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    I'm sure there were fine people on both sides.
  2. There was that time when I screwed up...

    Probably out stupidest mistake was the time we lost our cruising spinnaker on the way to New Zealand. That was our most hateful passage ever, where we had a bad repair to our main that left it unable to be flattened, but it was mostly upwind so it sucked extra hard because we couldn't point for shit AND we were slow. The generator failed, and we also discovered a leak on the raw water lines of the transmission oil cooler on the engine. We were tired, shitty, and unhappy. But the asymmetrical was what frosted the cake. Generally, when we have the asso on deck I like to leave it "plugged in", meaning in the bag with the sheets attached. This way if something goes wrong at least it's attached to the boat Somehow, this got mis-communicated and the sheets were removed when we brought it down. But in an oversight, no one put any sail ties around it or the bag, the bag was just closed when we dropped the sail last. The bag has shackles on it to hold it to the life line, but the bag itself was only closed with a lot of Velcro. No sail ties were wrapped around it either. Sometime after this happened, every single person on the boat looked at that sail up there on the bow as the wind moved forward and the chop picked up and thought "hey, we should check that" or "maybe we should secure that or bring it in." Everyone - all four of us - had that thought at least once, and none of us voiced it. Probably because it looked like a shitty job no one wanted to deal with. Needless to say, the wind moved forward (as it did for > 2/3 of this shitty trip) and the waves picked up through the night. Sometime in the middle of the midnight to 3:00am watched I looked forward and saw the empty bag just flapping in the wind. At some point a wave over the bow must have just washed the damned thing out of the bag and overboard in the dark. If we'd just hove to the first time someone thought about securing it, it would have take a few minutes to either tie down or bring below, and we'd still have the thing today. Unfortunately, with my crew size dropping off as my kids go to college, it was hard to justify the money on a new sail we'd hardly ever use in the future.
  3. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    Of course he would. Work or starve.
  4. The War on Women, Redux

    Don't think it has anything to do with you being "deplorable". You're just a wanker who generally isn't worth the effort. If you play to form, you'll prove that again for us shortly. Exactly. I ignore Tom not for his politics, but for his behavior.
  5. He knew what he signed up for

    Kelly sat there and LIED HIS ASS OFF ABOUT HER. It took about two minutes for the media to find the video of the speech in question where Kelly accused her of grandstanding to prove that his accusations about her behavior wqere completely fabricated. I guess lying is the new norm now, and is OK?
  6. Hillsy and rapists

    So it's come out now that Fox has paid out over $100 Million in settlements to cover it's staff of white male rapists, harassers and abusers. They paid a $32 Million settlement for O'Reilly....THEN gave him a new contract. I mean...$32 Million on a harassment case? WTF do you have to do agree to that? Get caught on video forcibly sodomizing your intern with a baseball bat? I mean...how awful is this guy. Just a theory. You don't get $32 Million because O'Reilly kept telling you that you had a nice ass. Anyway...I digress. I'd really love to hear the thoughts from all the whiny hypocrites trying to blame a Hollwood producer on Hillary Clinton about the fucking propaganda arm of the GOP spending $100 Million to support their stable of harassers and abusers. Anybody? Bueller?
  7. The War on Women, Redux

    It's not the young that thoughtlessly voted for that cock-womble Trump. SOME young white men did, of course - the Richard Spencer devotees. But the white women that voted for Trump were older, like my aunts (late 60s/70s) and my cousin (late 40s). There was nothing hellish about this. You had a xenphobic, racist ignoramus and self-admitted sex-criminal running. There is nothing difficult about that choice, unless you are some Fox-addled dimwit with a loose grip on reality. I can almost, sorta understand voting 3rd party, maybe even not voting. But pulling the lever for that guy? Fuck you, I don't want to hear another word from your racist-enabling ignorant ass unless it's "Sorry, I fucked up...how do we get rid of him." No complaints, no whining. You broke this shit, you buy it.
  8. The War on Women, Redux

    Don't care. If someone voted for Trump, they can go right to the back of the line when it comes to sympathy. They can wait behind all the people that didn't condone racism, sexism, xenophobia and corruption by voting for him.
  9. The War on Women, Redux

    If you voted for Trump, you aren't a victim. You're a perpetrator.
  10. Twitter Toddler in Chief back at it

    I can not believe he's sat down and read a book of any stripe in decades.
  11. The War on Women, Redux

    If a women voted for Donald "Pussy Grabber" Trump as a protest against Hillary, she is an idiot.
  12. The War on Women, Redux

    and Dog is happy with cuts to "let girls learn" ..Hmmmm?? He seems happy with most all of the Trump agenda. He has his.
  13. The War on Women, Redux

    A majority of white women voted for Trump. Not a large majority. But Trump won 53% of the white women's vote. Off the top of my head I can name a number of white women that I know voted for him, just from my family.
  14. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    I think Trump knows a lot of his lies as lies. Not so sure of Rockdog. I think he's just dense and willfully ignorant.
  15. Back when I was a kid, we had the whole "People vs. Larry Flynt" thing in Cincinnati, where I grew up. The gist of it was the city went after him for obscenity for publishing Hustler, among other things. A month or so before his trial he published a booklet called "The Real Obscenty: War" and mailed out 400,000 copies to Cincinnati area households. His argument at the time was basically "If you can argue that tits and beaver shots are more obscene than this, I will plead guilty." It was full of deeply disturbing, graphic and uncensored images of the wounded, dying, and mutilated. Mostly from Viet Nam. It was truly obscene. I saw it, of course, because some kid brought a copy that had been left around his house in to school... https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/F2/574/874/218845/ http://people.com/archive/there-are-people-says-larry-flynt-who-want-his-mouth-washed-out-with-soap-vol-7-no-9/ https://books.google.com.au/books?id=yAOGQPJ7FS4C&pg=PA159&lpg=PA159&dq=The+real+obscenity+:+war&source=bl&ots=zD_mAVWm27&sig=OD-i2Oa-chqOYC-_lGTCg3R-7wM&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi0zf2s_oLXAhVJo5QKHWJJAO0Q6AEIQzAI#v=onepage&q=The real obscenity %3A war&f=false