to SUP.
  11. of course it is....gov wants a stake but no stability for 3 weeks...
  12. now if they include a 1kw genny for oil and all the computer shit ya want for foil control i'll have hit the nail with my boat request 2 months ago
  13. you seem to contradict yourself a bit here TC. any speculation here is just shit talk. of course there is no better place for that other than Trumps twitter account.
  14. so true, and not anything near the cost and complexity of extending Halsey St wharf. But as I've been saying, try prying the land from the hands of the speculators who have spent so much dosh lobbying for their apartments, which will not be inhabited by those working downtown but snatched up by foreign investment like all the waterfront apt's in vancouver for instance. At least with the cooling real estate ATM there could be a chance. These negotiations are what in all likelihood are delaying the announcement of the protocol.
  15. ^ funny it still says you have 16 posts of shit talk newbie [edit] iggy, not really need to see your 17