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  1. Le Crabe

    you're not helping!

    You will talk thou scurvy knave!
  2. Le Crabe

    Robin Davie Reported Overdue

    Nothing wrong with that with the current forecasts.
  3. That WOXI is on a sticky wicket is due to the fact that they are alleged tout have not transmitted for the entire race. That makes it difficult to claim low range, power outage etc
  4. Le Crabe

    caption contest

    "Will it stop if I press this?"
  5. Le Crabe

    FP Lawyer up bro

    The overriding characteristic of bullshit PC incidents is that the person allegedly offended never has a say in the matter.
  6. He really should have stood off shore until things were sorted. Nothing was ready for entering port; this is basic seamanship being ignored. Unbelievable that all got through unscathed.