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  1. Splashtestdummy

    Lutra 30

    I only know it is a Dutch design, I think from Satellite design. Was fast but not particularly succesful under ORC.
  2. Splashtestdummy

    Flying Tiger

    Hi Philip, I remember reading some pages of that thread back then. At the time I owned a similar boat like the FT10, (a Cork 1720) and I did not see how the FT10 could turn out much better than that. I have since seen the yacht in person and now I am curious about the crowdsourcing yacht design process and the interaction with Bob Perry. I also read all the 144 pages of the Sliver thread (the 60 ft by 10 ft double ender yacht, also by Bob). I hope indeed that someone could give me a link or a hint to what the name of that thread was! Splashtest
  3. Splashtestdummy

    Flying Tiger

    Dear FT10-ers, I was looking for the original thread where the FT10 was designed by crowdsourcing. Can anybody give me s hint on how to find it on this forum? cheers splashtest
  4. Splashtestdummy

    What is the boat on the left?

    I love that Hobie's lines. Who was the designer? We rarely see them here in the Netherlands, we have sonething similar though, the Dynamic 33.