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  1. mestelmr

    J27 vs Evelyn 32

    All good input! My biggest concern with the 27 is that I'm afraid it will not get us to where we want to be rating and length wise. Where we sail our PHRF split for the fleet we're targeting is consistently mid-80's to high-120s.. all 30' and larger.. a the 27 would put us 1) slow boat and 2) short boat... not where I personally think we'd be. How much higher sail costs are we talking with the E32? Maintenance wise, with both these boats it appears we lucked out as both have been professionally re-cored at winches, organizers, etc. and the E32 has had the bulkheads, mast step, and keel sump professionally replaced/re-enforced.
  2. mestelmr

    J27 vs Evelyn 32

    Debating between a J27 and Evelyn 32. I like the thought of less crew and SLIGHT reduction in sail costs/lines for the J27 but can't convince myself that it would be a better choice over the Evelyn. Cost for the two boats I'm looking at are similar to identical and come with a fully loaded sail inventory that sounds comparable as well. Any thoughts on the two boats? Has anyone sailed both frequently or regularly? Would be doing PHRF club racing and distance races. Thanks in advance!
  3. Excited for the ILYA Bay Week starting Friday!!