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  1. Come to the cruising side. We have rum. Though I must say, in these times being out of the US leaves me with very mixed feelings. On one hand, I'm spared the daily shitstorm, people walking around with guns, waving confederate flags and all that. On the other, I feel like I could be and should be doing more to resist what is going on. Phone banking and attending protests is a little tough from the far side of the world, and there's only so much money available to send to causes and elections. And of course there are the constant questions and discussions with foreigners about Trump. Of course, we're all lily white and in no immediate danger from the white supremacists unless I open my loud mouth. I understand your concerns with your own family - to the west of you I'm sure there are a lot of people that would be upset to see many shades of skin exiting the same minivan. Of course, if you go cruising you probably want to leave the guns behind, but that's a completely different discussion about pragmatism, not rights...
  2. You misspelled "sanctimonious gits".
  3. Or maybe some people, like yourself, aren't half as clever as you think you are. "There is such a fine line between clever and...stupid." - Nigel Tufnel
  4. Complaining about lack creativity in insults...while cribbing a clip of someone else's insults...YCMTSU.
  5. Really? This thread contains 13100 plus responses. There ya go, you've got me responding to your "unmitigated bullshit". Well played. Check the difference between "respond" and "respond well". Small words matter.
  6. Didn't say the group of people taking on Brent was a victim. But no on sought him out and dragged him here, no one held his hands and made him paste and type vast quantities of bullshit, lies and personal invective. Brent is a man of no character, he demonstrated that here quite clearly. He willingly walked in here and threw down the gauntlet. People don't respond well to abuse, and we certainly don't respond well to unmitigated bullshit.
  7. May be the case. But Trump's dad was arrested fighting alongside the KKK (his membership or lack thereof was never established), and his father and The Donald had a history or racial discrimination in their business practices - so it's possible that he does have some opinions her learned at Pappy's knee.
  8. Beat me to it. Romney's right. But he has pretty much zero influence these days.
  9. Bumping into a tramp if you prefer..... Not "Bumping into". The tramp is most definitely invading your space aggressively. There was no "bumping into" here - Brent showed up because every other sailing forum on the internet had already banned him for extreme assholery. So you've got you're own off the beaten path quiet waterhole where you and your buddies hang and bullshit about boats, and this unwashed drunk wanders in after getting kicked out of every other bar in town and starts yelling at people, throwing insults at anyone that suggests he quietly order a beer and speak civilly, and generally stinking up the joint. People lose patience with his boorishness quickly and start yelling back, and he's giving the place a weird smell. This little bar doesn't have a regular bouncer because it's not that sort of place, so no one chucks the a-hole out. The lout eventually wanders off for a couple of days and the place quiets down as the regulars shake their heads and order fresh beers. Then the jerk shows up again, still not having showered or changed his underwear, and starts shouting random things and insulting people again. Every week or two the local pinch faced minister, flush with sanctimonious piety after a successful weekend sermon, shows up and wags his finger at the people the ill mannered tramp has been shouting at and abusing, blaming them for his behavior. He smiles smugly to himself while congratulating his own moral superiority before he turns around and leaves, doing nothing to solve the problem except act like a smug and useless twat. Eventually, the tramp drops his pants and takes a huge shit on the floor, and there is no choice but to call the police and have him removed. If you're looking for an analogy...
  10. Careful about saying that too much, or you will end up summoning Mighetto to talk about the Mac 26.
  11. Which communiss' are you afraid of, exactly?
  12. Also you're missing the point about being "offensive" versus where the location of the statue is. The Satanists commissioned the statue to go on public grounds next to other state-sponsored religious monuments that had no business on public property. The statue itself is quite tasteful and well done, but the imagery is antithetical to many Christians. It does not belong on government property any more than the ten commandments do, which is the point of the whole exercise. The issue there is public land & funds versus private. I think you can make a very strong case that spending public money and allocating public space to honor men who took up arms against the U.S. in defense of one man's right to own another may not be entirely...appropriate. A bunch of idiot Trump supporters were protesting a statue of Lenin in Seattle the other day, claiming it should be removed because it glorified communism. While that point is debatable, what is NOT debatable is that the statue was privately owned on private property. Therefore there is no cause or rationale to remove it.
  13. To set the record straight - it's not wooden, it's cast bronze. My cousin Mark is the artist that made it; he's quite talented and it's a pretty impressive piece of work. http://www.markporterworks.com/monuments/
  14. Someone should jump on NaziMingle.com, there could be an opportunity there. We might even be able to get Moderate laid then.
  15. He may be back before the final reel. Or he may never really go away.