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  1. RImike

    Sailtimer Wind Instrument

    I've thought of that before as well however the drag, especially at low wind speeds might not produce accurate readings. Then again, if it had a battery in it and it was an alternator instead of a generator at less than 10 knots of breeze it wouldn't be producing power and thus no drag however as the wind pipes up it could energize the field coils and then produce a power output to charge itself.
  2. RImike

    Sextant case?

    I use a pelican case for mine. I even went one step farther and used 2 part expanding foam in both halves to "cradle" it nicely so it doesn't get jostled or damaged. i would provide the picture of it however it's currently on loan to my cousin in CA.
  3. RImike

    Cable less Code Zero development

    @dcbsheb then it's a bottom up furler, not a top down...
  4. RImike


    I used to go to arena football when Hartford had a league and I lived in CT, It was certainly entertaining though I don't think than anything less than a major city could support it.
  5. RImike

    Hydraulic Backstay Adjuster Rebuild - Long Beach

    Besides SD Boatworks, there is also Rigworks and Pacific Offshore Rigging.
  6. RImike

    Cable less Code Zero development

    I'm sorry I didn't articulate my question correctly. In the absence of a torsion cable as a means transferring the torque form the furler to the head of the sail first (assuming the tack is attached to the free tack swivel). How does the head of the sail furl first?
  7. RImike

    new snap shackle idea

    I'm really surprised this thread has remained on the rails and someone hasn't suggested a soft shackle and cutting it off with a knife yet.
  8. RImike

    Cable less Code Zero development

    How does it furl top down if there is no torsion cable, doesn't it furl bottom up?
  9. RImike

    bluewater multihulls

    She's in the Newport area. Everything is for sale for the right price and I think it was on Yacht World a few years back for around $400K. While it doesn't fold for trailering the amas do unbolt from the main hull so it could be transported via semi- to FL or something.
  10. I agree, little to no portable speaker market in the "leisure" boat market but I could see a demand for a hard wired version. Consider for a moment a pontoon boat raft up party or a music festival where everyone has this technology, as each boat has a radio in it for pumping the jams over the 4000 watt sound system.
  11. RImike

    bluewater multihulls

    Check out David Walworth's tri: http://walworthdesigns.com/projects/three-little-birds/ I've sailed on it and while it was blowing dogs off chains with 2 reefs and a mixed sea state and the thing didn't even skip a beat and kept going. At 36' it's small overall length is overcome by the amount of volume in the amas so it has lots of flotation volume forward to mitigate pitch poling.
  12. My thoughts as well and tape a knife to the outside so you aren't searching for one when you need to cut the bag to deploy it.
  13. RImike

    Superyacht A mast issues....

    That has to be one heck of a noise reverberating though the hull.
  14. RImike

    tying light air dyneema sheets to a clew...

    Why not just a soft shackle made out of 2mm dyeema?
  15. I see this being similar to the NMEA0183 but wireless where there is one talker and multiple listeners. That being said I don't know how well it work with say 5 basic sensors (speedo, depth, wind speed and angle, compass and gps) and 5 displays which would result in everything communicating with everything which sounds good on theory however that would be 100 lines of communication between all the devices and as a result not sure of how well it would be implemented/executed however it's an interesting idea.