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  1. barfy


    if the Match was degraded to suit travel plans no-one would be happy. I do believe that free to air and Youtube? or some such broadcast in the global village makes location, other than being a sailing venue, unimportant. Bermuda was nice to sail in, irrespective of the home water issue. Having coverage limited to an app that 5000? folk downloaded was a poorly thought out marketing strategy, chronic short term corporate thinking. Get money for app now, screw all the other sponsors for future campaigns. GD has stated that won't happen this time.
  2. barfy


    like the country that defender, the winner of the last Match, hails from? STFU
  3. barfy

    Team UK

    OMG, ETNZ's sims, which we are told were predicting this boat was easy to do manoeuvres in, was correct? After predicting the AC50 almost perfectly? How very interesting it may be to watch sail.
  4. barfy

    All footage from AC35 Bermuda

    awesome, a hundred kudo's to you and now going to share locally with my mates.
  5. barfy


    but who's complaining about 2-3 strong Chals? Has the offer of a leg up by GD rubbed everyone the wrong way? still infinitely better than what was on offer from the gang of 5 in terms of seeing some design differential between teams. This time around the boats may even look different!
  6. barfy


    too bad the AC is at least partially a design contest that differentiates it from a JAR.
  7. barfy

    Team NZ

    i didn't notice the sarcasm colour being employed.
  8. barfy

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    notice how the "inlets" are well below the leading edge these days, the "sharknose" design. still gives heaps of internal pressure without sacrificing much drag.
  9. there might be some surprises cooking at ETNZ's new boat shop
  10. barfy

    Team NZ
  11. barfy

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    I was on the water 50+ hours a week for the AC50 training and can tell you that boat was never taken out of the protected waters around browns island with any onshore breeze of consequence. The day the AC72 was out in strong winds was offshore, i remember well. The Gulf can get groundswell of 1m easy in 20kt of ne, although usually a short period of 8 sec i imagine it would be catastrophic for the AC50 class. Of course the Match could be held in sheltered waters, but one of the visions is to parade it up and down the reach of the eastern beaches of the north shore where there are many many vantage points for spectators. This is not the case for the "back paddock" around Browns Is.
  12. barfy

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    i thought it was confirmed he was keen to run the manly club? maybe $$$$$$$ changed his mind? again?
  13. barfy


    isn't the gravitational load equal to the weight? I would expect the hydraulics to be a 2-way ram. and if a bit of downforce was used at the same time it may not generate a net downforce if the foil was moving? and the FCC which is supplied should automatically negate any downforce flap control inputs i would think. Yes, trying to drive something that has it's own mind and is negating your commands could create some WTF moments for sure. Hopefully there would some feedback to let you know when you exceed your command limits.
  14. barfy

    Team NZ

    the bike diving is great; subtle burn :)
  15. barfy

    Team NZ

    it's the first reef point