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  1. barfy

    Prada Cup

    Classic comment about happy people as Ian tells them it's course C.
  2. barfy

    Team NYYC

    ^ classic.. If I had a dollar for every time you walk back some loose statement, then append your walk with "but my point remains", I'd be a lot richer.
  3. barfy

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    What letter of the alphabet do they resemble? I think you know.
  4. barfy

    Prada Cup

    Most of which comes from you spew bitch.
  5. barfy

    head like a hole

    Well, again I did a slowmo and zoom of the available bowsprit footage from America's Cup YouTube that the Italian guys used as well. Hoping to see some ejecta but was disappointed. The piece is clearly in the wake, and the the boat down before the carbon tendrils appear. The only strange timing I noted was the arm on that side was moving and stopped precisely when the tendrils appeared.
  6. barfy

    Prada Cup

    Not Luna Rossa
  7. barfy

    AC75 class rule and interpretations

    LR still trying with the backstay? Hiding them in a pocket as was mentioned here?
  8. barfy

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Posted a while ago was on the cards, perfect sense to implement now while challs are busy and they have some time and copy window is gone. Why don't you start talking about the seaside in the UK of brexit again?
  9. barfy

    Team NYYC

    Seems the panel is floating in the wake quite a while before the carbon shards hang out. I don't have an explanation for that.. This is all the footage that was broadcast from that camera unfortunately.
  10. barfy

    Team NYYC

    Maybe a 30 degree sudden wind shift which at the wrong time would certain trap you in the power zone. Going mostly by LR data
  11. barfy

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    FFS WE'VE BEEN OVER AND OVER THE SPONSOR THING ON SLOW DAYS. The racing is going on, Shit is happening. Don't fucking debate morals forever.
  12. barfy

    Team NYYC

    video from the bow cam....this looks like long after impact, a bit of carbon in the wake already. Seems like the the windward arm settles and stops at the same time the fibres pop. Maybe. Pictures are worth a shitload of words.
  13. barfy

    Prada Cup

    They would have been well served to take a lay and not just believe gfs which doesn't do sea breezes that well.
  14. barfy

    Prada Cup

    Nz has the convergence where the pressure gradient allows a sea breeze to push across the entire island in a couple of hours. I posted the rasp showing the west sea breeze pushing the east breeze out to sea and forming the convergence over the course. Overall pressure gradient influences the position of the.line of convergence. In Auckland as the convergence passes the wind stops and a dead dull heat sets in. For cross country gliding this line produced world records as the air goes straight up forming a distinct cloud line. Also probably gave the name, "the land of the long white cloud", Aotearoa. The nz rasp " regional aero soaring profile", is a high resolution grid forecast that visualizes light air days well.
  15. barfy

    Prada Cup

    Rasp shows convergence moving eastward, but quite close in with a big calm spot at 1500. May see a delay.