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  1. plenamar

    Heavy Weather Sailing

    Urgently needs a storm staysail on this boat and on his too
  2. plenamar

    IOR is dead for a reason

    Runner ready to snag boom if gybes acccidentially...
  3. plenamar

    He will be missed

    Life well lived ! Sail on Sandy !
  4. plenamar

    German Frers Webinar now

    German Frers webinar now
  5. plenamar

    Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego

    Oops forgot link:
  6. Zoom presentation on sailing Patagonian and Tierra del Fuego waters (2019 and 2020). In Spanish. Friday May 8 17:00 EST. Link for registration (after registration they send Zoom link)
  7. plenamar

    Show your boat not sailing

    Me parecía. Estuve en RGYC en 1970 (!!). De allí a Rio. Luego en 1973, pero Nordeste no permitió subir a Floria. Ibamos a ir este año pero nos dijeron q hay fiebre amarilla. Nos fuimos a Tierra del Fuego.
  8. plenamar

    Show your boat not sailing

    Lagoa dis Patos?
  9. plenamar

    Heavy Weather Sailing

    Nice, but IMO urgently needs staysail
  10. plenamar

    Garcia Exploration 45

    Cannot open the file -- would like to see boat!
  11. plenamar

    Glut Of Used Boats (30') For Sale half-baked plan is to form a "sindicate" with 2-3 friends I raise U$$ 25-30K, buy a reasonably good 32-34 ft boat and take a sabatical in the US. Only problem I still work, and my free time is January-February (summer here, winter in the US). Can foreigners buy/insure boats in the US? Also have to check how long a tourist visa is valid.
  12. plenamar

    Garcia Exploration 45

    I an intrigued by the Garcia Exploration 45 yacht These are pure centerboarders (no lifting or shallow keel). How ia adequate AVS achieved? Are these yachts adequate for windward sailing?
  13. plenamar

    Waquiez Gladiator

    Substantial project ahead.....but good boat!
  14. plenamar

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Yep, left BA Jan 3 arrived Ushuaia Jan 31. Several stops. Chilly, not cold. Fall-type weather in DC or NY. Wonderfull trip. Photo: crossing Magellan Strait (spelling?)