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  1. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    As someone said on Twitter, "he might as well be holding a banana"
  2. Hallberg Rassy Launched a new 57 Footer

    We just kind of eyeball it...
  3. Cadet Bone Spurs

    Does Happy Jerk have a Twitter account? This seems like his sort of rake-stomping move...
  4. White House staff laughs on first day of shutdown

    I dunno, Rat sounds like a .22 short to me. I was thinking he was more like one of these things. My great-grandfather kept them on hand to scare the raccoons away from his garbage cans.
  5. White House staff laughs on first day of shutdown

    It's an interesting question.
  6. White House staff laughs on first day of shutdown

    Where on the Web? How about providing the source of that photo. It's an official White House photo release to the press. This white house does a LOT of those.
  7. I think this place is mostly about whining, LOL. People who never did, could, would, or will leave their couch or puddle, whine about the bloggers. Then others whine about the whiners about the bloggers. I think the main point of CA is you gotta whine! I would wine more too but I like scotch so... watch em if you like em, don't if you don't. The bloggers gotta love it though. How many threads on CA and SA now talk about and point folks to them? Lots of exposure equals lots of clicks I would guess. I don't, as a rule, enjoy sailing vloggers. I was halfway to writing a long and descriptive explanation about why so many are slag worthy, but realized I just don't care enough about sailing vloggers to make the effort.
  8. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    Probably volume and distance confusion as well.
  9. I don't think this is what CNN was fishing for

  10. So it isn't so? You've NEVER seen sailing's version of the Rickroll?
  11. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    If he did, do we think he cared? It doesn't affect HIM, after all. He can still get to Mar-A-Lago.
  12. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    I've got a friend who's husband is literally in the middle of a PCS (Permanent Change of Station?) when this hit just now. She got a notice to immediately "cancel all travel" for the family; they are stateside visiting family between stations before his reassignment. All their stuff and their family is strewn all over shit's half acre between locations. She has no idea when she will get to SE Asia to rejoin her husband, never mind when her family's possessions will arrive. She did indicate that USAA and Navy Fed bank will be stepping up to cover any military families with delayed payrolls. Jim Wright, a vet who writes the Stonekettle Station blog posted this about his experiences during a shutdown, as well as some commentary on how this will affect things. He sounds like he was in a very similar situation to my friend, caught between station moves. It cost him a lot of money and aggravation.
  13. College Anarchy

    Congratulations! We're still in the thick of this with my daughter. So far, acceptances to U Maine, New College of FL, University of New England, Indiana University, and Carroll University. She's gotten some significant four-year merit scholarships to several of those, which is really nice. A couple of them are sending her a constant barrage of persuasive snail and e-mails since acceptance. But she has no clear first choice, so we're waiting for the remaining schools that make their decisions by March/April. We may or may not be able to send her back to visit final choices when that rolls around, it really depends since we're going to be in the US over the summer anyway so she can't really take the time off finishing her senior year.
  14. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    Peter Principle poster child.
  15. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    Straight face? She looks like a Picasso painting on a good day.