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  1. Rcluise: Did you try the parasailor? Fair winds Andrej
  2. Ahoy rcluise & IB, thank you for very helpful "sea field" informations. Considering <a href="http://www.morganscl...lectric-drives/" rel="nofollow">A40 & Boreal 44 brain storming AAC blog</a> my advanced propulsion design for Boreal 44 is as follows: - bullet proof Nanni N4.38 37.5hp diesel, naturally aspirated - controllable pitch propeller CPP for high efficiency propeller curve at any rpms, with sailing mode of course, West Mekan make - gear ratio between 1:4 and 1:5, must check max allowed propeller diameter - IFG between 7 - 15 kW with pure electric and booster propulsion mode, Nanni make I hope the Nanni specification can be fitted into Boreal 44 keel. Steyr Motors MO32 propulsion design offers just a little less propeller power in thermal engine mode and less torque but offers huge space savings. New interior design could be done....
  3. Ahoy Rcluise, most yachts have oversized engines. Basic calculation to consider: OVNI 365 LWL 10,67m / 35ft v_hull 7,92 knots max displacement speed 22mhp @ 5,9 knots engine cruising speed Boreal 44 LWL 11,63m / 38,156ft v_hull 8,3 knots max displacement speed 20mhp @ 6,0 knots cruising speed Boreal 44 has about 2 metric tons less displacement, when fully loaded. I found in Europe one well known engine producer with innovative marine propulsion concept: http://www.steyr-motors.com/marine-diesel-engines/2-4-and-6-cylinder/full-hybrid-propulsion-system-diesel-and-electric/ ->> Steyr MO32 36 mHP 80 kg <<- smartsize !! IFG 18 kg + CCU 9 kg, total weight about 127 kg Parallel Hybrid mode - max continuous power 30 kW / 40hp http://www.steyr-motors.com/marine-diesel-engines/2-4-and-6-cylinder/mo32-smartsize-series-2-cylinder-marine-diesel-engine/ Now, after I have decided to buy a new Boreal with this new propulsion design, I would kindly ask experienced Boreal owners if you have ever used your 55/75 hp engines over 2600 rpm for far more than only few minutes? Let say 1hour or more. The areas to consider are Patagonia, entering Atolls or similar areas where strong currents might need more propeller power? Does anybody uses Autoprop or Maxprop folding propeller? Thank you guys in advance Andrej Just, please do not disturb my propulsion dreams with '"there will be no spare parts down there..."
  4. Ahoy Rcluise, no, I didn't order my Boreal, yet. I am making my design calculations for an advanced propulsion system with IFG Integrated Flywheel Generator and LiFePo4 marine battery pack for an extended range and "green operating mode" when inside a marina or to save the atolls. Why would a Yanmar not fit? I must ask the shipyard. I prefer Harken marine hardware. Fair winds Andrej
  5. rcluise: Which engine did you choose 55 or 75hp? Engine make? Do you know the fuel consumption at cruising speed? Rpm at cruising speed? Thanks in advance Andrej