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  1. Ukuri

    SAILBOAT 35' 1983 CHEOY LEE (PERRY) 35

    Just a thought, but could you make a 3D digital image of the one you have and then, using electro wizardry, make a mirror image of that original 3D image. Then using the new Mirror 3D image shove all the noughts and ones into a 3D printer and produce a plastic model of the one you want. Then take your plastic model, or pattern if you like, to a foundry and get them to cast one for you. I have absolutely no idea how this would be done but surely someone here would.
  2. Ukuri

    Community Reputation

    St. Diablo.
  3. On a small masthead 4ktsb they can provide a real advantage when singlehanding, particularly in tight tacking situations. The big Genoa is much easier to crank in over a SS tube lifeline than over a 3mm wire and stanchion top. If done well with a good eye for the line they don't look too bad.
  4. Wouldn't it be a lot cheaper to.just use sodium bentonite. Active ingredient in the kitty litter without all the extras. Used extensively in Australia to seal leaking earth dams.
  5. Ukuri

    Cutting down an old sail at home

    Have a look here, might be of some use to you.
  6. Ukuri

    Purchasing parts

    Is Dani a lad?
  7. Ukuri

    Deep Scratches in Mast

    Rather than just using any old thickened epoxy have a look at DEVCON Type F Aluminium Epoxy Putty. It's dear as poison but is designed to do exactly what you want.
  8. Ukuri

    OK, I sort of get it, now

    This may be of interest to you, considering that you are currently in Sydney. Portable 240v washing machine of the "Hoover" Twin Tub design. 12.5kg in weight and advertised as doing a 2kg load.
  9. Ukuri

    Don't impede the regatta (rowers)

    Really? Well bugger me, metaphorically of course. Haven't they done well for a couple of old tightheads.
  10. Ukuri

    Don't impede the regatta (rowers)

    Much Kruger/Dunning on display here! Just sayin'.
  11. Ukuri

    Seized s/s bolts

    You're in luck Jimbo, mainly 'cause you live in Effenque. I used to buy a product called "Bolt Off" from Tofts in Bundabreg which did exactly what it's name says. Since I moved to Brissy a couple of years ago (10) I haven't been able to get it so I've had to rely on all the tricks mentioned in the previous posts. Not a single one was anywhere near as effective at freeing siezed nuts as Bolt Off. I'm not talking about the cheap American copy but the real Aussie deal. From memory it was made by a mob in Mackay and it was their only product, and as it was in every farmer's and mechanics toolbox from Maryborough to the Cape they didn't need to produce anything else. Apparently the business has changed hands recently and it is now more widely available.
  12. Ukuri

    Voltage regulator blues

    Maybe this might do If not have a look here
  13. Ukuri

    The Ashes 2017

    Your prayers may be being answered.
  14. Ukuri

    The Ashes 2017

    Lyon into the attack and with his first ball he has the Pommies "Rooted"!
  15. Ukuri

    The Ashes 2017

    I obviously spoke too soon. Two down now and starting to look like shot ducks. The only question remaining is how long can they last.