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  1. AC36 - The Venue

    no, it's being used next year in the AC50 Larry circuit
  2. pictures or it didn't happen. Dude
  3. anyway, i'll wait till it happens and i see a picture. Just like Larry's circus.
  4. and his ass is just about dragging due to the lever arm from the wishbone
  5. oh. you should be in the AC50 circus of un-substantiated pipe dream forum then. You always debate based on your supreme knowledge of everything that is too informed to share any solid facts. par for your course. your head is so big it's got it's own weather system
  6. are you fucking dumb as a sack of fucking hammers, show me a windsurfer with "extreme cant" like you were talking about. fucking windsurfers
  7. So the top picture here, (couldn't seem to find the heart to [snip] her, shows a windsurfer with moderate windward cant, much less than 45 i reckon. Do you have any pictures of extreme windward cant on a windsurf board where the wing is starting to break surface as you mentioned?
  8. The picture that ROBG posted and you commented on has been pointed out to be canted downwind. I have seen many times top racers in NZ with way over 45 degrees of windward cant, just couldn't find a picture. Of course you know that I use pictures to debate with rather than asserting my opinion.
  9. a quick and dirty diagram based on the AC75class rule figure 12.1: seems you could get almost 45% of cant within the box (yellow line), sacrificing a bit of span, but having the end of the arm almost vertical. This would keep the foil wing well below surface.
  10. The kiters seem to have above 45% of cant on upwind. source
  11. yea, you seem to have the wind direction a little bit confused surf sailor...that's draggin him downwind. no matter
  12. Team Australia

    WTF and then you call some businessmen dodgy
  13. how will a windsurfer get extreme cant on the foil?

    a big display like some of the AIS I have seen, Time to Closest Approach, Distance at Closest Approach, alarms when distance at closest approach is less than ??. It's a user interface challenge, i know a few companies that could cook up a sweet solution, i'm sure this is an easy dev problem.