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  1. As you all know I've recently completed most of the upgrades to LFP technology on the boat. All we need to know about the BMS really is that it can't control non-CAN chargers, so I have to connect non-CAN sources like my windgen to the load bus. There is no easy way to close the charge contactor without the CAN chargers on...stupid design but I have to live with it for now. The wind generator's Voltage Regulation Setpoint will be lowered to a little below fully charged voltage, so it won't try to rise the voltage high enough to damage things, but will add current to supply house loads when the batteries aren't completely charged. That's not what I'm trying to sort - this 400W generator is not enough normally to actually *charge* anything, just defray consumption. What I am trying to sort out here is protecting the wind generator from a protection event where the load contactor shuts off. The AirX marine on an open circuit will freewheel itself to death if it's not put in brake mode. So if there is a protection event when I am off the boat and the batteries turn off, the wind generator will freewheel until someone shuts it off manually. The Windgen has a + and - leads. You short them together in order to brake the system, or turn it off. What I would like to do is use a simple SPDT relay to automatically short out the windgen power leads and brake it in the even of a power off condition. Below is the diagram - at the top is the recommended installation method with a break-then-make switch. At the bottom is my proposed solution - a SPDT relay that runs a wire between the windgen's + and - thread on the Normally Closed circuit. It is powered from the house power, which means that when the load contactor is closed (all is norma) the relay is activated and the circuit is open. If the Load Contactor opens, the wind generator will be put into Open Circuit mode and start freewheeling. But the relay will lose power, which then closes the wire that crosses the + and - wires on the wind generator, braking the wind generator until power is restored. Anyone think this will totally screw something up? Any better ideas?
  2. Auto downvote script for any post containing the word ???

    Right on cue!
  3. Auto downvote script for any post containing the word ???

    Queue "Democrats are racists who opposed the civil rights act, because I'm a moron that needs the Southern Strategy and history explained to me for the 27th time" in 3...2...1... Damn, the stupid was WAY too fast for me and got all over the thread while I was typing.
  4. Auto downvote script for any post containing the word ???

    Queue "Democrats are racists who opposed the civil rights act, because I'm a moron that needs the Southern Strategy and history explained to me for the 27th time" in 3...2...1...
  5. Trump required staff to sign non disclosure agreements

    Trump is in the habit of getting everyone around him to sign NDAs. He's been that way most of his life. I guess he realizes he doesn't want the repulsive truth about him getting out to tarnish the image he's been building.
  6. Trump required staff to sign non disclosure agreements

    It's not quite that simple, in my understanding. Public sector jobs are governed by a lot of rules and guidelines. Years ago when my company was writing software for the RI Ethics Commission, when they came to our office for a meeting they wouldn't accept so much as a soda from the stash of free soda I kept on hand for my programmers. A private NDA is between the PUBLIC employee and who? They do not work for Donald Trump, Trump Industries, or anyone but the US Government. They are bound by the ethics rules, record retention rules, disclosure rules, and so on. Also, for ANY sort of NDA to hold any sort of legal force it must be offered with some sort of "Consideration". Meaning the employee gets something. With new employees it's easy enough - the NDA needs to be signed for you to get the job. Fair enough. But if you're already in civil service, keeping your existing job is not a "consideration" - you can not force someone to sign an NDA under threat of termination and expect it to hold up in court. They need to get a raise, a bonus, a promotion - a measurable benefit of some sort for it to hold up in court. Finally, there's the US Civil Service Oath of Office. This supersedes any stupid agreement one of Trump's lawyers may try to get implemented. If speaking out on something that Trump wants quiet defends the consitution and the law against one of our enemies (e.g., Donald Trump) you are ethically and legally bound to speak out. I'm not a lawyer, but I've paid them to write and implement them for me before, back when I had a company that created IP.
  7. Day sailing from Raiatea, French Polynesia

