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  1. Campbell

    H5000 Leeway coefficient?

    And that is why more sophisticated instrument systems have a leeway K factor matrix - a single number does not work incredibly well however it does a reasonable job for most situations.
  2. Campbell

    Irish Expedition Users

    Dates confirmed:
  3. Campbell

    Irish Expedition Users

    Irish Anarchists - I am planning on running a seminar early this year in the Dublin area, please visit to register if you are interested.
  4. Campbell

    KWRW - Platoon tp52

    Number of seconds early to start line - if you accelerated to target speed at target angle how many seconds from when you crossed the line until the gun went - could also be called 'time to burn'.
  5. Campbell

    B&G True Wind Angle calibration

    It's not a fools errand, it is essential and there isn't a system on the planet that doesn't need TWA calibration. However there are only a few that let you do it. The error comes in the system from the measured wind angles and speeds. The calculated errors are exposed when the uncalibrated measured wind goes into TWA then TWD. Also contributing to the TWD wobble is poor leeway calibration (depending on the system used). So if you have no leeway cal, then up to 8 or 10 deg of TWD wobble can be due to leeway. So, if you speed and leeway are well calibrated, if it takes -17 off each TWA to get a stable TWD (or to get the sum of your P&S TWA to equal the tacking angle course to course) then it is OK. It is at the high end of a believable number, but may be reality for your boat/setup.
  6. Campbell

    Team Vestas grounded Flame away...
  7. Campbell

    Team Vestas grounded

    I can't recall which charts Expedition comes with, but you typically load higher res versions (usually Cmap) for the areas you are going to sail. My version was used for PacCup and we had higher res charts for the eastern Pacific, west coast and Hawaii. In my Expedition copy for the Mauritius area, it is covered by a very low res Background Cartridge WW-M000.01 v2.00. Not sure if I acquired that or it came with Expedition but I would expect the VOR teams to have a lot higher res. I have run aground more than once and know that shit happens and that yes, it is usually human error compounded by some complicating circumstances (one time, I hit a coral head when the chart said we should have 18 feet, the boat draft was 6'). I wouldn't point the finger at anyone until the details are known. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Below is what my version shows at increasing zoom levels. In the middle picture, the reef is on the right side. I included a piece of Madagascar to get a sense of scale. In the zoomed version, you can see a depth of 20 meters well south of the Cargados Carajos shoal. Zooming further does not show any additional definition to the Shoal. I would not sail through this area without a higher res chart and I am sure the VOR teams have far better charts. MauritiusZoomedOut.jpg midzoom.jpg Zoomed.jpg Relatively immaterial wrt digital or even paper charts. I have raced extensively in different parts of the world and there are errors in both digital and paper charting in places you would expect to be better surveyed. I have experienced (and have made very careful personal notes) uncharted rocks, large rocks (more like small islands) a long way off reported position, and incorrect Italy, France, UK, Caribbean and other regions. Notes made in digital format in Expedition, and on some now very tatty paper charts (no - not corrected on newer editions) for future reference.
  8. Campbell

    Team Vestas grounded

    I've been very careful to not get dragged into any tit for tat discussions on this forum, but you, sir, have no idea what you are talking about.
  9. Campbell

    Team Vestas grounded

    I don't think Knut or anyone else in the world thought that being undermanned would cause navigators at this level, with this equipment, to run into a charted reef. Fair point. But at this level, with this level of intensity and drive, reducing headcount increases risk. How that risk is managed is another discussion.
  10. Campbell

    Team Vestas grounded

    It is a very important point. Knuts drive to make the event cheaper by reducing the head count may have just come back to bite him in the Arse. See on board video from ADOR recently, Sifi is up trimming. Explain that.