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    Larry's AC50 Circus

    is there a sailGP .apk available?
  2. RImike

    Dripless seals

    I have nothing but good things to say for the PYI system, installed quite a few of them and never had any problems, well except for one customer who never trusted it and would constantly "burp" the bellow as he didn't believe the engine was pushing enough water to it. Turns out that if you keep jacking the bellows and you don't make sure it mates squarely with the stainless steel ring, it leaks. Who would thought (well except everyone).
  3. RImike

    Tips for taping waterline?

    Another method is using a water level if you can't laser it. It involves clear tubing (1/2" works the best) and alot of it. I've used this method in the past where I didn't have room for a laser setup and this was the method before lasers were affordable. To give you a visual, here is a video link:
  4. RImike

    Tips for taping waterline?

    Go to a sawmill and get couple bags of sawdust. Then fully rig/load your boat and on a calm day dump the sawdust into the travel lift pit, drop the boat down and let it float, pull it out and whoa-la, that is your waterline.
  5. RImike

    Electricity and Corrosion

    DC or AC System? You want to make sure the boat is bonded, but you also want to make sure that the bonding isn't the primary path for electricity as it will turn into a battery and facilitate the electrolysis you have.
  6. RImike

    Dyneema Tipped Halyard Splice

    But not super easy to get down when someone forgets to tie a tag line on it first before its pulled....
  7. RImike

    Dyneema Tipped Halyard Splice

    Say you want to have a tipped cover for a meter or something. First you would lay out the line as you would a class 2 splice however don't expose the core at whatever mark you use at the base of the eye, but rather where the crossover of the tipped cover ends a meter from the eye. Also remember to put a knot in the line or else your milking the entire length of the line the cover slack off.
  8. RImike

    What determines spreader width?

    Then that's basic geometry, considering that the spreaders are 90 degrees to the mast and that that the rule of thumb is that the shrouds should be around 15-20 degree angle (more or less), then you have the dimension along the mast from the points where they go from the shroud tang to the spreader base.
  9. RImike

    What determines spreader width?

    Are you asking for the width in regards to their cross section or width in regards to how far the tips are away from the mast?
  10. RImike

    North Helix Sails vs regular Code zero

    Sail makers don't really concern themselves with TWA, but rather AWA as that is actually what's going on with their sail.
  11. RImike

    Software offshore regatta

    Your least expensive option would be to purchase a NMEA0183 data logger. From there you could create a "paper" polar table but I don't think it will be of use implemented into your current system.
  12. RImike

    Software offshore regatta

    Are you looking for a data logging software or routing software? Also Deckman isn't free either.
  13. RImike

    Dyneema Tipped Halyard Splice

    You want to "sister" the dyneema cover to the lines cover which is then whipped.
  14. RImike

    Who makes custom soft fresh water tanks?

    Why not use 1L IV bags and when needed hang them up and let gravity do the work for you? This completely eliminates the need for a pump. I used one on my drag snowmobile for race fuel and it had enough "pressure" to not have to run a fuel pump and keep the carb bowls full.
  15. RImike

    Stainless Wire Railings

    Where does IBC stand on this? Other than spacing 3 inches apart (so a 4" sphere can't pass through) is there any local codes that would prohibit it?
  16. RImike

    Sources for Rope by the spool...

    Call the West Marines that have rigging shops and ask if they have a spool of 3/8" Warp Speed. I know most of them are blowing it out dirt cheap such as the Newport one. I also know 3/8" Warp Speed has been discounted all over the place so you might just want to call around the retailers and riggers and ask.
  17. RImike

    New Stuffing box

    If there isn't much space there now, how do you go about re-packing the nut in the future? I've had good luck with the PYI shaft seal: https://www.shaftseal.com/pss-type-a-seal.html and at an uncompressed length of around 7" I don't see how this wouldn't fit considering 1" or more is over the glass tube.
  18. RImike

    Best furler for code and gennaker

    I would talk to your sail maker on what is required, generally it's advised to remove the pressed in rings and go straight webbing which could be lashed. Also the luff length of the sail vs cable length should be considered, especially your spinnaker. The best cable (that money can buy) would be an Armare torsion cable. That is fixed both ends and can't be adjusted unlike clamped cables which is probably what you should consider. The new Gen2 Marlow Pro Drive is nice however it's cost comes close to that of an engineered stay. An alternative would be the Hapidjan cable which could be clamped or sewn as well and is high quality and is what most brands use. Yes, the FR125m is the correct size and model as your sails will most likely furl from the top down but again that would be a sail maker question.
  19. RImike

    Best furler for code and gennaker

    You would most likely require the FR125. the RW suffix stands for Rewind which incorporates a manually engage-able ratchet to prevent accidental unfurls. Are your sails designed to be a top down or bottom up furl? If it's a top down the "m" would be following the FR125. What's your sail area?
  20. RImike

    Alternative to facnor flatdeck furler?

    The Ubi Maior jiber is best suited for head sails with little to no overlap. Think Class 40 style but with the option to drop the headsail on deck as opposed to going aloft to unlash it. As for the J/112e comment, the reason it was hard to furl/unfurl is that the backstay needs to be eased just as with any furler style which others whom have furlers of this style understand. The comment about the set screw was a result of the furler being rotated to ensure proper line leads aft. The set screws weren't tightened correctly and as a result caused the ratchet not to work. There holes on the shaft in which they index to and some how they missed the 3mm hole...
  21. RImike


    Red Beard Sailing out MD is the US importer for this. I saw it last year at the Annapolis show, there was lots of interest in it.
  22. RImike

    Calling out all the MacGuyvers out there

    That wasn't really MacGuyver'ing it. Had you been at sea and used your shoe lace to lash the block in place, and then it stayed that way for another 30 years because it never failed then that would be a different story all together.
  23. RImike

    Twisted cover

    Was it a line in which the core was inserted into the cover after it was braided or was the cover braided over the core?
  24. RImike

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    The MHU height is a know constant value to the processor, but while it's the MHU velocity, it's an input compared against the pitch angle for a corrected TWS which is what you said you don't believe anyone is doing, NKE is.