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  1. Black in America

    I've ALWAYS thought Kanye was a nitwit. Multimillionaires of ANY stripe supporting Trump do not impress me - be it Kanye West or Scott Adams. They can get fucked; they're in it for themselves.
  2. Black in America

    The hashtag on Twitter is #LivingWhileBlack It's fucking depressing. But you all go on saying racism doesn't REALLY affect people. https://twitter.com/hashtag/LivingWhileBlack?src=hash
  3. Black in America

    It's funny that you missed post 318 while I followed the links and commented. But BJ was talking to you and won't talk to me. As LB15 says, fuck I love this place! There's actually been a term coined for what Tom does here. It's called "Sealioning".
  4. Just Another Restaurant Mass Murder By Gun

    Surprise, BJ doesn't want to be held to his own standards. Now that I'm not on my phone and can correct this moronic twaddle without spending half my life with autocorrect... Are you SERIOUSLY equating being Black in America with being a gun owner? That you have to own a gun to have an opinion on them? That you have to speak all the lingo and know all the technical terminology to have a valid opinion? Seriously? Are you that fucking dumb? Let's think this through... How to become... Black - be born that way A gun owner - go buy a gun How to experience being... Black...be born that way Go out and buy a gun How to avoid prejudice against you for... Being black...um, Whiteface? Wear a hood and gloves? Don't go outside? Owning a gun...your gun is like your dick, we'll only know how big it is if you take it out and wave it around and stroke it in public. How to hide... Being black. See Item 3.1 Owning a gun. Don't wave it around and stroke it in public Who will be prejudiced against you because... You are black...well, any and all non-black people that have been taught to hate you for your skin color, whether at their pappy's knee, in their circle of peers, or by some loudmouthed orange game show host. You own a gun...people you make nervous when you take it out in public an stroke it, because they don't wish to die. Also, people that value their children over your fetish when you make it clear your fetish is more important than their kid's lives. What happens when people think you are... Black and carrying a gun...cops may kill you for no reason. Ooopsie. A gun owner and carrying a big gun...people will think you are an insecure asshat with a Trumpian penis. Any knob can buy a gun, and your life won't be fucked up by it. Anyone can experience being a gun owner, or read a book and learn the difference between a shell, a bullet, a magazine and a clip. You can't spend hour on google and learn fuck-all from a first hand perspective about being black your whole life. You can READ about it, that's not experiencing it.
  5. Black in America

    Now that he's being publicly stupid the right loves him, eh? He's always been a fool.
  6. Just Another Restaurant Mass Murder By Gun

    Surprise, you dont get the point again.
  7. North Korea agrees to denuclearization

    Agreed, as I said earlier I don't think he's that subtle or motivated. But he's surrounded himself with racists and Nazis and wallows in their stink.
  8. North Korea agrees to denuclearization

    I'm not conversant in the use of a lot of slurs, nor do I spent a lot of trying trying to puzzle out if someone is Jewish or not. In the case of Trump's tweet, I think the message is "hey, look at this Jew as part of the Jew controlled media attacking me" or some such callout embedded in the more blatant message. So it's not just that Chuck Todd is going after Trump, but it's that he's going after Trump as a part of the larger Jewish cabal acting against Trump, white people, America and the world. Or some such stupidity.
  9. Black in America

    Oops. I guess you shouldn't try Golfing While Black, either. Though calling the cops on a club member (who is a black, female attorney and NAACP board member) for playing to slow may not have been the brightest move. Of course, it does sound like they were playing as a fivesome which some may consider grounds for arrest no matter your race or gender.