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  1. I disagree, allegations are a dime a dozen, (actually they're free). The nature of Trump's business dealings were known to the voters during the election. It all went in the pot and he was elected. By all means be diligent, investigate potential conflicts of interest but don't apply a double standard. Actually, they weren't known to the voters because he didn't release his taxes. But Trump and his kids have been bragging about doing business in Russia for something like 30 years. All of a sudden, right now, they don't have any business ties there? https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2017/05/trump-lawyers-up-conflicts-of-interest/526185/
  2. For every candidate or just Trump because I don't remember this being an issue before. It's not been an issue because every candidate since Nixon has openly shared their taxes. Romney was dodgy, but mostly did. It's an issue because 1) Trump lied 2) Trump broke precedent 3) there is very clear evidence that Trump has many, many entanglements with foreign goverments and complications with the emoluments clause.
  3. We know that's true because they spent the extra $2.15 to get it certified. If you think I will believe anything Trump or his lawyers say about his taxes you would be mistaken.
  4. TMSAIL says he doesn't watch Fox.
  5. Given the context, I suspect that description was provided by himself. Ya think?
  6. Don't forget too, that Trump isn't alone in his pillaging. While Trump is drawing fire with his antics, the GOP is busily gutting the core safety net for citizens, easing tons of rules and regs for their corporate owners, and ramming through an extreme right wing agenda.
  7. I was always under the impression that one "Field Stripped" a gun, and "Field Dressed" a deer carcass.
  8. Of course they loved him, they are a brutal dictatorship, and Trump either doesn't know it, or is looking around thinking "America should be this nice for me." But he's selling them weapons and they KNOW he has a ginormous ego and can be easily manipulated, even without a pee tape.
  9. Depends on the loft you deal with. The primary reason for my years long relationship with Quantum was the service level delivered there. As a racer, I was often buying a few new sails year, I estimate I bought well over dozen sails from that the loft. I wasn't a Grand Prix program at all, but I was still writing a five figure check most years. The first year with my 40.7 the loft owner came out sailing with us to get us started, and raced on Wednesdays to help us out as we learned. A few years later, we invited him to Block Island Race Week with us, and he sailed with us throughout the season to build the team; we had a lot of fun. But more important, I could show up on Thursday morning with a sail I screwed up the night before racing, and have it back in time for a weekend regatta. Things were turned around fast and prioritized because he got what I was doing, and even once I started cruising and sold the race boat the same level of service and trust was there ordering and servicing sails for the new boat. That relationship was a bummer to leave behind, just like my rigger. People that understand how you think and help you figure out how best to help you to meet your needs instead of just trying to upsell and oversell you on the latest flash upgrade.
  10. When there are charges of treason brought forward by Mueller - we'll talk and I'll be the first in line to tie the noose around his neck. I would frankly like the trumptard gone now, but that's not how our legal system works. Its not up to me or you to determine where the "serious line" gets crossed - because neither one of us has even close to any of the facts. I'm willing to let the system work. That was my answer - the SYSTEM will take care of trump if it comes to that. What you or I want is irrelevant. In the meantime he's not that dangerous. We've weathered storms bigger than the cheeto jesus before and we will weather this one. Meh. So we've got a column of smoke up to the stratosphere you can see for hundreds of miles...but no actual fire has been spotted yet. So we should cut the guy some slack? No. Trump is not harmless. The GOP is complicit, they will do NOTHING until they realize their phoney-baloney jobs are on the line. Both Ryan and McConnell have made this quite clear. Not only will the NOT act, but they will fight to thwart any attempt TO act. Yet you trust them all to sort it before it gets too bad?
  11. He's been in office long enough to show his colors. I've no reason to assume he's at all serious.
  12. Not likely you've heard me on a sked anywhere. I don't really check into anything. It's entirely possible I am wrong about who you are, if so my apologies.
  13. Of course I do, that's why I had to explain it to you...
  14. Time for that "Right Wing 1st Amendment Refresher Moment". The first amendment has fuck-all to do with ME shouting over YOU. It is solely to do with the the government preventing you from speaking. No more, no less. By your rationale, a security guard grabbing a protestor and throwing them out of a Trump rally is a violation of their right to Free Speech. It isn't, not really. Private venue. If it was in a public place that is a different issues. Betsy Devos' free speech rights were granted solely by the administration of the University. They also decided not to suppress their students, though they legitimately could have.
  15. OK then. How much more serious do you want this to get? Clearly treason doesn't bug you, nor does insane levels of corruption...so what does? You're like a freaking Italian praising Mussolini because he made the trains run on time.