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  1. plenamar

    Roller furling fowl-up in Patagonia

    Yes, I'm here. Thanks for your replies. I conclude: (1) Yes, the sail was an original (oldish) G cut to yankee shape (2) Top of sail possibly too narrow (3) Roller-furling with wind free tends to make top of sail lag to leeward and not roll correctly. Possibly have to sail to 100-120 apparent (4) I don't have the roller furling/foil model here, but it seems of top-notch construction and maintainance. Possibly French and somewhat oversized for our 36 ft boat.
  2. plenamar

    Future cruising planning

    Evans: I have enjoyed reading about your cruising with Beth. Many priceless "nuggets". Regards
  3. plenamar

    Roller furling fowl-up in Patagonia

    Good point, but no halyaed was not wrapped around swivel)
  4. Recently sailed from Puerto Deseado to Camarones (Argentine Patagonia). Got caught in a squall of Cabo Blanco (25-28 kts). Sailing with wind aprox 120 degreees off bow. Tried to furl Yankee (old, recut sail originally Genoa 2). Homongous foul-up: bottom 11/2 - 2/3 of sail furled OK, top 1/3 - 1/2 did not. Impossible to unfurl, furl or get sail down. Top 1/3 -1/2 shredded to pieces (fortunately, so sail wouldn't catch wind). We we able to get sail down when wind died crossing Golfo de San Jorge. What did we do wrong? Atttempt to furl with wind aft of beam? Suggestions? Thanks ! PD: Yankee seems to have a very narrow 1/4 top of sail, could this be the cause?
  5. plenamar


    My "nearly new" Hummingbird depth finder works of-and-on. Better on one tack than the other. Installed near centerline, aprox 1/3 from bow. Some 20 " from leading edge of keel. Is this depthfinder a POS or should I look into instalation? Any recommendation on a reasonably priced "better" depthfinder ? My boat is a modest half tonner.
  6. plenamar

    Coolboats to admire

    Love at first sight dor me. Glad I am '000 miles away, o.w. would be very tempted to try to get hold of it.
  7. plenamar

    Jib (on furler) area rule-of-thumb

    Thanks, good advice
  8. Appreciate opinions (I do not have access to sail plan or NA) 125 % Genoa on 36 ft steel cruising boat has aprox 37 mt^2 sail area. Ketch with cutter stay. We are planning on buying a jib to put on Genoa stay (back-up sail to be used mostly in Patagonia) What size (expressed as a % or current 125 % genoa) would be "reasonable" for a jib? It is set on a furler. The current Genoa is practically new, jib would be used offshore. Thanks
  9. plenamar

    Clipped Swan

    Vicky Agote skipper?
  10. plenamar

    do big race boats depreciate?

    You forget something: he got his money's worth because for family members, colleagues and friends (and self) he is a "yachtman"
  11. plenamar

    the greatest

    Great post! A delight to read. Have sailed the Trotter Pandora and Bries VdeS yachts.
  12. plenamar

    What custom cruiser...if money were no object?

    Nice! Give some details!
  13. plenamar

    What custom cruiser...if money were no object?

    For me, even if "money were no object" I would still choose a relatively small boat. Coastal/some Ocean: probably 35-38 ft Ocean: No much more than 40 ft. Has to be singlehanded or double-handed by 70 year-olds in good physical shape. Shoal draft a plus. A wood-epoxy would be a joy. High-quality, HR-type. Or the Garcia Exploration shoal draft boats (nice!!) Super mega yachts seem to me ridiculous. Even if I were super rich I would never choose one. More fun in smaller boats. I would also have as a 2nd boat a Welsford dinghy for daysailing and exploring. The good thing about sailing is that the guy with the 20 ft POS is probably as (or quite as) happy & proud as the owner of 80 footer mega yacht.
  14. plenamar

    Eight Bells Brion Toss

    Met him last year in Wooden Boat Festival. A highlight of my trip, coming from faraway Argentina. Have his book.