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  1. Congrats...Grandpa.
  2. Now back up a minute there. I am getting the distinct impression you do NOT understand the Trump view on the Presidency.
  3. You remember the Republican staffers who were flown down to Tallahassee to pose as citizens protesting the recount? I do. Or the ~40,000 "felons" who were purged from the election rolls prior to election day in FL with no recourse or ability to vote? (Hint: Most weren't felons, but a lot had black sounding names)
  4. Bush's legitimacy was called into question because of the shenanigans in FL. Not because of the color of his skin. Tell me about ANY other presidential candidate before Obama who was asked to show a birth certificate, and not believed when he did. Hell, Ted Cruz, who was born in fucking Canada, didn't get any of the blowback that Obama did, who was actually born in the US.
  5. You didn't answer anything, so why should I bother? But I will anyway. If the 15+ point anti-GOP swing in those four races is an indicator of things on a national level, expect the house to flip, at a minimum. GOP candidates that won by five points last time will be screwed if that happens.
  6. Please explain how the GOP won four elections by the bare skin of their teeth in districts that have been dark red for years and gerrymandered beyond all reason?
  7. If they where there for that they would have gone all Praetorian Guard on him months ago. Or at least taken his phone from him.
  8. Yeah, I don't know any two time Obama voters that went for Trump. None. One of my Fox aunts, I think she had a "Thank you Florida, I voted for Bush" bumper sticker on her car still when I left in 2012. Neither of them voted for Obama, nor did anyone else in my family that voted for Trump. New Yorkers have known about Trump for every, and what a narcissistic boob he is. When we lived in NY for seven years you couldn't help but get in impression of the guy, from his appearances on Stern, to the buildings with his name on it, and his constant appearance in local news. Now does Billy Joe Jim-Bob out in West Bumfuck, Kentucky have that same background on Trump? Not likely - if he knows anything about him, it's from "Apprentice" - a show where the producers didn't even trust Trump to make the decisions, but was designed to paint him as a decisive executive and successful business man. Not the scatterbrained failure that he really is.
  9. I find it puzzling how a group of people that gets the lion's share of their worldview from Fox News would know fuck-all about what the Democrats are actually saying and doing. They've been told a version of reality that is far from the truth.
  10. "Sanctimonious Git" may have been me, along with "Frankendumpster". In a weird side effect, I encourage you to do an image search on Google for Frankendumpster...it turns up tons of pictures from this thread.
  11. As someone who was a moderator through most of this thread...it really didn't cross into any grounds that wold merit shutting it down, based on any other thread that has been allowed to live on SA. Even Brent's banning didn't technically hit any of the third rails that we ban people for, though there is some nebulous "asshole tolerance barrier" that a few people have managed to find their way past, like Brent. Moderation at SA is really light intentionally, and there have been only a few dozen entire threads pulled over the last two decades. If you take out the ones speculating on the the ************ lawsuit, that number gets a lot smaller. When a thread gets pulled it's generally because it has veered into lots of outing of people and threats of physical violence or real world action, or was started to go somewhere truly inappropriate (even by SA standards) in the first place. The Editor has also taken some down that were attack threads directly at him, Clean, and me personally - I don't count those since there wasn't any back room discussion on them; he just got cheesed off and yanked them. But a bunch of shit fighting over something like this thread? It may generate some yellow and red cards for posters, but the thread itself isn't problematic compared to some we dealt with.
  12. Oh come on. Respect you for what you have done but you ain't exactly done much cruising yourself lately, and that label could be self-applied, LOL. But seriously, good luck with the batts project. Watching with interest. I am in a foreign country with my boat. I'm here for a year...does that mean I've stopped cruising? No, it doesn't.
  13. Is that the way you talk to people face-to-face? When they are acting like jerks, you mean? I'd absolutely use that phrasing.
  14. Nice try, BJ, but false premise. I did not suggest "equivalency" Seem to me the majority of the Sanctimonious Git Brigade seem to think Bob and others have equal or more culpability here than Brent.
  15. He claims to cruise for a couple weeks each year. Doesn't see the hypocrisy. Cruising for a couple of weeks a year is not the same as the type of cruising Brent claims to do - "Blue Water", "World Cruiser", whatever it is is only a couple of weeks, and only coastal. I "cruised" more than that when I lived on land.
  16. Fallacy. Brent is more of a Liveaboard. He hasn't been a Cruiser in decades.
  17. Doody-head.
  18. I am wondering where it was that you saw Bob accusing Brent of pederasty, attacking Brent's wife and family, and accusing Brent of profiteering off of his son's tragic death and pocketing money raised for scholarships in his son's name. I'm just curious how "Brent, you are a know-nothing and a fool" equates to ANY of those attacks that Brent is on record making. The only "equivalency" is that while Brent accused Bob of being a scam artist, a con man and a grifter...Brent actual IS such a thing, and it was pointed out by many. So you DO have some people, perhaps Bob included, who pointed out that Brent spreading lies to sell his product is less than honest, while on the other hand Brent repeatedly slammed Bob's professional reputation and ethics without one single shred of evidence. But there were faults on many sides...
  19. He could probably make a very compelling case that the hull separated from the keel, not the other way around. It's all a matter of your frame of reference, of course...
  20. Einstein vs. Newton is an excellent example. Einstein is right in pretty much all conditions. Newton was right in those conditions where relativistic effects are so small as to be negligible, e.g. every day life. So we can build ships and buildings comfortably using Newtonian physics because we're not likely to ever encounter conditions where relativistic effects are relevant. I imagine if we ever decide we need to accelerate an object faster than a rounding error of C, we'll have to use different math for the engineering. In this case, the false narrative that Bob follows Brent around hurling personal insults and invective, and that Brent is the unwitting victim of mob justice is quite relevant. Because it's flat out bullshit.
  21. The factual one...
  22. Come to the cruising side. We have rum. Though I must say, in these times being out of the US leaves me with very mixed feelings. On one hand, I'm spared the daily shitstorm, people walking around with guns, waving confederate flags and all that. On the other, I feel like I could be and should be doing more to resist what is going on. Phone banking and attending protests is a little tough from the far side of the world, and there's only so much money available to send to causes and elections. And of course there are the constant questions and discussions with foreigners about Trump. Of course, we're all lily white and in no immediate danger from the white supremacists unless I open my loud mouth. I understand your concerns with your own family - to the west of you I'm sure there are a lot of people that would be upset to see many shades of skin exiting the same minivan. Of course, if you go cruising you probably want to leave the guns behind, but that's a completely different discussion about pragmatism, not rights...
  23. You misspelled "sanctimonious gits".
  24. Or maybe some people, like yourself, aren't half as clever as you think you are. "There is such a fine line between clever and...stupid." - Nigel Tufnel
  25. Complaining about lack creativity in insults...while cribbing a clip of someone else's insults...YCMTSU.