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  1. RImike

    Mainsheet jam cleat question.

    This: https://www.harken.com/productdetail.aspx?id=5857&taxid=390 It's a Harken 418 and you can buy it at any rigger/retailer I would imagine that wants your money.
  2. RImike

    Prindle.. What ever became of them?

    I miss my Prindle 18, that was a fun boat
  3. RImike

    code 0 furler for a jib?

    Ubi Maior also provides a smaller Jiber if you want to use STS WR2 or wire stay (up to 8mm) that features a hoist-able swivel.
  4. RImike

    code 0 furler for a jib?

    Or this (what the headsail furler on the J/121 is): https://www.seahorsemagazine.com/103-content/december-2016/432-relentless-innovation It's also available in single and continuous line drums.
  5. RImike

    Who’s responsible for class rules?

    As a former measure for a class, I often times would have to interpret poorly written rules such as what the OP has stated. Situations like the above resulted in how the Sunfish Class started using the halyard for the cunning ham by routing it around the goose neck. The worst is when the class doesn't have much consistency from one boat to an other and the class rules are very specific in location(s) of items and when something is supposed to be there however the deck wasn't laid on squarely and the location is now hovering in the air....
  6. NEB if they can get up to Rhode Island would be my recommendation.
  7. Columbia is actively chartered. I'm interested to see what 12's show up next July here in Newport.
  8. RImike

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    Yes/no. The good ones use heel angle to account for TWA. AWA; no. The best ones use 3D hull sensors which not only account for heel/pitch angle but heel/pitch acceleration along the heel/pitch axis so it knows when a boat is surfing down a wave.
  9. RImike

    Vineyard Race 2018

    Have you guys met the Safety At Sea Hands On Training requirement of having 30% of the crew complete it?
  10. RImike

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    But what mode do you use when reaching?
  11. RImike

    Helm mounted GPS recommendations

    I was just about to suggest an iPad with iSailor or some other app.
  12. RImike

    Torqeedo travel 503

    You can, is the inflatable flat bottom or V bottom? From my experience with Torqueedo in general, it doesn't matter if it is a 30' sail boat or a 9 foot RIB, they both go the same speed. They make up for it in torque instead, then again I suppose that's what the name implies. I assume it would be a new one and not the older one correct? I highly recommend you get a 2nd magnet for the kill switch. I don't know how but the magnet "fell out" of the fob for my 1003L, and I couldn't figure out wtf was going on with it.
  13. RImike

    Maffioli availability

    Location of where you are or rather it's destination?
  14. RImike

    Best Dremel and Orbit Sander on a Buget

    Do you want them to work for 1 job and throw them away after or do you want them to last? If low cost and with a disposable mind set then use that 20% coupon in the back of SAIL and stop by your local Harbor Freight store.
  15. RImike

    stream stay roller furling