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    Ask Bruce anything.

    Doesn't everyone here (know everything, that is)?
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    Small Engine Fix Anarchy...

    The little creatures that love to live in the discharge line also love to live in the thermostat housing and if you only ever use the outboard to get out of the marina it probably never gets hot enough to open the thermostat. When you do need to give it a good WOT run you'll find that the thermostat won't open fully and you may overheat it. Don't ask! Solution is to get 20 litres of cheap vinegar and flush the outboard with it. Costs almost nothing, in Aust $1.09 for 2 litres. The vinegar will dissolve the calcium carbonate. Run till the outboard gets up to temp and the thermostat opens then flush with clean water..
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    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum

  4. Ukuri

    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum

    Seeing as you're in Oz try Bolt Off. All it does is exactly as it's name implies. If you're in Bris you can get it from Mercury Mufflers.
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    Broken AGM Battery Terminal

    You're not the first person with this problem. Have a squizzy through here You might find something to help. As always. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND!
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    "Never trust a man with a tidy shed!" John Stuart Mill. 1806-1873
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    Solar Output Lower Than Expected Buy yourself some of these. You can get them on Fleabay or from Ali for about $10
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    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum

    You could try a strong Citric Acid solution, it reputedly dissolves Aluminium oxide. You can get Citric Powder where you buy food colourings and spices.
  9. You can do the leg work
  10. This is the nub of it. There is not one story but multiple stories (excuses) which only surface when an uncomfortable question arises.
  11. Here you are, apology accepted in advance. As I chose not to do BookFace i cannot attest to the veracity of this. Possibly those that do (BookFace) can.
  12. Feel free to go and do your own research, and once you have done that your apology will be graciously accepted.
  13. WRONG! Go back and read ALL the above. They claimed that it was "fried" during an interview at Bradley's Head. If they even suspected that a piece of compulsory equipment may be faulty it was incumbent upon them to check it and repair it and if unsuccessful report it to the RC.
  14. Except by their own admission they knew about it BEFORE they started and still chose to start knowing full well that they were non-compliant.
  15. All of the above is immaterial as they were not even eligible to start due to non-compliance with the clause in the SI's that required all competitors to have a functioning AIS that both received and transmitted. End of story!~
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    Building A Bridge

    You're all overthinking it a bit. This is all ya gunna need
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    Sailing “bucket list” thread

    I think you just did!
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    Speaking of Karma

    Isn't it Mary Jo you don't talk about?
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    Have the sheep gone on strike?
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    E-nav on the cheap

    I have an EeePC 10" netbook runnung XP which I bought new in 2010 for AU$396 as a dedicated nav computer. I chose the EeePC mainly because it uses a 7.2v battery so is quite happy to be recharged from the 12v house supply. Just to be safe and to protect against any unforseen spikes in the house supply from the OB charging system I also bought a Asus DC adapter which will accept 10v to 18v input for a 12v 3amp output. That cost about $100. As the EeePC isn't equipped with a GPS receiver I also bought a Gosget Sirf Star III USB GPS receiver which cost about $60. I also bought 10 minature optical mice (or is that mouses) with the retractable cables at $3 each. So the all up cost was just under $600. I run SeaClearII which, fortunately for me because I too am cheap, is available as a free download. SeaClear comes with an included chart calibrating utility so charts can be scanned and calibrated for use. I sail on Moreton Bay (Aust) and the state govt has produced an A4 sized book of "chartlets" for the local inshore waters. As the book is wire bound it is easy to wind the wire out and then scan all the charts on an A4 scanner. It's a bit of work but once you get into a rythm it's something that can be done while watching TV. If he charts are branded CC6 (Creative Commons) you can get them commercially scanned onto a stick or disc. The beauty of having e-charts that I have scanned myself is that what I see on the screen is identical to my paper charts. If my Enav fails then when I pull out the paper charts I am looking at exactly the same thing that was on the screen. Touch wood it hasn't yet failed, and I first started using it Aug 8th 2010. In that time I have logged and recorded about 4500 nm round Moreton Bay. I have tried using OpenCPN but found it to be a bit "clunky" and I could never get comfortable with it. I'll post some screen shots after work tonight. Cheers etc.
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    Community Reputation

    St. Diablo.
  22. On a small masthead 4ktsb they can provide a real advantage when singlehanding, particularly in tight tacking situations. The big Genoa is much easier to crank in over a SS tube lifeline than over a 3mm wire and stanchion top. If done well with a good eye for the line they don't look too bad.
  23. Wouldn't it be a lot cheaper to.just use sodium bentonite. Active ingredient in the kitty litter without all the extras. Used extensively in Australia to seal leaking earth dams.
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    Cutting down an old sail at home

    Have a look here, might be of some use to you.