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  1. plenamar

    Altri tempi

    Bought this book (zero expectations) a couple of months ago in (amazing) Sea Ocean Books store in Seattle. In the "On Sale" bin ($1.99?). Excellent account of sailing in times past. An elite sport maybe. But Pinchot was an excellent sailor and true gentleman. His (and his wife's) love for Loki, their S&S yawl shines through. Different times...
  2. plenamar

    The Two Best Days...

    Excellent thoughts!
  3. plenamar

    Hourmeter yanmar 2ym30

    4 year old yanmar. < 350 hrs works fine but: hourmeter conks out, in pa rticular cool/humid days But keeps counting emgine time what to do?
  4. plenamar

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Funny thing.....sometimes my modest boat seems (to me) the "best of the best". Obviously I am wrong. But I wonder if those sailing boats 10x the cost have 10x the fun. Winter here. Still pleasant, though.
  5. plenamar

    Hit by Lighting While Aboard

    You won't believe this story. Several years ago I took my son to his saturday Optimist race. Yacht Club Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina. When arriving, they told me activity had been canceled due to electrical storm.Apparently, a kid out practice sailing with his instructor had been struck by lightning. I went to see the Optimist in the boat ramp, imagining the kid must have died. The boat had a large star-shaped crack under the mast step. The kid had earlier been taken to the hospital. He survived, apparently only with a big scare. Incredible.
  6. Risk is not the same as uncertainty. Decision making under risk assumes probability distributions of random variables are available. This includes subjective probabilities of future events. Under uncertainty, no probability distributions can be assumed to available to de decision maker. Total confusion reigns. Lot of references on this topic. Starting from Frank Knight's work in the early 1920's. Seems to me "risk" can be estimated by variability (forecast vs actual) of forecasts received by boats
  7. plenamar

    Round the world non stop on a Contessa 32...

    Awesome voyage!
  8. plenamar

    Baba 40 (upwind performance)

    It' s not only a question of VMG to windward but of seakindliness too. Light boat will pound hard. I Expect the Baba to be much more "liveable". Plus ease of mind knowing boat is strong and will not fall apart after falling of a wave.
  9. plenamar

    SAR South Atlantic

    Anybody know more about this? Does this charter yacht have a WebPage?
  10. plenamar

    Frers 41, Carroll Marine

    To CM boat owners for a start. To prospective purchasers. Many opinions floating around that upon scrutiny prove groundless.
  11. plenamar

    Frers 41, Carroll Marine

    Seems unfair to me to make such blanket statement w/o supporting evidence.
  12. plenamar

    Canned Meat Anarchy

    Dulce ce leche Chimbote is better than home made version.
  13. plenamar

    confidence, experience and risk

    Excellent thread. Currently reading this book on risk appraisal. Some lessons apply to sports:;qid=1550072838&amp;s=gateway&amp;sr=8-1
  14. plenamar

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Caleta Hornos, Argentine Patagonia. Van de Stadt 36 ketch.