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  1. He did some dumb stuff a few years back. He's been clean but aggressive on the field the last few years, but they flag him aggressively and punish him after the fact for stuff not even flagged in the game. THere were two Steelers last week that committed flagrant and aggressive fouls that looked intent to harm - including Rapistburger twisting a guy's ankle. Think any of them got time off? Nope...
  2. Proa is why we cant have nice things. Trolls gotta troll. It's one of the reasons I don't share nearly as much out here as I used to. I got sick of getting shit on. I'm now running near the end of a LiFePO4 conversion on my boat, building a 17Kw house bank. Fascinating stuff. There's no thread here on SA for a reason, though I'm sharing it in the blog.
  3. Must be. I didn't start a thread to share the project here because I got sick of sanctimonious twits telling me I was too stupid to do this and how badly I'd fuck it up. I had zero interest in fending that unhelpful shit off, I just wanted to get it done. It's working now. I'm blogging the project after the fact and as I wrap up the little loose ends - the link is in my sig line. I didn't do it all perfectly, and it went over on time (but was about spot on the budget, though the upper end). I'll address that there. I have ZERO interest in rehashing or discussing it here.
  4. Landfall on Dominica at Cat 5. That is not a country with a lot of resources; safety and recovery will be problematic.
  5. BFD...I scored 99th percentile on damned near every standardized test I've ever taken. Doesn't mean I know fuck-all about designing a boat. And now in my fifties, it means fuck-all about anything to anyone, except to annoy some irritating gob with an ax to grind on the internet. This "breaking into threads" behavior from Bob to abuse and troll people...just not seeing it. And in my former role as a moderator, I paid pretty close attention to the trolls and stalkers. I know which list you would be on if I was still doing it.
  6. That's not what I am saying, you twit. But comprehension isn't your strong suit of late. You asked WHY the US get's it's little white feelings hurt so hard over slavery when the rest of the world did it too. I pointed out to you that there were some rather major differences in how the rest of the world handled slavery and how we did it in the US. And we've also persisted in shitting on former slaves and maintaining institutional racism and a deep culture of it since then. This is less of a problem elsewhere.
  7. There has been a sign by the road for the last couple of weeks here with Tupac's face and name on it. There is some sort of commemorative/memorial show or festival being held in a couple of weeks. I am presently located in the Gold Coast, in Queensland. This sign was on the road back from Labrador right before the exit to M1, we passed it every time we drove back to the marina in Coomera from that area.
  8. You also might want to check your history. The US was among the LAST of the white, European derived nations to eliminate slavery. Cuba and Brazil officially banned it after us, but the Brits beat us to abolition by a generation. The French, Dutch, and Spanish banned it in their colonies before we did. That, and most of the European slavery was done in their colonies and islands, whereas as a colony the US had a large number of slaves important, and we chose to keep the slaves in our homeland for economic reasons. None of the European countries had the practice fo holding large numbers of imported slaves in their homeland. Yes, they profited from slave labor, but you didn't have a lot of domestic slavery. https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-slavery-idUSL1561464920070322
  9. There irony if confederate flag carrying losers telling black people to "move on" from slavery is not lost on everyone.
  10. There are pictures, just not here. What huge inverter? We removed the Phoenix Multiplus 24/3000 inverter/charger and replaced it with a 1200W inverter and a pair of 3000W CAN enabled chargers. We don't need 3000W of inversion, never did, and there isn't physical space for it with the new chargers.
  11. You drop that "touchdown" thing so casually. We've not had a Bengal in the endzone yet this season after two games... Our O-Line may be our unfixable problem. We let two of our top veterans and team leaders go in free agency (Whitworth and Zeitler) and have replaced them with rookies and unproven second-year guys. It's not clear yet if last year's first-round draft pick Cedric Ogbuehi is actually capable of the job.
  12. I wouldn't sweat the Bengals too hard until they've actually scored a touchdown this year. Though we shitcanned our offensive coordinator, because he was a fucking idiot, and moved our QB coach to OC. We'll see how that works out - there is a stunning amount of talent on the team that is being painfully mismanaged. No guarantee this go can make it work.
  13. Or a big donation to the Trump Foundation.
  14. You gave them what the boss wanted. ;-) His story, his pictures, look Mom, see what I've become! No one will access these, but it looks great. From a strict usability standpoint, my preference is to ditch dynamic effects, remove background images, and "forget" to link to videos, but a lot of our projects need to be mobile-friendly, are not Web hosted, and are used in sketchy data connectivity environments. I suppose one could test link quality, and enable glitter as bandwidth allows. I suspect your truck driver in Bumfuk Kansas wouldn't be so delighted in the pretty pictures. "Designing Web Usability" by Jakob Nielsen is kind of the Old Testament of the UI/UX field. Everyone seems to ignore it nowadays, assuming all clients have infinite bandwidth at all times. And yeah, I quoted your post, which is Sin #1 for the Pactor crowd ;-) I frequently live in a bandwidth straved environment...I like simple. And small.
  15. Agreed. It sounds like a miscarriage of justice. One guy in one of those articles was talking about how accidentally showing up with an ICP hat to work cost him his job...