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  1. Nope, sounds about like the prices I get quoted every time I go to the big Sydney International Boat Show and price lithium batteries. I'll be at the next show in 4 weeks and I fully expect the prices to still be ridiculous. Tesla Corp is selling a massive battery pack for the price these guys want for a single 12V battery. Something is wrong here and I won't play. FKT He is right about the cost ratio of quality premade batteries to roll-yer-own being about 3:1. He's just off a bit about the prices on the ground here in Oz, and he's forgetting about the GST. Which I should be able to rebate if I'm out of here in less than sixty days.
  2. Agreed - the requirements are radically different. If I was a weekender or part time cruiser that visited marina with any frequency I'd approach this completely differently. Someone like KDH, his solution is perfect for how he uses his boat. Putting LFP tech in it would be silly and expensive.
  3. That may be fine in the PNW. It's not how I want to live, and I've no clue where I could have bought ice in the Tuamotus.
  4. By implication, if he's collecting SS he's paid into it at some point by actually holding a job for a period and paying in. Or he's disabled. The latter seems more likely...
  5. <Sigh>...so once again you think I have not researched this for more than fifteen seconds. No one is having me on, and I am not a moron as you are implying for about the fifth time in this thread. 1) I'm doing 17,280 Watts - 720Ah @ 24V. Not 400Ah @ 24V - almost twice that. The cell costs once you've rebated out the 10% GSD and converted to USD (@ .75 USD/AUD) is about $8,677. It is well within the price range you mention. I could have saved maybe $1,000 by ordering them directly from China myself and dealing with the import headaches, duties, and the risk of wiring a big pile of money off to China and waiting for the cells to maybe not show up anywhere near the time promised. This fellow was a little more, but his lead time for the cells was weeks, not months like the others I talked to. In fact, he's one of the guys you recommended in your PMs. 2) The BMS units I've seen run from $300 or so up to about $2K. There are a number of low end systems out there in the price range you mention. Feature wise, the one I am using is much more capable in function than some of the cheaper units (some features I preferred include CAN communication with chargers, very open ability to monitor the system, extremely flexible range of options for configuring battery protection, etc. etc.). My choice, I could have gone with a much, much cheaper one. Is it overkill for this application? Maybe. I've got a friend on another boat using the same system, and I like what his does for him and he's quite happy with it on his boat in a similar application to mine. The pricing on this BMS is not out of line with the cost for buying it from a third party in Europe, plus the premium for shipping it to Australia and adding in their GST (10%, which I will get rebated when I leave). e.g. the BMS processor from a Euro website is EUR 359, which translates to $536 AUD. Add in the shipping, GST and other costs associated with it being here in Oz, and $660 AUD for the unit is entirely reasonable. Yes, I could have saved a few hundred bucks importing it myself and waiting weeks or more...or I could order it from a guy who has stock. The BMS pricing I mentioned includes $1,231 AUD (about $840 USD after GST) in actual charges for Emus branded products, including a Bluetooth adapter so I can monitor the batteries on a wireless Android device. The rest of the money goes to spares, connectors, fuse blocks, wiring, contactors, converters, etc. etc. There's nothing surprising here, and if you think I have not crossed checked the price of every single major component against a supplier elsewhere to ensure that pricing is in line you're a bit daft. I am not.
  6. The price difference is HUGE between Victron, Mastervolt and roll your own. I had a back and forth with Victron when we were discussing chargers and they wanted to know why I wasn't using their batteries. I had to point out to them that their 12V 160 Ah battery costs $3,452.70 AUD at Outback Marine. I'm installing a 24V 720Ah bank. An 800Ah Victron bank would cost $34,527 AUD just for the batteries (I could do less...640Ah for $27,621), not including any charger upgrades which I'd have to make for any battery install. While their BMS is cheaper because so much of it is already integral to the pre-made batteries, it isn't free. Mastervolts are worse...I found a 24V 180Ah battery for $10,136.01 AUD. I'd need four of those to get the same capacity... My cells are $12,560 AUD with shipping. My BMS seems expensive at $3,146.32 AUD compared to Victron's $188 VE.Bus BMS, that price also includes a spare BMS processor ($622) and cell monitor ($34), as well as a full electrical diagram, wires pre-labelled for installation, upgraded 500A contactors (boy that bow thrusters is a pig), cell monitors, and upgraded active balancing. I'm buying a lot of the hardware that is installed in the Victron battery packs separately. At the end of the day though, I'll spend less than half on my bank. If you are doubling the cost a $1,000 item, you can maybe make a good argument to me on the value and quality of say, a Victron interverter-charger versus Brand X. It is a bit harder to swallow when it's a $15-20,000 project you are doubling the cost of; that's a significantly larger whack out of my wallet especially when the tech doesn't look all that superior.
  7. A couple of these socks I recognize. But some, I do not. It is entirely possible we've got some directed social media manipulation going on. There are a LOT of guys with frogs in their icons or "deplorable" as part of their names on Twitter that sound just like these angry clowns.
  8. I really don't need to pick up every single dog turd on the ground and sniff it to know it's shit. The ignore function is similar. I don't need to read any more posts from the shitposting trolls to know it will be stupid. Just like I don't need to read any posts from certain posters to know it's disingenuous nonsense, even if they aren't shit posters if they play the same games over and over again I lost interest with engaging them. Same for the willfully stupid and obdurate. The eye can not NOT read something you see. I read very quickly, and even scanning through a thread I'll see more than enough to want to reply and get embroiled in the shit. It's not worth it, there is literally nothing that some of these clowns will ever say that is engaging and I'm not interested in rising to bait. You can keep sniffing turds if you want to, that's why ice cream comes in flavors.
  9. Oh look, another Brentboat that can't claw off a lee shore.
  10. It's not even a one-upping. He's got nothing to grab onto, and he's got try and fling some shit.
  11. Yup, for indoctrinating those little minds before they are fully formed enough to develop adult reasoning capabilities and deal with abstract concepts. Again...why to the taxpayers need to pay for that?
  12. I thought he said $15 on the phone...but it's only a month. A dolly would cost more than the boat...I think the club has a dock for dinghies but the racks are full. He's sitting in a slip with it.
  13. Think of all the helpless kittens.... You all might want to PM the Editor about it. Ad content was never in my purview anyway.
  14. I'm not sure that a playground qualifies quite the same way as putting out a fire or stopping a crime. If the church didn't have a playground, it wouldn't need re-surfacing. Why does it need to have a playground? My church growing up didn't have a playground (though it did have some nice wide open fields for playing football and baseball). Of course, you know my feelings in general on the tax free nature of churches...
  15. That doesn't mean the state can discriminate against a group of citizens because they hold certain beliefs. So can the Muslim kids come play on that playground?