    Bora Bora is an easy day trip, and sailing in the open is easier than zig-zagging around the tighter lagoons. Just popping around the lagoon on Riatea and Tahaa provides a lot of good stopping places and short trips. I highly recommend a stop in Api Bay on Tahaa, and dinner at the Ficus restaurant. Make a reservation ahead. It's a little pricey and the menu is fairly small, but the show is fantastic and it's well worth it. One of the highlights of our trip to the society islands. The night there were two tables with six people on each from two boats. They put the whole show on for us, with more people serving, dancing, singing etc. as we had eating dinner. The performer's families come by too and hang out, it's a really fun night. Also stop and snorkel the coral gardens at Motu Tautau, also on Tahaa. You can anchor the day there, perched on the edge of the shallows, but it's not a great overnight spot unless it's pretty calm. But you can pop across the lagoon about a mile away for the night where it's more protected. There's a very pricy resort on Tautau; we didn't try to visit but you may be able to have drinks or dinner there.
  8. Next up - Mueller?

    There is not one full set of balls between the five clowns bolded in that article when it comes to dealing with Trump.
  9. Next up - Mueller?

    Only if you're really, really stupid and gullible. Oh...right.
  10. Sign off? He's been pushing for it and bragging about it since before the election. He's going to be WAY sad when he learns he's not allowed to do it to porn stars in the Lincoln bedroom.
  11. Pompeo confirmation thread

    If the opportunity arises, yes we do. Here in Australia...not so much, though I've given few bucks to panhandlers.
  12. Thick as Pigshit

    Well this gets me excited that we're sending my daughter out that way to check out one of her accepted schools next week. In my joy over her deciding to take a pass North Alabama University and not become a Hoosier, I forgot that Wisconsin has also been in the hands of fuckwits for a while.
  13. Thick as Pigshit

    Oh no, you're clearly right wing as well.
  14. Thick as Pigshit

    I've got a grandson who does this. He's four years old. What's your excuse?
  15. Thick as Pigshit

  16. Thick as Pigshit

    Don't you have a spellchecker, you illiterate buffoon? Republican/GOP/Christo-fascist abstinence-only policies are always tied to increases in teen pregnancies, abortion, and STDs. Always.
  17. Thick as Pigshit

    You know what ELSE is on the rise? Ignorant dipshits pushing abstinence only education while making it harder to access birth control education.
  18. Pompeo confirmation thread

    I believe it was stated quite clearly that it was an inconvenience. The point is, that if a USA-born, white, affluent, cis-male poster-boy for privilege like myself like myself gets nipped about the ankles by something like that, you better believe there are people that are having a much worse time of it because of their economic situation, skin color, religion, or land they happened to be born in.
  19. Pompeo confirmation thread

    I've been affected personally by the Patriot Act. It has made my banking life a pain in the ass, as I've had to explain the legalities of a Private Mail Box to a number of financial institutions, and have had a difficult time getting things set up because of my situation. As an example Transferwise, which I'd been using for the whole first year my won was at college in the UK to send him money, all of sudden decided to de-certify my account unless I could prove I lived at a physical street address. It took me weeks and weeks to open a new account at Fidelity, and once it did get created I still couldn't *USE* it for several more weeks because they didn't like my address. They finally got it sorted when I politely told them to please cancel the account request and stop calling me - apparently that escalated it high enough to get some answers. But that's minor, but it IS a negative effect of the Patriot on someone born right in the USA. I think that imprisoning a seven year old child for months is a human rights violation, as is torturing enemy detainees. When you talk publicly about torturing enemies like Trump has, and you combine it with the appointment of someone who could easily have been prosecuted by an international tribunal for her past role in illegal torture operations and appoint her head of the CIA...that sends a REALLY clear message about your direction, don't you think?
  20. Pompeo confirmation thread

    What exactly is inaccurate about that statement? We've had the addition of the Patriot Act, much warrantless wiretapping, and extensive violations of international law since 9/11. Or have you not been paying attention to the news you don't like?
  21. Community Reputation

    so you can leave anytime you like but you never check out (ok again) ? No. More like staying at a Holiday Inn Express is supposed to make you seem smarter afterwards.
  22. Trump Junior’s wife files for divorce

    It is my understanding that she can be.
  23. Community Reputation

    PA is kind of the opposite of that.
  24. Safing the Wind Generator with the LiFePO4s

    There's not much to think about at this point.