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  1. Old Cup Posters and Artwork

    Where did you find that? My inlaws attic? My Father-In law still has stuff from the 70's when he won it on Intrepid.
  2. Racer sponsorship

    There was a 12 meter sailing around a few years back that needed a new main, they pick up a "sponsor". However this boat never raced and was strictly for booze cruising NYC
  3. You answered your own question in the first post, boats on hydrofoils don't use thru-hulls. But they do use mast head units for wind speed/direction. Oracle had their unit on the mast, New Zealand had theirs on the bow sprit/mast. Electronics are good for data logging, especially during distance racing and you will be able to determiner who was fast and who was slow on the helm, which helps the skipper make appropriate changes to be faster. You also still have to remember that VMG uses wind without it is really CMG though I believe Raymarine interchanges the two terms quite often but is that for another thread, you are focusing on the thru-hulls. I know some autopilot brands will automatically switch over to SOG if SOW is lost. This generally happens is really rough sea state or high speeds, that is why you will see boats with twin thru-hulls, one port the other starboard about 2/3's of the way aft from the bow and out, think in front of the rudders on the Class 40's. But alas, to answer your question on the foiling boats, specifically a maxi trimaran for reference on foils. Two GPS antennas are used, each positioned on the sterns of the armas (one on port the other on starboard). They then feed into a 3D hull sensor which calculates boat's position from GPS, and then reference each other to achieve heading. The 3D hull sensor not only measures roll, pitch and heal but also acceleration along the X,Y and Z axis. All this data of boat speed and heading drives a brain which also controls the attitude and altitude of a the foil system to properly "fly" the boat. Consider however that wires will still need to be run as well as sensors mounted on the deck. This is also how the ETNZ boat was setup which told the person flying the boat where it was and where it should be.
  4. Radar reflector

    Here's the actual diagram from Mobri:
  5. Are you serious or trying to troll with those statements Carcrash? Thru-hulls play a huge role, especially with someone that understands what the data means. For example, water temp when doing the Newport to Bermuda race will inform when your in the gulf stream. Differences of SOG vs SOW will tell you if your going with or against current. This is helpful when bouy racing and how you should be positioned with the current. About SOG and using only it, most stand alone chart plotters calculate CMG, and people consider it VMG and stand by the numbers like the 10 commandments. The flaw is that logic is the inability to account for water speed or direction under the hull. For boats on foils, this doesn't really matter however a displacement monohull bucking the tide sure does. The only time thru-hulls don't work is when they are out of the water, which happens quite often as they are not installed in the proper location and the boat is launching off waves. Move it aft or run dual speedos and the problem is corrected. Also windspeed does matter, especially with high end auto pilots which have gust mode which pinch up as the velocity increases and foot as it decreases.
  6. choice of autopilot drive

    The power consumption for hydraulic drive units is two fold, the first is the clutch, the second is the reactivity of the rudder. L&S have what they call an "ecopilot" and claim to reduce daily consumption of 30Ah down to 5Ah. The second aspect is the motor, which when going hard over can draw quite a bit however on properly trimmed boat, average consumption is about 1 to 5 amps. Talk to Railmeat, though he is offshore right now heading from Key West to Charleston. He has a type 40 on his Class 40 and he will tell you the exact power consumption of it.
  7. Best stanchion fairleads for continuous furler?

    A properly spliced end for end line is the best. Done properly and with the right material you won't even know where the end is. Personally I like use Marlow MGP Furler 50 as it's purpose built just for this application. As for attaching, why do you want to go to the stanchion? less holes through the deck?
  8. Alpha Spectra Autopilot AP steering

    I'll second what Moonduster said, I know of people whom have abandoned the system and left just the drive unit and run other brands pilot computers/electronics.
  9. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    I'm up there with you....
  10. Cockpit refuses to drain....

    That happened to me, however mine got lodged in a way in which it became a check valve and would "open" to let water into the cockpit and then "close" preventing water from draining. My experience sounds similar to the OP.
  11. Toughpad FZ-G1

    Have you asked the software company yet? I know with Expedition if works and if you ask Nick a question you will get a prompt response. He offers the best tech support bar none and 100% stands behind his product.
  12. Adj backstay and twist

    Your referring to twist of the line, not the sail shape from increasing/decreasing backstay pressure correct? Also a 12:1 is a ton of force. I would even go so far as to say you never need that much, even 8:1 would be more than sufficient. Also why not just make a cascade out of low friction rings and save yourself tons of money and weight.
  13. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    Yes, the Antal HK Hook:
  14. first surrogate

    I wonder if there will be any trimarans on foils for testing purposes, which essential what this boat is but without the armas.
  15. Is this bad?