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  1. RImike

    Main halyard locks

    The "new" design (he designed the old spring version as well however the IP that went along it was sold to Southern) is now patent pending as it uses magnets instead of springs.
  2. RImike

    Main halyard locks

    @Rasputin22 Last month at the Newport Boat Show. He showed how the lock composes of 4 parts (2 halves and 2 gears/rotating mechanism). Interesting but pricey and seems like it's a start to something better yet to come.
  3. RImike

    Main halyard locks

    That is Eric Hall's "new" lock which uses magnets instead of springs. I saw it at the Newport Boat show however it was very pricey, almost $8K if I remember correctly for a 4T lock. Antal makes 2 mainsail lock systems, both for the HS22 and HS24 system and both offer tracks which can be glued onto the mast. The HS24 one is newer and incorporates a special reef point lock which allows the car to slide over it while the one at the mast head has one which doesn't require a trip line. Simply pull it up a few cm's and it automatically disengages which makes reefing much easier.
  4. I don't recall seeing this in Newport harbor however I don't go to far into the inner harbor or the point as I tend to stay around Bretton Cove and power boats all look the same to me. It's also possible that it's kept somewhere other than Newport. As for vessel search, there isn't much info to go by and this might be it: https://maritimedocumentation.us/vessel-search/?off_num=1254100&vesselname=&key=879bb44c7c
  5. RImike

    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    Is it soft shell crab season?
  6. RImike

    how to make the code0 furler stay furled?

    @MultiThom Correct, the furling is the same direction as the twist. A continuous line furler can, such as Karver which has the lock and the Ubi Maior ReWind furlers however once you get to a certain load, the twisting action becomes counter intuitive. I would say that you could use a 1X19 wire however up to a certain size you run the risk of a kink in the event the stay isn't tensioned as does packing it as you mentioned and it developing a "memory".
  7. RImike

    how to make the code0 furler stay furled?

    Not necessarily true. Torsion cables can be broken down into two styles, which is commonly refereed to as "clamped" and "engineered". "Clamped" cables are produced by most cordage manufactures, such as Marlow Pro Drive, Hampidjan Dynice Furling Cable (which is what Colligo uses) and so on. These cables are made on large spools and cut and clamped (or stitched) to a specified length. The cores are either Kevlar or Dyneema. These cables are strong on their own however it's the termination method that is the week point which generally fails at a load of 10%-25% of the line (though the Colligo Clamps continue to improve over the original design and keep raising in strength). These system for a 36' mast head boat cost about $1500 on average (cable and clamps only). Then there is the "engineered" category which companies such as Future Fibers, Armare, and Softrig (and a few other) produce. These cables are made to a specified length and have a stated working load and breaking load and are truly structural. For a boat over 40' these are the way to go. They run anywhere from $3500 for a Future Fibers Cable to $2500 for an Armare Cable depending if it's designed for a top down or bottom up furl and can have either a Kevlar, Dyneema or PBO core. 99% of the time a bad furl or a furler complaint is related to the quality of the cable and often a clamped cable is used on a 48' boat and the furler is undersized from the start so it can only have a 13mm cable when in reality if a clamped cable were to be used is should be at least 16mm or even better a proper engineered cable. I have seen that as a clamped cable need to be over sized to facilitate the transfer of torque for a top down application, a 16mm cable was used and made of Kevlar where as an engineered cable was 13mm and made of Dyneema and the cost was about the same however the engineered cable was vastly superior for the cruising A-sail.
  8. RImike

    Need new lifelines

    I had a guy once that wanted WR2 lines however he had really low quality stanchions. I'm talking tube with the holes punched in for the life lines and nothing smooth. Needless to say he insisted on WR2 and didn't want me to spend time (and money) polishing and installing smooth fair leads so I walked away form it. He got someone else to do it and he called me a week later asking to do the required work on them (installing pressed in fair leads to smooth everything and remove as much chafe points as possible. Turns out he didn't even make it to the first windward mark before a stanchion sharp fair lead sawed a line in half and his crew went for a swim.
  9. RImike

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    The Figaro 3 is "foil assist" but not fully foiling however that is a full production boat.
  10. RImike

    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    I'm looking forward for the Painkiller delivery midday while I'm manning the booth.
  11. RImike

    B&G H5000 calibration issue - TWD

    Is it firmly attached and not flopping around.
  12. RImike

    B&G H5000 calibration issue - TWD

    What is the "measured wind data" which is in a sense uncorrected AWA?
  13. RImike

    B&G H5000 calibration issue - TWD

    Is the MHU secured?
  14. RImike

    Shields for sale cheap at auction

    We have a very active fleet, tonight is the last race of the season. As for the boat in the auction, It will still will need at trailer which costs about $3500..
  15. I stand corrected, I checked the quick spec's on the boat and they listed a Mercruiser option, which also has a stated hp of 315 but Yanmar makes an inline 6 cylinder turbo diesel as well which @ Last has.