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  1. Campbell

    H5000 Leeway coefficient?

    And that is why more sophisticated instrument systems have a leeway K factor matrix - a single number does not work incredibly well however it does a reasonable job for most situations.
  2. Campbell

    Irish Expedition Users

    Dates confirmed:
  3. Campbell

    Irish Expedition Users

    Irish Anarchists - I am planning on running a seminar early this year in the Dublin area, please visit to register if you are interested.
  4. Campbell

    KWRW - Platoon tp52

    Number of seconds early to start line - if you accelerated to target speed at target angle how many seconds from when you crossed the line until the gun went - could also be called 'time to burn'.
  5. Campbell

    B&G True Wind Angle calibration

    It's not a fools errand, it is essential and there isn't a system on the planet that doesn't need TWA calibration. However there are only a few that let you do it. The error comes in the system from the measured wind angles and speeds. The calculated errors are exposed when the uncalibrated measured wind goes into TWA then TWD. Also contributing to the TWD wobble is poor leeway calibration (depending on the system used). So if you have no leeway cal, then up to 8 or 10 deg of TWD wobble can be due to leeway. So, if you speed and leeway are well calibrated, if it takes -17 off each TWA to get a stable TWD (or to get the sum of your P&S TWA to equal the tacking angle course to course) then it is OK. It is at the high end of a believable number, but may be reality for your boat/setup.