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  1. B.J. Porter


    No, they deride me because I challenge their cherished beliefs.
  2. B.J. Porter

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    When. Since New Gingrich and Clinton, for Republicans the impeachment process is about political retribution, not about stopping a criminal president. It makes it a bit of a challenge when you get an actual criminal like Trump actually committing crimes and using the office for his own benefit.
  3. B.J. Porter

    American Dumbass

    This was where that yacht I heard getting the 3rd degree was - making the transit from Newport, RI through NY waters. Presumably he was switching districts and no one seemed to know what was up!
  4. B.J. Porter

    Future cruising planning

    But I recall reading that the dry ration cakes are composed of the idea of stopping you from crapping for a few days, preserving water and making life easier. I'm not sure what the side effects of a Nutella-only diet would be, but I doubt it's like lembas bread.
  5. B.J. Porter

    American Dumbass

    What's a border state? Not the wording I was looking for, but I was in a rush. Country with a shared border...technically every country is a "state".
  6. B.J. Porter

    American Dumbass

    GST is really freaking obvious both and Oz. You have to be pretty...unversed...to not know you're paying it here. Every invoice you get is a "Tax Invoice" and it spells out the GST cost and the cost of the thing. But in restaurants and such the price includes it and they don't make such a fuss.
  7. B.J. Porter

    American Dumbass

    That's kind of funny. I think if you're from a border state like Canada there are some quick re-entry programs (or maybe it's for Americans to get back in?) where you can streamline the process. But longer visas and boats get sticky.
  8. B.J. Porter

    American Dumbass

    The U.S. gives far fewer shits about foreign yacht visitors than Australia does. It seems like we even discourage them, based on reports. Or at least make it a monstrous pain in the ass to get in and stay in. We met a British flagged sister ship in the BVI's and asked them if they'd been to the National Park in St. Johns. They told me it was an incredible hassle for them to get the paperwork to pop over there and just not worth the effort for the boat and visa costs and headaches. Maybe they could have taken a ferry over to St. Thomas, but bringing their own boat there was a non-starter for the couple of days they'd be there. I believe the U.S. also requires frequent and regular updates as foreign yachts move from port to port. We listened in once as a foreign flagged vessel sailing out of Newport for New York got the 3rd degree for not reporting their next destination properly... Though I am not completely familiar with the rules, since I'm a local.
  9. B.J. Porter

    American Dumbass

    Yeah, GST is out of the customer's pocket, not the tradies. In theory the tradie is supposed to collect it and report it, true. But the customer is supposed to pay it.
  10. B.J. Porter

    American Dumbass

    How do you know what I spent money on in Australia?
  11. B.J. Porter

    American Dumbass

    I will leave it to you to imagine how little their opinion of me matters. Or yours.
  12. B.J. Porter

    American Dumbass

    It's not a bitch, it's a statement of fact. You seem very confused by the fact that I am not complaining, I am observing and comparing and contrasting. In ANY discussion about the relative "yachtie friendless" of one country versus another, the handling of duties, imports, and taxes vis-a-vis foreign boats is germane. Fact: Many ocean-going countries exempt yachts-in-transit from duties and some local taxes. Fact: Australia does not, except if you follow a convoluted scheme implemented for air and cruise ship tourists for things you happen to buy in your last 60 days in Australia. (Best to be the last 30-40 days, because you know, weather windows) Conclusion: Australia is more expensive and difficult for yachties trying to get work done because of this reason compared to other countries. Pointing this out is NOT bitching about it.
  13. B.J. Porter

    American Dumbass

    Unlike you, I live on a boat and don't have a garage and workshop on my property and unlimited time to get by boat back on order. I live on its, so It needs to get turned around reasonably quickly. I don't have a bed or a pot to piss in when the boat is all ripped apart and on the hard. And I'm a foreigner in a foreign country without decades long friendships and professional relationships to tap. And I do not have ready access to presses, lathes, a work bench, chainfalls, or even a bloody bench grinder. Or a workbench, even. Nor am I capable of lifting my own boat out of the water, either. Electronics and electrical stuff is in my wheelhouse, we'd make a decent team in that regard. But again, our lifestyles, skills and needs are very different, so there's no need to be presumptuous and jdgyt about what I can and can do from your land-bound little kingdom. If I had a machine shop in my backyard and could leave my boat disabled for weeks or months at a time I'd do more of my own work, too.
  14. B.J. Porter

    American Dumbass

    Nonsense. The GST is on top of what the tradie charges you. If he's charging you $50/hour and you're not paying $55 per out of pocket, you're ducking it as much has he's stilling it for not sending the portion of his $50 in. You are getting the work cheaper.
  15. B.J. Porter

    American Dumbass

    No one has suggest that cruisers in Australia should or do live a GST-free existence, you numpty. NZ and some other countries give you GST/Duty exemptions for yachts-in-transit on boat related goods you are taking with you and work done on your in-transit yacht. When I go out to dinner or buy a t-shirt, I still pay GST on it. When we replaced the foam in our campervan squabs there was GST on it, when we re-upholstered the boat there was not. Is this clear? And while I certainly spent less than your average Australian citizen in my time in-country, I spent much more over two years than your average cruise-ship victim who bungies into a few ports over the course of a week or two, though their gew-gaws and t-shirts will get the GST rebated. Funny that.