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  1. Triton 2 Mast Mount

    I'm about to do the same thing with (3) Triton 2s... Must be custom.
  2. J/112E

    I forgot to mention we were also looking at the Dehler 38 and Dehler 34. The Dehler 38 was more boat than we wanted, the 34--while beautiful and apparenly very well build--was not sporty enough. The owner of the Dehler 38 at the 2016 Annapolis Show set us on the right path however: "You want the ultimate Cruiser and the ulitmate Racer... in the same boat, don't give up."
  3. J/112E

    Peter, Didier told me in Annapolis that the AG+ Carbon Boom was added to J/LANCE 12 (the second one) as a test of AG+'s ability to build carbon components for J/Composites. They're shooting for the Mast business. AG+ makes the custom Aluminum Mast for the 112, and its very nice, light, bendy, and handles Antal cars or bolt rope with no track.
  4. J/112E

    Agreed. I was talked out of taking the Carbon Rig by Al Johnstone and my salesman Rich Sterns (a competitive sailor) for this very reason. I spec'ed my J/112e to be 'PHRF/Rating Neutral', I'm relying on the boat's basic design to give me the performance I'm looking for.
  5. J/112E

    It's defintely an optimized IRC version. They did a few things for a better IRC rating: 1) Removed the Bulb Keel, and went with a Fin. 2) Downsized some sails. And then they did a lot of things that are not penalized under IRC to improve boat handling and trim: 1) Removed the Furler 2) Added Locking Jib Halyards 3) Added Dual Jib Cunninghams led to the crew on the rail. 4) Added PBO Backstay 5) AddedJib Inhaulers 6) Spec'ed Carbon Mast etc. See attached. J112e - Grand Prix Version - Notes.pdf
  6. J/112E

    One other thing... I followed J/LANCE 12 (the J/Composites 'factory boat') for all of 2017. She's a tricked out 'Grand Prix' version of the J/112e. Look up her race results. Didier (J/Composites CEO) proved to everyone that this boat can RACE. They won every major IRC event they entered, then sold the boat to Chaz Ivill in the UK (she's now called DAVANTI TYRES), and he's been doing the same there. That was all I had to see to be locked in, we put down our deposit in October.
  7. J/112E

    When I first saw the J/112e announced around DEC 2015 it was exactly what I was looking for... until I saw the price, major sticker shock. So, for two years I searched for an alternative: a used C&C 110, used C&C 115, and new C&C 30 One Design, a used J/109, a used J/111, a new J/111... I went so far as to put a deposit down on a new C&C 30 One Design (its such a cool boat), but realized on the water in 18-20kts that she was not the boat for Single/Double Handed (my wife Cathy knew all along but humored me!). Then we went to Annapolis, saw the J/112e in person, came back the next spring, took a test sail, and I was convinced, this was the perfect boat for me, my friends, and family. She's stiff, stable, seakindly, easily driven, very well rigged, simple, and FAST. On a 18-22kt day we were doing 9-11kts effortlessly just screwing around with cruising sails and a undersized borrowed kite. I also test sailed a J/111 in Chicago, wow, that's a 'Wet Corvette'. So much fun to drive, amazing carbon rig, tracks upwind like its on rails. But, in heavy air she needs a full crew, light and nimble is not what I want by myself in the middle of Lake Huron in 30kts. So, I saved my money, sold my old boat, worked harder for few years; and now, I'm getting my dream boat.
  8. J/112E

    We've booked our trip for the week right after the Düsseldorf Boat Show, JAN 29 - FEB 4. We should be in Les Sables d'Olonne WED-THURS-FRI, then in Paris FRI & SAT nights.
  9. J/112E

    10-4, first order of training on our boat is to attach the Main Halyard to the end of the boom when the Main is dropped. Never lost a crew overboard, Thank God, and hopefully never will.
  10. J/112E

    11233... As soon as we have our Factory dates I'll let you know. On the NAUTOS, I'm not sure of the standard Part No.
  11. J/112E

    The owner's 11 year old son was helping him bring the boat to the hoist to winter. Dad told his son to tighten up the main sheet to stop the boom from moving around. The Main sheet on the J/112e is lead to two Harken 40 winches. The son must not have realized how strong his was with a 40 in hand... SNAP. The J/112e USA build still comes with the NAUTOS, so I removed it for a credit and I'm talking to Hall Spars, they still make the Quick Vang. I'm also considering going to a BOOM KICKER, it's basically impossible to break, I had one for 20 years on my Hughes 35... no noise, no breakage, no problems.
  12. J/112E

