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  1. plenamar

    confidence, experience and risk

    Excellent thread. Currently reading this book on risk appraisal. Some lessons apply to sports:
  2. plenamar

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Caleta Hornos, Argentine Patagonia. Van de Stadt 36 ketch.
  3. plenamar

    Dripless seals

    Are "dripless seals" any good? I read that the can fail catastrophicall & result innboat full of water/sinking. Any opinion?
  4. Peninsula Valdés, Argentine Patagonia. Hard time going to windward in 25-30 kt.
  5. plenamar

    Ultimate cruising boat?

    Bush Sailor: you boat does not seem my first choice, but your replies/logic are sound. Go for it!
  6. plenamar

    Selling a boat - reverse auction?

    Your analysis is spot-on. Thats why I thought you were a (micro) economist. I particularly liked the last sentence (price-fixing vs buyer-finding). PD: I have taught microeconomics for 25+ years.
  7. plenamar

    Selling a boat - reverse auction?

    Mmmmm...microeconomist suspected...
  8. plenamar

    Keel joint hairline cracks

    The beauty of technical language!
  9. plenamar

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Nice....but these moments are scary to me....broach a -waiting in humongous boat....yes, i 'm a wimp!
  10. The Inreach devise can receive weather forecasts. This is very usefull for those lacking access to more sophisticated (expensive) alternatives. Any opinion on the accuracy of the forectasts that result from the Inreach ? What climate model does Inreach use? thanks, M
  11. Cartoons by Hernan Alvarez Forn ( "Hormiga Negra"). Argentine sailor, writer, artist and architect. Here the old JOGA class
  12. plenamar

    Visiting Seattle

    Will be visiting Seattle Sept 1-13. Would be happy to crew for a couple of days. Currently own half-tonner in Buenos Aires, Argentina.. Regards, Can send CV + personal info MG
  13. Dear Mr. Bottles:


    I have followed the Francis Lee thread closelly.

    Will be travelling to Seattle to visit my son (UW) beggining September. ¿Would it be possible to take a look at your boat? I have long been an admirer of the designer -- in fact I wrote an article (published in Argentina) on his work  a couple of years ago.

    I expect to attend the forthcoming Wooden Boat Festival.


    Marcos Gallacher

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    1. kimbottles



      FRANCIS LEE will be exhibited at the September Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend.

      Please introduce yourself when you find her, don't know what dock yet, but in the past we have been on the center dock.

      Come by on Friday or Saturday and I will introduce you to Bob Perry who will likely be aboard.



      206-510-1232 mobile phone

    2. plenamar