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  1. RImike

    Moving Jib Tracks

    Check out page 47, section 7.2.1: https://www.westsystem.com/wp-content/uploads/Fiberglass-Manual-2015.pdf
  2. RImike

    Work at home - Wank at home - Try and keep it straight

    Zoom meeting has become the source of hilarity
  3. RImike

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    They aren't on the Americas Cup official website, does that mean they are now officially "gone"?
  4. You can, they just have to be far apart. I've setup Class 40's with (2) mounted 2/3rds aft and in line with the rudders (they are about 2.5 meters apart from each other). There is processor though that selects the sensor based on the wind angle and I think both are on at the same time and only the data source is selected. I can tell you that the windward sided sensor does not like to be out of the water and have poor/no laminar flow across it.
  5. RImike


    I envy this operation:
  6. RImike

    Log book pen anarchy

    It's more or less the idea of keeping it simple
  7. RImike

    Log book pen anarchy

    There is an old saying that NASA spent millions of dollars developing a pen that writes in space. The cosmonauts solved the problem with a 5 cent pencil.. Fact or fiction, often times it'd the simplest of solutions for the hardest problems. Why don't you take notes in a WetNotes notebook and when your in a dry environment transfer everything over to the log book?
  8. RImike

    Makes my marina look tame.

    Worst is the turbo. The amount of air it's sucking in is unbelievable. My friend had a turbo'ed mustang and when we drag raced it we would remove the passenger side headlight and ran no filter. I've seen first hand birds get sucked into it. The crazy thing is that it didn't even skip a beat, that bird was pureed as soon as it hit the impeller fins.
  9. RImike

    Makes my marina look tame.

    All those videos need is an Ozzyman style voice over to be complete
  10. RImike

    Makes my marina look tame.

    I went down that rabbit hole as well. Some if not all of those boats are a moments notice away from sinking. They all have water over the deck and have pumps running to remove water as fast as it comes in. Anyone know what the guy with the flags "directing traffic" is saying?
  11. RImike

    Caption Contest

    "If it fits it ships"
  12. RImike

    Mindless movies

    IMO, most current comedy's are "mindless". Even the new Bill and Ted movie should have transitioned the gap and I'm not sure if back then I had a different pallet for comedy or what but it never really captured me. Then again the classic comedy's were witty and cleaver. You had to pay attention to get the jokes. I can watch Ground Hog day over and over again and each time pickup something new. The current films, especially a Happy Madison production is just dumb. You can watch that and not get involved with it whatsoever. I'm not making the point those are good movies but rather the opposite. They are complete rubbish and the type cast actors are just going through the motions. What do they care, Netflix is going to pick up the next rubbish production anyways.....
  13. RImike

    Headfoil vs Hanks, thoughts?

    Apples to apples, the biggest draw back to hanks is when doing a sail change. You have to drop one sail before you can hoist another, and offshore boats this isn't usually a problem however with W/L racing programs it could be. With Tuff Luff you can hoist one sail on the spare luff groove on the foil so foils have the advantage of doing peels. With hanks you have to drop the sail and hank on a new one and then raise it. One of my friends tells a greatly animated story of using a special hank loader back in the day of the Americas Cup with 12 meters and the hank would be in a special loader which got slammed onto the fore stay and the reverberation would travel all around the ship. He was so happy when they switched over to foils.
  14. RImike

    Electric Fan Drive?

    I saw this at first and thought someone took a Dyson fan, turned it upside down and stuck it in the water. This is very similar to a ducted fan design which inherently is inefficient by about 50% compared to a prop designed system I suppose that if it's double the RPM's then it' levels out however the current will also be double. Compared to the bulb of Torqueedo motor house to that of the "duct" housing I wonder which has more drag.
  15. RImike

    Android Tablet Racing Software

    What do you want out of it? Weather, routing, performance data (such as polars) or just a repeater display? It sounds like you might have maxed out the platform of what apps can offer and that you might want to consider Expedition on a Windows based tablet.