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  1. Alex Caizergues 57.97 kts , non-foiling, inflated leading edge. 14/11/17 youtube sails on sticks will never keep up to kites. found some polars here of foilers in light winds 8-10kt..15kt VMG up and perhaps 22 down wind. The foilers would kill the AC72 in 20kt. The author says "In more breeze even the local lads in Perth are doing 20knots VMG upwind and 25+ VMG downwind. "
  2. you forgot the big advantage the kiters have is to fly patterns/loops that influence apparent wind angle..never gonna get that with a sail. watched a top 10 foiler last week tack with no loss of speed, or ride height, and huck himself 10m into the air when board with no problem at all. Foil kiting dev is moving fast.
  3. One area where the AC75 is going to blow the last boats out of the water is foil cant range. This is where the kiters are getting the amazing upwind performance, almost all lift changed to horizontal. Foil trim surfaces is going to be the other game changer. Think elevons, this will be a game changer getting around the small ranges that the foils had last cycle. I had heard some amazing top numbers from ETNZ early in their game that never appeared during racing, probably due to the high takeoff speeds that true high speed foils entail. Smart control systems and elevons. EDIT: i see that is being discussed now after i posted.
  4. Oracle Team USA

    ya na, that stake went right thru the heart there will be no acws45 circus
  5. AC36 - The Venue

    yuch...i was getting a warm feeling that a decision might be made in a timely manner...but all thinking stops now until end of Jan. bummer
  6. AC36 Auckland NZ

    no problem about the ferry wake from the bayswater, birkenhead/northcotte, hobsonville, beachhaven, westpark routes...just take away the hi speed lane in front of bayswater and make everything between the ferry basin and the bridge 5kt....hahaha
  7. I was out for a fly on a 787 this week, and noticed the new wing design...uptips are gone (thankfully), replaced by a thin wingtip much as the more recent foil designs sported last cycle. And why not have multiple trim tabs on a foil? Like flaps for low speed lift and trims for control at high speeds? Will we see this?
  8. AC36 - The Venue

    Check out this story from the NZ Herald Android App http://nzh.tw/11948148 Typical double speak nat..dont let goff off the hook...never actually quoted...and etnz owes nz. Same drumbeating the press did half way thru last cycle when the political hacks dumped the team...they and everyone else sang pretty loud at the parade. Hold fast GD
  9. Team UK

    Dear Ben , good luck with that...enjoy the 45 that OR gave you. No freebies this time around.
  10. AC36 - The Venue

    Quite liking the point option, looks like some tanks/pipes get removed leaving some land that probly wont go to condos...etnz keeps their base and cozies up to...lr? The current base isnt the best for viewing, unless you are at Y pier every day...like me
  11. AC36 Auckland NZ

    So WTF is lot 18? ENTZ existing base? or the little slice that the bridge to nowhere terminates at. gee, i hope they wouldn't need to relocate the bridge, the Association for Pointless Bridges would be up in arms.
  12. AC36 - The Venue

    I can't remember hearing any plan for relocation of the cars on Cap'n Cook? My opinion is that the event would be better hosted near the amenities of the Viaduct, rather than have a huge flow of traffic in front of the ferry building and britomart, already chocker with commuters. But nice to get the cars gone from the core waterfront which already suffers too many vehicles.
  13. AC36 - The Venue

    I really like the dispersed central Halsey/Hobson/Wynyard concept; shows flexible planning, very scalable, good viewing and access as mentioned, a boon to the viaduct hospitality biz.. only problem for me is no legacy development, the entire viaduct show came about as a result of AC and I don't hear that being mentioned in any debates; the investment in smart tourist friendly infrastructure pays off in this country with tourism set to increase almost 5% a year. I guess we're stuck with the cloud for a while longer with shed 10 being increasingly utilized by cruise ships. anyway good to have a winner on the books without too much waffling around i guess.
  14. AC36 Auckland NZ

    700 m long breakwater...hahaha..serious dreaming