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  1. Obama compares Trump to Hitler YCMTSU

    Yeah - that's it. Everybody that voted against Obama is racist - only reason that it could be, eh Mr Perfect? I wasn't answering you, I was answering Rockdog. You haven't been stupid and racist enough to suggest that Obama owes white Americans an apology for Presiding While Black.
  2. Obama compares Trump to Hitler YCMTSU

    Winning. Beating the white guy. Twice.
  3. Obama compares Trump to Hitler YCMTSU

    You know, a LOT of women could no longer see my wife as a doctor when the ACA went into effect. You know that, right? What a fucking liar Obama was, eh? The ACA comes along and BAM! A couple of thousand women in Rhode Island lose their favorite OB/Gyn. Oh...doctors and insurance companies can CHOOSE what they wish to accept for insurance? Or even if they want to retire? NEWSFLASH: There is nothing Barack Obama could have said or done to ensure that my wife's patients could still see her after 5/31/2012...no matter what Obama promised. What any doctor or insurer chooses to provide for service cannot be mandated by the President. If a doctor or insurer chooses to stop providing a service because it is insufficiently profitable because of the higher level of care they are required to provide, that is not Obama's fault.
  4. Out of Town Visitor - Sailing in Sydney Harbor

    You know where I'll be Boxing Day. We'll wave from the ferry! We should be down in Sydney by Friday, Will gets in late Sunday night. We need to catch up for beers.
  5. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    Don't confuse him with facts, his mind's made up. Figures a dim bulb like Warbird gets his news from a blog called "Conservative Treehouse".
  6. Out of Town Visitor - Sailing in Sydney Harbor

    I think you can buy a ticket BJ. A friend did it a few years ago and she said it was great. Already paid for a spot on the Manly fast ferry for Will & I. Now, I just need to psych myself up to sail out into this 20+ SE to get my ass down there...
  7. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    I have no idea what you are on about.
  8. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    Classic. YCMTSU. The Trumpista self-owns are so precious.
  9. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    A Canuck and an Aussie trying to explain fundamental morality to a couple of people that have completely sacrificed it for party politics.
  10. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    Were you born congenitally stupid, or did your mom potty train you with a tack hammer?
  11. "There is no such thing as 'Sound Science'"

    I think you may want to break out the sarcasm font for a few people in the peanut gallery.
  12. "There is no such thing as 'Sound Science'"

    Still disagree. Many aspects of science are fact. Theory moves to fact when the theory can be demonstrated reliably. Gravity is a fact it can be demonstrated It's OK, you are welcome to be wrong. But in the face of those that actually grasp science, holding forth with that position makes you sound like an ignoramus. A scientific "theory" is like a car. It's a composite of a lot of known and demonstrable facts and ideas, assembled with regards to how they work together to posit a working understanding that is pragmatic and useful. A valve tappet or a piston on it's own is fairly useless, but you can tie them together with other parts to make a working whole. Over time, you can replace, improve, and upgrade your understanding - the parts and components - but it is still a workable, functioning thing. A car has changed dramatically since the Model T, has it not? But the addition of fuel injection, electronic ignition, etc. does not negate the fundamental theory of a car. It is just a refinement of the theory.
  13. A bunch of tax law professors and lawyers went over the new tax bill, and found 35 pages worth of loopholes in this horrid piece of crap they GOP passed. https://slate.com/business/2017/12/35-pages-of-loopholes-in-the-gop-tax-plan.html The actual paper: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3084187
  14. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    A couple of those girls said he pushed himself on them, including one fourteen year old. So you're OK that he did groping and grabbing, so long as he failed penetration on the 14 year old? Of course you are. Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night supporting a party that endorses a creep like Moore.
  15. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    40 years ago it appears to be the norm. It was codified in law. You got a cite for that? Both the law (which has been age-of-conset of 16 in Alabama for about the last 100 years) or the "norm"? I'm old enough to remember 40 years ago. 40 years ago, a thirty something cruising the high schools for dates was considered creepy as fuck.
  16. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    I think that a person needs to live there a few years, raise children there, plant some trees and build some things there to really see what's behind Alabamans. It takes a while to purge the preconceived notions. My son was born in Tuscaloosa btw, he's my favorite Alabaman. I think I will have sufficient evidence to support or disprove my preconceived notions about Alabama by about midnight on Dec. 12th.
  17. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    I do not share your faith in the wisdom and character of the people of Alabama.
  18. So Waht is Al Franken going to tell us today?

    I do not think it matters one way or another. The media and the left were going to hang that tag on the GOP, Even if Moore dropped out. Probably played into the calculus of the RNC refunding Moore. “ well they are going to damn us regardless, might as well keep the seat.” The GOP has grabbed that tag with both hands and hung it around their own neck. Nobody made them endorse, fund and support a child molester. Of course no one made them endorse, embrace, fund and elect xenophobic, ignorant, racist for President, either. So what's one more in the Senate?
  19. Will the GOP throw Trump under the bus?

    And what is happening to Conyers? And what is probably happening to Franken? Versus what is happening to Moore? The Democrats will clean up our mess, even if it hurts is. The GOP will ignore any sin so long as they increase their power.
  20. Trump to create private spy agency with Blackwater

    This whole concept, well, you know what it makes me think of. Now I can't stop.
  21. NFL 2017

    To be fair, about 80 of those penalty yards were from two HUGE pass interfence calls, one of which set up the last second FG in the 1st half. A three point gimme. JuJu Smith-Shithead should have been kicked out. That Gronk, Smith-Shithead, and George Iloka all got the same suspension defies belief. But it doesn't surprise you for a Patriot, a Steeler, and a guy from a 2nd tier team that sells fuck-all for jerseys and swag in comparison. The NFL knows where its bread is buttered.