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  1. Certainly we could spend less time on Nynaeve and Egwine's dresses, yes. But once you get to a certain critical mass as a writer...they print what you write.
  2. Yeah, and you can read the Wheel of Time twice too, but you'll have forgotten half of it before you get back to the restart.
  3. Way too short to be stuck an island with.
  4. That's the beauty of the Wifi transfer Apps - your computer will never know it's there. Just connect both to your home Wifi, and your phone looks like another web site with files on it. I don't have that problem with Win 10 on mine, but I lobotomized Cortana straight off.
  5. One you don't love...
  6. He may have a problem getting into FP, as they want to see you with the equivalent of a ticket out or a bond that you promise to leave. They have structured their entire clearing in/visa process to keep people like Rimas out. If, by some miracle, Jean or some other angel/idiot of his does post a bond or a ticket for him, he STILL will only get a three month visa an a US passport. They will not give you an extended visa if you are applying from within French Polynesia.
  7. Nice! I'm guessing you don't have space in there for a box of my $12 Aussie rotgut... If you have an Android, there are many easy apps to allow a direct connection from phone to PC via WiFi to move files. Basically they set the phone up as a mini FTP/Web server and let you browse and download across your local net.
  8. The screwtop hasn't caught on as much in the US, and France. The US I think has a bias against "screw tops being cheap" or something - I think it's the same mentality that let upstate NY's crappy weak "Chablis" destroy the rep in the U.S. of an actual proper Chablis from France (more for the rest of us, I'd say...back when I could drink that regularly). The French...are French. They probably have a law against screwtops and very strict rules regarding the specific nature of the corks you can use if you want certain quality marks on your label. You can't hardly buy a bottle of wine in Australia (or NZ) with a cork in it. We drove out to wine country, bought and tasted some very nice wines that ranged into the fairly pricey. All of them were screw tops, every last one. We came back with a couple of hundred bucks worth of delightful wines in screw top bottles. Sadly, I went down the wine rathole years ago. Even been wine tasting in Burgundy and the Loire valley a couple of times; great fun. Then, when we decided to go cruising, it occurred to us that routinely cracking open $15-$20 bottles of wine was a patently stupid way to be saving money. So we implemented the "$10 Rule" (at the time) and started the hunt for good drinkable wine under $10/bottle. Now, since actively cruising that's more like the "$5 Rule" (or 5 Euro, $8 NZD, 600 XPF, etc. depending on locale). We only buy the really good stuff now when we visit wineries. So I've had to de-tune the palate quite a bit...though we did find a surprisingly drinkable box wine (recommended by a French/Polish couple we met) here in Oz for $15 AUD for a 5L box. For the slow at math, at today's exchange rate that works out to ~$1.68/bottle...
  9. I'm not convinced the Brent Swain account would, on it's face, pass a Turing test.
  10. OK...janitor then. Though based on the cleanliness of Brent's boat I'm not sure how that would work out and would also be an insult to janitors who do a scrupulous job keeping the hospital spotless and sterile. How about "Weird guy that sleeps next to the dumpster behind a hospital because he doesn't want to get a job an pay for a place to live?"
  11. FTFY
  12. I used to think cormorants were kind of cool. Then I bought a boat. Then I started speculating on the evolutionary advantages were to have the ability to shit odious cement, while seeking clarification on the exact penalties involved in slaying a great many one of them. They don't bug me so much now, since I left all the oily little fuckers on the other side of the globe. The local shags seem completely disinterested at the prospect of shitting on my deck.
  13. So those plaques sitting over my freezer on my delicate, lightly-built, cockleshell, death-trap of a boat...they mean it's almost a nice as a Brentboat? Awesome.
  14. Back in the states when I was on a mooring I could keep my refrigerator running full time with my 260W of solar and wind generator. It was nice to have cold drinks on the boat all the time. Will used to bring his Laser class out there to have lunch on the boat and raid the soda stash. Put a freezer in the mix though, and the daily power needs of people living and all bets are off!
  15. Nope, sounds about like the prices I get quoted every time I go to the big Sydney International Boat Show and price lithium batteries. I'll be at the next show in 4 weeks and I fully expect the prices to still be ridiculous. Tesla Corp is selling a massive battery pack for the price these guys want for a single 12V battery. Something is wrong here and I won't play. FKT He is right about the cost ratio of quality premade batteries to roll-yer-own being about 3:1. He's just off a bit about the prices on the ground here in Oz, and he's forgetting about the GST. Which I should be able to rebate if I'm out of here in less than sixty days.