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  1. Are you referring to the leeward side? If so then nothing, the windward side is still supporting the mast.
  2. McMaster Carr: https://www.mcmaster.com/#tapping-screws/=19je52y
  3. I would say the crowd on Thursday was about 70% Power, 20% sail and 10% was there for other reasons. On Friday the numbers almost swapped, and on Saturday it was an almost even split. On Sunday it was slow, partly because the Pats were on at 1, I wish I brought an antenna again. I forget every year for my neighbors booth that has more TV's than Walmart.
  4. It's an Antal manual line driver, that's why you can't find it in the Harken site: http://antal.it/ENG/240-010_en
  5. That sure does look like an Antal system: http://www.antal.it/eng/623-422_en
  6. I'm doing it on a tri, should be a blast bringing the boat down tomorrow morning.
  7. You mean the trip line? Any tiny line will work, just get a roll of spyder line and call it a day: http://www.neropes.com/new-england-ropes/dinghy-one-design-racing/spyderline.html#
  8. Have you tried Nikwax yet? http://www.nikwax-usa.com/en-us/products/productdetail.php?productid=679&itemid=-1&fabricid=-1
  9. Birds can't land in a space smaller than their wingspan. You could try putting some string form the mast back or get a gull sweeper or other similar item.
  10. No, nothing that maintains the same strength of the line. I have heard of people splicing it as they would mega plait however that has to be one ugly splice.
  11. Do you have a water separator? My guess is ethanol in the fuel caused the gunk to form and it's been floating around in there just waiting to block up the jet.
  12. How about spraying it with penetrating oil? That stuff destroys foam and transmission seals.
  13. The device in the picture is for the serial connection to computer which is how routing software used to communicate with the NKE bus. You will spend hours updating as the baud rate is so slow. You will need either the Toplink USB interface or the WiFi interface with USB port to connect a computer to install it. If your in France there are quite a few NKE dealers which can either perform the upgrades or supply the hardware for you do do so. If your not in France then contact the local NKE dealer.