    11233, when are you planning on going? We want to see her before the decking, so they're telling us to go somewhere in JAN 30 - FEB 5. We'd love to meet up there if we overlap. ... We had Zeus2 and Triton2 on our last boat... loved it. Advice: Be sure to install with cables from MARETRON not the cheap B&G cables. I work with DeviceNet (24vdc) in Auto plants. NMEA 2000 is actually 12vdc DeviceNet. Cables are everything. the MARETRON cables are made by TURCK... industrial stuff.
  13. J/112E

    glexpress... Wednesday nights, for sure. Maybe Tuesdays or Thursdays. DRYA Saturdays, BYC Long Distance, WYC Overnighter. No Mac in 2018. Mac in 2019 for sure, and Huron Challenge is it is run. The boat will probably not be on the water until late June or early July.
  14. J/112E

    glexpress... I remember GALLIVANT! My brother Leo and I had the Bristol 29 LUMPY GRAVY, and the Hughes 35 IMMISERICORS. My brother Damian had the J/30 LOOMING DEBAUCHERY. My parents had the Legend 37 HAWK. My cousin Mike has the Santana 35 ITSFUNAGAIN. And my Uncle John had Y.O.L.O. - he founded LSSC.
  15. J/112E

    glexpress... We've moved to GLYC from JBM, longtime LSSC members. Freedom was BRITISH SOLDIER correct?
  16. J/112E

    11233, uh, yeah... EXCITED. We're going with all B&G H5000 - Hercules. J/Composites is doing a custom Nav Station cabinet from a design I did with Didier to house it all. The boat is expected in R.I. in April, and we truck it to Detroit from there. My wife and I are going to the J/Composites factory at the end of January to see her before decking.
  17. J/112E

    Our boat's intro to Detroit friends...
  18. J/112E

    Cats... thanks for the information. I followed DAVANTI TYRES all year as J/LANCE 12, incredible performance under both names! I've spoken with Didier (J/Composites) at length in Annapolis. I have taken some of their mods to my boat but not all, I'm setting ours up as a PHRF/ORR boat--no IRC in Detroit anymore--so I'm keeping the 'bulb' Keel, and no Carbon Mast, to remain 'PHRF Neutral'. I'm defintely doing the Jib Inhaulers. I almost went with the Locking Jib Halyards and Cunnighams (Cool!) but I would take a penalty for that. I did upgrade all the Winches to Peforma, the Clutches to Spinlock, and the Furler to UBI like J/121. Anything I missed?
  19. J/112E

    Hello Boston 33! 1) Pros: No Extrusion on the Headstay, just Rod, so its lighter and has less windage; 2) Easy Up/Dpown as you mentioned, great for short-handed; 3) Lower profile Drum, allows a sail size closer to normal; 4) Furls 'Top-Down' thanks to the Spindle at the top capturing the Shuttle at full hoist. You can use Soft Hanks *or* a Zipper Bag Luff - we're going with Soft Hanks, I believe the Zipper Bag would kill the Easy Up/Down advantage. Cons: $$$ 2) The proven PHRF penalty in the USA is -6 sec/mile right now (see DAUNTLESS). And Al Johnstone says this Aluminum Mast (custom designed specifically for this boat) is very special, and after sailing the boat in Annapolis in 18-22KT I agree, the boat is plenty stiff with the AG+ Rig. The AG+ Mast also has a very special design: it can take Antal 40 Cars for the Main *or* Bolt Rope, with no modification and *no* Track... very cool and works perfectly with our intended program. 3) We took a credit for the SailTec Hydraulics and are going with the Harken 'Compact Panel' product that J/Boats is putting on the J/121. On the Clutches: the standard ones are Antal 814s, the Spinlock XTR812s are much easier to service (all above deck) and have a 'new and improved' clutch mechanism deisgned specifically for smaller hi-tech line. 4) I'm starting with a used J/111 110SQM. After we get a feel for that size we'll make our decision on the new ones. Gut feel: nothing bigger than 120SQM for short handed, and a 140SQM (A2) for crewed / ligher breezes. Congrats to you as well. We have several J/109 owners here that are always smiling! Two of my crew were on teh 109 "GOAT RODEO" and came back and said "You need one of those!". I almost bought a used one but decided I'm buying my dream boat, to sail to the grave, hopefully 20+ years at least! ; )
  20. J/112E

    11233, I'm J/112e #32. (USA 61232). We just finalized our order and went into production. I went with the UBI MAIOR JB22RW furler after seeing the J/121 in Annapolis and doing some research. We also upgraded all the winches to Performa, and the clutches to Spinlock XTR812s. We kept the AG+ Aluminum Mast for PHRF at the recommendation of the designer, Al Johnstone. J/Composites has made the Port side access Hatch to the Engine standard now... I was going to have it added. I designed a custom Nav Station to get room for a full B&G system and an 18 circuit distribution panel. I'm also going with a full Harken Hydraulic Backstay (like the J/121) this is being done in Detroit after she arrives. And we're changing the Nautos Rigid Vang to something stronger after seeing it snapped in half on a recent J/112e in Chicago. I'm doing a two phase program on the sails... ULLMAN FiberPath Enduro for my Single / Double-Handed / Working / Delivery set. The full race sails TBD. VERY excited, we're coming from a S&S IOR design from the '70s that we raced for 20 years. Where are you located?