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  1. Ukuri

    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum

  2. Ukuri

    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum

    Seeing as you're in Oz try Bolt Off. All it does is exactly as it's name implies. If you're in Bris you can get it from Mercury Mufflers.
  3. Ukuri

    Broken AGM Battery Terminal

    You're not the first person with this problem. Have a squizzy through here You might find something to help. As always. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND!
  4. Ukuri


    "Never trust a man with a tidy shed!" John Stuart Mill. 1806-1873
  5. Ukuri

    Solar Output Lower Than Expected Buy yourself some of these. You can get them on Fleabay or from Ali for about $10
  6. Ukuri

    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum

    You could try a strong Citric Acid solution, it reputedly dissolves Aluminium oxide. You can get Citric Powder where you buy food colourings and spices.
  7. You can do the leg work
  8. This is the nub of it. There is not one story but multiple stories (excuses) which only surface when an uncomfortable question arises.
  9. Here you are, apology accepted in advance. As I chose not to do BookFace i cannot attest to the veracity of this. Possibly those that do (BookFace) can.
  10. Feel free to go and do your own research, and once you have done that your apology will be graciously accepted.
  11. WRONG! Go back and read ALL the above. They claimed that it was "fried" during an interview at Bradley's Head. If they even suspected that a piece of compulsory equipment may be faulty it was incumbent upon them to check it and repair it and if unsuccessful report it to the RC.
  12. Except by their own admission they knew about it BEFORE they started and still chose to start knowing full well that they were non-compliant.
  13. All of the above is immaterial as they were not even eligible to start due to non-compliance with the clause in the SI's that required all competitors to have a functioning AIS that both received and transmitted. End of story!~
  14. Ukuri

    Building A Bridge

    You're all overthinking it a bit. This is all ya gunna need