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  1. B.J. Porter

    PA righties - line up

    I put him on ignore for being a ginormous asshole & ignoramus before I discovered if he had any use on the sailing side or not. Truth is, I don't care if he has anything useful to say about sailing after learning what he is. I used to say the same thing about AG/JT - what a shame it was he couldn't NOT be such a dishonest and abusive gaslighting asshole because he had so much to add to the sailing side of things. But fuck 'em - there are plenty of good sailors out there that aren't raging dickheads, so we don't need to put up with them.
  2. B.J. Porter

    7-year old illegal immigrant dies in CBP custody

    Unless they're white, then they go to Burger King. Ethos & Protocol. I thought from the bogus name this was someone socking it up to mock the Moronic Michigander. I've since see the complete lack of compassion, decency, and intelligence in a few posts and suspect it's the real asshole.
  3. B.J. Porter

    7-year old illegal immigrant dies in CBP custody

    Looks more like this...
  4. B.J. Porter

    7-year old illegal immigrant dies in CBP custody

    I have. Australia required a chest X-Ray and doctor's visit while outside the country during the application for a visa longer than 90 days. New Zealand requires same when you request your second visa extension.
  5. B.J. Porter

    PA lefties...line up

    Fox & Trump make up this bullshit straw man position that no actual liberal holds, then morons like you believe it's true. Completely explained. Next!
  6. B.J. Porter

    7-year old illegal immigrant dies in CBP custody

    Glad you find humor in a 7yo's death. There are some fucking sick people in this country. Anyone who is not disturbed by children dying at the hands of our government has something deeply wrong with them.
  7. B.J. Porter

    ACA struck down

    Don't worry, you still have a chance to take a glorious part in cheering for a bunch of poor and old people dying from preventable diseases!
  8. B.J. Porter

    Social Security "increase"

    Not according to yahoo.... I'm in Dunn's district, even though Yahoo was on my ballot, and I didn't vote for him..... I found that very curious. Don't tell them that when you call, the staff for Florida's second stupidest congressman1 really won't help you then. 1 I firmly believe Matt "DUI" Gaetz gets the win for that over Ted "3/5ths" Yoho2. 2 To be fair to Ted Yoohoo, something I don't really enjoy doing, he didn't really say that black citizens should have 3/5ths of a vote, only that property owners should be the only ones allowed to vote
  9. B.J. Porter

    ACA struck down

    Just remember, all five of the SCOTUS judges who voted to uphold the ACA the last time around are still alive, kicking, and on the court.
  10. B.J. Porter

    Haiku's for Dog

    I don't think you were greeting Rep. Pelosi...
  11. B.J. Porter

    Haiku's for Dog

     Weak I ageee. It’s not a proper Haiku. Yeah, you could add the missing four syllables with "misogynist".
  12. B.J. Porter

    In-mast Furling

    No, we don't.
  13. B.J. Porter

    In-mast Furling

    Oh no, it's not.
  14. B.J. Porter

    In-mast Furling

    Not if you actually are trying to fit it in the bag... I try not to feel in adequate when the sail comes back from the sailmaker approximately 1/3 the size it was when we folded it up to send to them.
  15. B.J. Porter

    In-mast Furling

    It's ~628 SF or so, so 60 m^2, roughly. P = 60.8 ft, E = 20.67 ft. From where I sit that's a pretty big sail, but I've never owned a larger boat. It's about 130 lbs (~59-60 kilos) so it's heavy, but not too heavy to move my myself. Moving it myself on the deck is more awkward than unmanageably heavy. Dropping it is pretty quick, flaking it takes more time as we have to take the four battens out. So it doesn't come right off onto a flaking pile, it drops, gets de-battened, then we drag it over the book to deck flake it. The new battens on the new sail are more of a pain in the ass than the old battens. But no, it doesn't take half an hour to flake it with 2-3 people. But getting a GOOD flake on the deck at anchor takes more time than feeding over the lifeline onto a dock. There's a enough crap cluttering the deck that there's not a great place to stretch the sail out full length with the width of a good flake to work with. Mostly it's the three lowers that get in the way... We don't often actually flake the sail up for storage as we never store the boat. If it's coming down it's generally for a reason like inspection of the sail and halyard, so you pull it down, do what you need to do, then put it up again. We've taken it off a few times for repairs. But the process probably seems longer than it is because it's usually a drop and re-hoist in the same event, so twice the fun. We're able to use a pre-feeder on the hoist which helps. So does a lot of Sailkote on the bolt rope as we're hoisting. Personally, I'm think I'm a crap flaker. My wife hates the way I fold clothes, too, so it may be a related skill.