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  1. FYI Weather4D new apps available: https://blog.francis-fustier.fr/en/weather4d-fait-sa-revolution/
  2. Weather4D 2.0.21 comes with a fully renewed downloading charts system, a direct connection to get GRIB files with Iridium GO!™ (no more Saildocs request needed), and a number of new features and improvements. Have a look on Changelog and update the free iBook User Guide with new videos about charting download and GRIB download.
  3. Next release 2.0.18 in review in Apple AppStore will allow direct downloads of GRIB files with an Iridium GO! The app manage all connection process to its own servers. All forecast models will be available to download (GFS, NAM, COAMPS, GEM, WW3, etc.). Read more about the great new feature (as soon as the app will be published) on Weather4D Website.
  4. Weather4D 2.0.11 available today! Review in English.
  5. At this time satellite request is not yet featured in the app. it will done in 3d Q. Two methods will be implemented: first one same as Weather4D Pro, that is to say an automatic SailDocs request wrote in Outbox in Iridium Mail & Web app, ready to be sent through Optimizer gateway connected to Iridium satphone (or XGate app, ready to be sent through Optimizer gateway connected to all other satphones brands). This first method needs a manual action to send the mail. Second method will be a direct request from Weather4D 2.0 to Weather4D servers through Iridium GO! It will be the best and more friendly way.
  6. In Weather4D as Weather4D Pro low resolution models was already for free and high resolution by subscription. A look on the Comparative Table shows differences between apps. All models prediction (including GFS) are downloaded, controled, hosted and provided to final user by Weather4D's servers, 4 to 6 time a day depending such model. WRF models are calculated by Weather4D 4 time a day in order to be delivered. MyOcean currents models are raw data translated in GRIB1 4 time a day in order to be uploaded. Subscription is only to offset the cost of these services, nothing else. Anyway, happy you enjoy this powerful app
  7. Weather4D new website is up http://www.weather4d.com/en/
  8. Update Weather4D 2.0.4 with a number of new features: - Advanced NMEA support: Configuring the NMEA connection sensor and selection of available NMEA sentences Position: RMC / GGA / GLL SOG & COG: RMC / VTG Heading: HDG / HDT / HDM / HRT Surface Speed: VBW / VWR Depth: TPD / DBT / DBS / DBK (possibility to adjust an offset) - AIS: Targets are displayed on the chart at a preset zoom level. When the zoom level is adequate, vessels may beings displayed in actual size if the information is available. A single tap on AIS targets displays the name or MMSI of the vessel and the respective location at the Closest Point of Approach (CPA). A long tap on the target opens a popup displaying all ship’s information. Prediction option to display future target and own ship location at CPA.. In the settings you can set a (CPA, TCPA) min. Vessel dimensions are taken into account in the calculation of the CPA. Setting the MMSI of own ship. Track Display option of selected target (timing adjustable). Targets Filter option depending on the distance to own ship. - Alarms Management: Display / Notification / Sound and acknowledge alarms Sensor Alarms: GPS Alarm (low accuracy) XTE alarm (adjustable threshold) Wind alarm (adjustable threshold + time) Depth alarm (adjustable threshold) AIS alarm (CPA adjustable TCPA) - Apple Watch: Instruments View on Apple Watch Instruments setup menu of the Apple Watch - Miscellanous: Computation of magnetic declination (WMM model). Reference data bearings: True North (T) or magnetic (M). Added tool "VAR" for magnetic declination display. Various fixes. Enjoy!
  9. We apologize about that, maybe you email adress was returned as "Mail Delivery Error" because the dev Olivier Bouyssou used to send an answer to all requester. In 2016, you can contact support@weather4d.com or my own email contact@francis-fustier.fr, be sure to receive a quick response.
  10. Charting from Geogarage website is fully available. You will find a tutorial on this page of my weblog.
  11. Weather4D 2.0 came up a week ago to replace Weather4D Pro, the French well known Weather and Routing app for iOS devices. In addition with Weather and Routing, Weather4D 2.0 provides a complete charting navigation app that support all raster charting available from the GeoGarage server: NOAA (USA), CHS (Canada), WLP (Bahamas), IHL (Brazil), SHN (Argentina), SHOM (France / DOM-TOM / Polynesia), UKHO (UK and dependencies), BSH (Germany), NLHO (Netherlands), AHS (Australia), LINZ (New Zealand). An English language tutorial is to download for free on iBook Store User Guide with 37 high resolution videos. Have a look on this entry in Navigation Mac weblog, may be you will enjoy! Francis