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  1. Rockdog

    Next Up - Food Stamps

    So you are saying the food stamp program should end?
  2. Rockdog

    3 Years Later, Cliven Bundy Goes on Trial

    They can graze on my part free of charge.
  3. Rockdog

    Get the hell out of the way

    It’s also illegal. Where’s the outrage?
  4. Rockdog

    Name this city

    Which two streets? Even Woodward looks rough down there.
  5. Rockdog

    Name this city

    I see. It appears to be a pretty large operation.
  6. Rockdog

    Will the real POTUS please stand up

    You aren’t smart enough to take care of it?
  7. Rockdog

    Name this city

    I drive through there often when 75 is slowed. It is rough. Wtf is going on with the are south of Micnichols and between Oakland and Woodward? Are they dumping there or tearing out?
  8. Rockdog

    Name this city

    You’ll always have something to aspire to. I doubt Greyhound operates in Poland but maybe could head that up?
  9. Rockdog

    Name this city

    Highland park look any different than when Chrysler was still there?
  10. Rockdog

    Name this city

    A lot worse jobs out there than driving a bus.
  11. Rockdog

    Name this city

    Work in city and live in Royal Oak during the week. Off to home for the weekends.
  12. Rockdog

    Name this city

    No. Greyhound still exist?
  13. Rockdog

    Name this city

    They are just like everyone else.
  14. Rockdog

    Name this city

    Where do they come from and how do they get there? They can’t all be from Nevada.
  15. Rockdog

    Name this city

    I’m there five days a week. Very little of it looks like that.