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  1. I got some news for you bro. Most churches aren't either. They just benefit from being defined as one. Sound track:
  2. IF YOU CHOOSE to harm others, then those others might be expected to have a right to say what happens next. You can handle snakes, play music, jump around artfully, jump straight up and down so your prayers are closer to God, wear different clothes or no clothes at all, or ice skate, and call it religious. What you should not be able to do is deliberately make choices that harm others, whether you call it a church or a business. I'd like worship God by drinking beer, and I bet I could get a lot of people to come to a place I rent and call it Beer Church and give them beer to worship with (after they give me a $6 donation). God also wants us to eat salty snacks, watch sports, or listen to loud music while we worship Him thru drinking beer. Is this legal or not, in the revelation of this SCOTUS ruling? - DSK What's to stop this SCOTUS ruling from exempting churches from things like building and fire codes or capacity limits?
  3. B.J. Porter

    Will "Wokeness" will tear the Dem party apart?

    I really have nothing to prove to the likes of you though. So there is that. I've been cruising in the tropics for eight years and don't own a home...do you really think I have old winter clothes??
  4. B.J. Porter

    Will "Wokeness" will tear the Dem party apart?

    Ah, the standard right wing idiot reply to Democrats mentioning that we think society has some obligation to protect the weak. Paid a lot of taxes, voted for Democrats.
  5. B.J. Porter

    Will "Wokeness" will tear the Dem party apart?

    You are no Democrat. Just because the party you belonged to immolated itself doesn't mean the Democrats need to change themselves to suit you. The Democrats will likely never please you, the guy who bragged about making popcorn to sit back and watch the Shock & Awe coverage on TV and routinely posts racist bullshit with a mocking Amos & Andy shuck & jive shtick. You're too warlike, intolerant, and bigoted for the democrats really, and you have next to zero compassion for anyone about anything. You seem to oppose the very concept of safety social nets, caring for the weak, helping the down trodden, and helping those less fortunate at all except through charity. The Democrats will never, ever change to suit someone like you, it's a fools errand to think otherwise. You may want to put your efforts into something more suited to your worldview. Just because the Republicans don't fit you any more doesn't mean the Democrats do or ever will.
  6. Yes, 'drawn out' for sure. We have a lot of people on our community's Facebook page complaining that they should allowed to do whatever they want because this pandemic has gone on SO-O long! Clearly patience and consistent rational conduct is an evolutionary step. I view the SCOTUS decision as giving Darwin a little boost - DSK As bad as the Jim Jones situation was...they only killed themselves. They didn't drink the cool-aid, then go out and poison a bunch of random people who had no real connection to them besides passing them in the street or checking them out at the Stop & Shop.
  7. Can't pass the plate on-line so well. I mean you could, but it would take some technical innovation, and you might have to pay fees.
  8. B.J. Porter

    Will "Wokeness" will tear the Dem party apart?

    These are the only black voices Jeff and his elk will listen to, so good luck with that. Maybe he'll come back with some Candace Owens for us, or a little Diamond and Silk.
  9. I'm sure he's already had to get additional security.
  10. B.J. Porter

    happy turkey day to those that celebrate

    Happy Thanksgiving from the far side of the world! 3.25 Kg miniature turkey is on, roasting in the grill. Always a crap shoot on that one, but so far we're batting 1.000 one edibility for boat birds over the last few years (we were in the USA last year). I've done spatchcocked tiny turkeys, quartered and oven-roasted tiny turkeys, and this will be about the 4th-ish tiny turkey I've done on the grill.
  11. B.J. Porter

    NFL 2020

    Which doesn't obviate the fact that fuck the Steelers.
  12. B.J. Porter

    NFL 2020

    If it is that badly damaged he will be out until 2022. Not beyond the realm of possibility that his career is over. Estimates are up to a year. So maybe well into next season if at all. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2020/11/23/21611434/joe-burrow-recovery-timeline-acl-mcl-tear-injury-bengals-news
  13. B.J. Porter

    NFL 2020

    I hope they both lose. Meanwhile, radiologists continue to probe Joe Burrow's knee looking for something that didn't get destroyed.
  14. B.J. Porter

    Fraud: What Are The Red Flags?

    No one who takes Tucker seriously or cites him for evidence should be taken seriously. As evadent.