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    What was the sailing moment you will remember forever?

    1960's - I was 9 or 10. casual club racing on the Northern Bay, a bunch of 4ksb 3ksb. My dad and I in our Picnic 17, light air. He told me "you figure it out" and I did, crossed the line first, overlapped with 2 other boats. Cruised and raced since, 4 boats and 50 years later, I count myself very lucky to have had a life that has always including sailing, and being able to raise my kids with the same opportunity.
  2. islanderboy32

    Graphics on sails?

    if my Dad were still alive he could answer you in infinite detail, as he was a pigments/thin film chemist. After he retired, consulted with North Sails on this very issue. Short answer is there isn't a long lived, simple, inexpensive way to do it to an existing sail.
  3. islanderboy32

    Three Sheets to the Wind

    not for too long - - the foot rope was the piece of line strung under yards that you stood on to loose and reef square sails.
  4. islanderboy32

    Todays Useless Fact

    what if the owner's daughter is a red headed lefty? Extra style points for the foredeck union? Seriously, power tools, can-openers, scissors, notebooks, all suck for lefties. I would give up a body part for a keyboard with a number pad on the left instead of the right.
  5. islanderboy32

    Blood sacrifices - how it made you a better sailor

    both of our girls, now grown, remember- "Dad's bleeding again, get the tape"
  6. islanderboy32

    How not to move your boat this summer

    sadly, Smedley's plan to expand his meth lab in the hills turned out to be more expensive than he planned!
  7. islanderboy32

    Islander 27

    Depending on where you are, i may have a boat for you. 1977 Islander 32. Great strong comfortable cruising boat. We have decided to move up in size. Classic Bob Perry design. PM me if you like.
  8. islanderboy32

    Cape Town over Christmas

    We went to SA in 2004 for 15 days, same time of year. Last 4 in and around CapeTown. 3 days in Kruger, did Western Cape Wine region, Mossel Bay, and more. Best vacation ever for a 100 different reasons. We went with SA natives that emigrated to US in early 90's. Make sure and go up the cable car to Table Mountain the first clear day that you have, being in CT and not doing Table Mountain is a crime. The top can be clouded over with no visibility regardless of the weather in city itself. Visibility at the top depends on the weather further north on the plateau and can change quickly. No trip to CT is complete without seeing the view from Table Mountain. Pack a nice lunch, make a day of it. Worth it 100X over. Rotating glass wall gondolas that hold 60 or so people, and the view literally goes out forever. I have forgotten exactly how far away the horizon is from the top, but you are a mile up, looking down at the whole city and sea around it. Clifton Beaches - small, impossibly awesome beaches very close to downtown, 4 of them in a row, separated by ridges and rocks. Each one has a very different character. Water very cold, if you actually swim it won't be for long and you are behind a shark net. There is a gay beach, a teen beach, a family beach, and a dog beach. Topless sunbathers are common at all of them. Lots of laid back local places to eat and drink. Whatever floats your boat is available, all close together and just around the corner is different. Camps Bay beach. lots of great food and fancier. another awesome beach. Toss up whether Clifton or Camps Bay is better, will depend on what you want in a beach. Victoria and Alfred Wharf is an awesome shopping, dining, and entertainment waterfront area. We spent the day. Robbin Island, where Mandela was imprisoned is a sobering and impactful excursion. Royal Cape Yacht Club was a great place. We had the run of the place and were welcomed with great hospitality. They instantly accepted our request for reciprocity. We got invites for sailing, and braai's, and were made very welcome. Would go back to SA in a heartbeat, but too many other places we haven't been to retrace our steps. Australia is next on my personal bucket list. Have fun and congrats!
  9. M********O and Cone (+10)
  10. islanderboy32

    Caption Contest

    Pin(ned) End Start!
  11. islanderboy32

    Grumpy old man Pet Peeve #69

    Hey, I resemble that remark! That way the tines of the fork don't get contaminated by your grubby paws when you pull them out. Me too! that way the tines of the fork, or the tip of the knife blade(cheap knife) doesn't end up under your fingernail with blood on the clean dishes!
  12. islanderboy32

    espo is a dick

    Required reading for SA - don't even have to search, just start at page 1 of this thread. Epic asswipe, represents much of what is wrong with what passes for Corithian competition.
  13. islanderboy32

    never fuckin' mind

    Badges? Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges
  14. islanderboy32

    65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    Long, long ago in my youth I rode a little Yamaha RD400. Great little bike, just felt a hair light for long highway cruising. Never met a Harley I couldn't put in my rearview mirror. Sorry, guys.