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  1. B.J. Porter

    NFL 2018

    "How long is my contract again?"
  2. B.J. Porter

    Kamala Harris - opinions?

    It's going to be Neil Kinnock 24x7 if Uncle Joe runs.
  3. B.J. Porter

    If you go to DNC rallys..

    Come on, he's barely had time for anything as he's had almost as many rallies as he's had days on the golf course. He's a busy man.
  4. B.J. Porter

    If you go to DNC rallys..

    Easy-peasy - the DNC doesn't hold Fascist/Nuremburg style rallies with any regularity. That's Trump's shtick.
  5. B.J. Porter

    1/1024 What?

    It must suck for Simple Jack to always be the smartest guy in the room. I mean, if he is, it's amazing he hasn't yet died in a fire or something.
  6. B.J. Porter

    1/1024 What?

    Kudos to the person who perfected something close to perfection. Can anyone really deny the percentages as being wrong?  Is it me, or is Simple Jack REALLY shitty at math? 1/1024 = 0.0009765625 0.0009765625 = 0.09765625%
  7. B.J. Porter

    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    No, I think you've earned that distinction on your own.
  8. B.J. Porter

    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    Thought? More like a brain fart. You are right in that is about all I'd usually dedicate to the likes of you. But I actually took the time to read one of your posts instead of scrolling past as usual. And lo and behold, you defied my already low expectations.
  9. B.J. Porter

    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    How about this, we choose who we hate based on the content of their character. We've definitely seen plenty of evidence over the last couple of years.
  10. B.J. Porter

    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    Bonus points for the ironic choice of GIF.
  11. B.J. Porter

    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    So does that apply to every here that called her "Pocahontas" or "Fauxcahontas" as well?
  12. B.J. Porter

    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    You're the racist mate just too stupid to realize that. In my view, DNA should not matter unless for use by a physician for treating inherited illnesses. You bloodline should not dictate who you vote for or give you an advantage for work, job, where your kids go to school, etc. etc. The ruling class and racists like yourself believe otherwise, that your immutable traits like race are the most important thing about you (the very definition of racism). Ignorant racists and hypocrites like yourself are no better than the KKK or fucking NAZIs in my view. Well, you're a lot dumber than I actually thought.
  13. B.J. Porter

    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    I've thrown out stuff sprouted in the back of the fridge that is smarter than Trump.That's not setting the bar very high.