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  1. RImike

    shop vacuum anarchy

    Yea, the Dust Topper is $53..... I made my own for about $5 using the double bucket method:
  2. RImike

    shop vacuum anarchy

    Biggest question is what is your price point and how do you plan on using it? If your looking to spend $150 and plan on dragging it down stairs go get a Rigid at Home Depot. For general carpentry, this with a HEPA filter and a pre filter from a Dust Deputy (or similar pre filter) will last you for a long time. If you plan on doing bottoms and have a Fein/Festool already then get the vac for your tool. FYI, I've used my Rigid 6.5 HP vac HEPA filter with a Dust Deputy connected to a 6" Rigid sander to do a few bottoms. Yes it's heavier but it was also inexpensive and took less time. I was amazed at how much debris was in the bottom of the 5 gallon pail and how little was on the filter/in the vac.
  3. RImike

    what is it?

    People saying there is no where to sleep obviously never slept on beanbags nestled in between exposed stringers on a Class 40..
  4. RImike

    what is it?

    Figaro 4?
  5. RImike

    Sailing Instuments - What to display where?

    Treat that puck with love as it's no longer available. It's been replaced with the PAD controller which is way more user intuitive and allows you to set page shortcuts for displays. The downside is it's much bigger and would need to be mounted on the surface. Also something should be said since there is lots of NKE users here, Apparent wind speed and direction is what the MHU is reading for data, it's not based on a calculation like B&G. Then based on the other sensor data of boat speed and heading it calculated true wind angle, direction and speed. Lastly regarding computer bases programs, I personally like Expedition the best. Nick's service is hands down the best. He has helped me out many times and once there wasn't an immediate solution he was able to create one and offer an update for Expedition in short time. Just remember to check the boxes in which channels are being exported out of Expedition back to the sailing instruments.
  6. RImike

    Furling heavy weather jib on a lock

    What size boat? Generally this setup would be for a 40' boat or so as the head stay would be either -17 or -22 rod which equated to a 5T furler storm jib set aft of the head stay in more if a IFS position. A 2:1 halyard would result in more stay sag then you think, it would most certainly need to stay on the winch while sailing to maintain stay deflection. Most if not all boats go the lock route.
  7. RImike

    Furling heavy weather jib on a lock

    I'm not sure what type of solution you are trying to come up with, are you looking for an alternative to a Karver halyard lock or is there some wrong with it? You will need the purchase under the furler of a 3:1 as the "system" all has to carry the working load, whatever that is and that means that generally the holding ability of the tack line is the weak point. By using a purchases the clutch/jammer holding power is doubled/tripled. Usually for a stay sail, a 3:1 is needed as that will generally get you up to the holding power of the system. It's not so much about using the winch or tension, but rather the winch to hold the tension, especially when it's nuking out and your taking water over the bow and boom, everything loads up. On bigger boats, hydraulic rams are used to tension and hold the stay load but on smaller boats that needs to be done with mechanic purchase of the tack line.
  8. RImike

    Self tacking jib track

    One thing to consider with a jib track is the sheeting angle. Where as a main the angle is pretty much vertical or 90 degrees from the deck plane however a job track the sheeting angle is around 45 degrees or even less. As a result the cars are loaded up differently, with cars that have ball bearings on the top rows fairing better than the bottom. I've seen first hand the leading edge of track which didn't have a top row of ball bearings cars ground to a razor edge that ultimately destroyed the cars. The best solution I've seen was a track which the face of it was directly in line with the sheeting angle. The track was bent both on the horizonal and vertical plane and functioned like butter.
  9. RImike

    Container suggestions?

    Steel Giraffe's containers sound like what you need https://www.steelgiraffecontainers.com/marine-yachting
  10. Just curious, but are you in Terryville CT? There is a loose Beefalo that has been on the loose there living in the woods since at least September. For enquiring minds, here is the link to an article on how it got loose: https://www.fox61.com/article/life/animals/buddy-the-terryville-beefalo-still-at-large/520-a2f9a5e6-c7cd-40d9-a9bc-b342f27509d3
  11. RImike

    Hughes trimaran project for sale

    If I had the space, I would snap this up as I'm probably 20 minutes away from it.
  12. RImike

    Hide your hardware

    I've never heard of someone getting graphic displays stolen off a sailboat. Bracket mounted chart plotter of a boat yes, but never flush/surface mounted. It's hard enough trying to remove the displays when you intent to, a would be thief would have to risk damaging the housing. I suppose a deterrent would be to make the covers look like crap, I've know first hand someone whom did that with a brand new 30 hp outboard on his dinghy. He went and got a spare housing cover and went to town on it with a hammer, some paint, a blow torch and made it look very undesirable. Needless to say the person next to him had his motor stolen but not my friend.
  13. RImike

    Bottom Paint Repair

    I'm not sure what the protocol is where you are, but most area's no longer allow for removal of material without some from of vacuum attachment. If you do go the sanding method, they sell special dust shroud which clamps onto 7" grinders so you can use 40 grit paper. It's a heavy yet somewhat fast process. I have one on a 7" grinder and have done many bottoms with it, then I discovered the gel plane which was 75% faster. Key word is was as I sold it many years ago for almost as much as I bought it for. Here is a good video about it:
  14. RImike

    Trying to find a bilge water source...

    I've used chalk in the past to search for water leaks. Starting at the bilge, I would make horizontal lines leading away from (looked like a topo map) for a few feet. This lead me to finding a leaking port side chain plate by seeing the water "tracks" if chalk. Everyone I was working with thought it was silly, it wasn't so silly when it worked and finding it took about a day as it was a slow leak.
  15. RImike

    Bottom Paint Repair

    Two words: "gel plane" (or is it one as in "gelplane") either way this will be your friend to strip the bottom. Sans blasting with abrasive, It's the most effective for removing multiple layers of bottom gelcoat, bottom paint, barrier coat, bottom paint. I've used a grinder and that is a mess, it works ok if the layers are thing but to remove anything more than a few mm thick this is the way.