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    President Pelosi

    Nah, both wrong. If she goes for the straight smash she's gunna be deflected by the gigantic Macca Gut.
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    The watch of a yachtsman? Which one...
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    Random PicThread

    Show us your's, ya wife's or GF's tits?
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    Sorry, TIA!
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    Are Ctrl C and Ctrl V the "hands"? How do I find the Ctrl key on my phone keyboard?
  6. I just had a look at the Restore website and it seems that the two products, CEM and RESTORE, are formulated with different ends in mind. I'm a bit sceptical that you can "chemically" repair a worn engine as RESTORE seems to claim. As I understand it CEM is formulated to remove the deposits left behind when the engine is run at low loads and under optimum temp. As others have said a good, hard, full operating temperature, run should achieve the same end. It wasn't cheap and was sold as a three part treatment, one to add to the oil prior to changing. One to add to the fuel. And one to add to the new oil after an initial clean wit a double change using the first product.
  7. You may find some of the info here helpful. I have used some of their products on my old Fiat 615 tractor and had great results.
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    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser A good start would be one of these.
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    a terrible horrible day

    AND look after yourself. The hospice where your mother is will have a Social Worker and or Psychologist on staff. Seek them out and allow them to help you. The fact that you are seeking help here suggests to me that you will benefit from professional help. They will have a wealth of experience in these matters. As a family member you should be able to talk to your sister's specialist and I'm sure the Social Worker/Psych can help facilitate this. At the very worst an approach to the Social Worker/Psych can do you NO harm. Again, experience tells me that delaying getting help comes at great cost. Please, at the very least, consider it. Goes without saying that we are all thinking of you.
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    a terrible horrible day

    My deepest condolences. Experience tells me that there usually isn't any return once on the morphine drip. Experience also tells me that much more damage is done when the truth is withheld than when it is shared. My advice, for what it is worth, is that you must tell her, and if lockdown means that you can only tell her by phone then so be it. I do not envy you that task. I won't wish you luck and as an atheist I can't say I'll pray for you but you have brought me to tears. Stay strong.
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    Freeing up a stuck engine

    Firstly get some Eucalyptus Oil. I don't know if you can get it in the US but it's easy to get here (Australia) and pour a liberal amount into each cylinder. Let stand for a week or so. Next remove the injector from whichever cylinder is on the firing stroke i.e. both valves closed. Modify the injector so you can screw or weld a grease nipple into it. Pack you grease gun with a cheap marine grease and proceed to pump that cylinder with grease. Even a cheap grease gun will produce around 4000 psi so if the pressure of that won't shift the piston then nothing short of destruction will. You're welcome D.o.B 1955
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    Random PicThread

    And if you please,sir, could you find one of Helen Mirren of the same vintage and that would complete the trifecta of stunningly beautiful, outstandingly talented, gracefully aging, British actors.
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    Good 2 here!
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    R U O K? Not that I can do anything to help you from here, Brisbane, but it sometimes helps to know that someone has at least heard you.
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    Turnbuckle Cover Anarchy

    Why wouldn't you just run the sheet inside the chain plates? If the sheet then rubs on the side of the coach house put a fairlead on the vertical face of the coach house in a suitable position to stop it from rubbing on the coach house.
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    Word of the Day

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    Random PicThread

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    Corona boat prices / demand

    FFS LB don't hold back, you're amongst friends here. Tell us what you really think.
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    Trailer length

    AND the TARE weight of the trailer
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    Genoa luff rope shrank or fabric stretched

    No! Bolt ropes shrink with age. Remove bolt rope and replace. Leave some extra on the bottom so that next time it shrinks you have some to let out. Put a couple of extra SS grommets above the tack so you can adjust the length on the boat and for different wind strengths. Make sure that the bolt rope is free to slide past the grommets for the hanks.
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    Ask Bruce anything.

    Doesn't everyone here (know everything, that is)?
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    Small Engine Fix Anarchy...

    The little creatures that love to live in the discharge line also love to live in the thermostat housing and if you only ever use the outboard to get out of the marina it probably never gets hot enough to open the thermostat. When you do need to give it a good WOT run you'll find that the thermostat won't open fully and you may overheat it. Don't ask! Solution is to get 20 litres of cheap vinegar and flush the outboard with it. Costs almost nothing, in Aust $1.09 for 2 litres. The vinegar will dissolve the calcium carbonate. Run till the outboard gets up to temp and the thermostat opens then flush with clean water..
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    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum