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  1. Pants on Fire

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Video posted on FB by @Blur shows this sliding roof, can anyone explain where / how this works as the roof of the boat has appeared fixed in all the photos so far?
  2. Pants on Fire

    J22 HIN

    I know the builder, Manuel Mendes, he is still in business in Cape Town. If you need to get in touch PM me and I’ll send his contact info.
  3. Pants on Fire

    Favourite Boat pic?

    J/105 Table Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. IRC nationals 2014 during the previous Volvo stopover.
  4. Pants on Fire

    Waterline J/105

    Nah, you just need enough wind! This boat loves the kind of wind we have in Cape Town which is often over 25kts. This pic is with the fractional A4.5 and even though the waves are not so big we get up around 19 kts in the right conditions. Record with this spinnaker is 22.3kts but in much bigger swell off the East Coast during a long distance (300nm) race.
  5. Pants on Fire

    Waterline J/105

    Like this? Euro boat with sparcraft rig.
  6. Pants on Fire

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    general marine trash wouldn't cause that kind of damage, to do that to a boat you're looking at a large whale or lost shipping container. personally my money is on a shipping container. I'd also think of trees and parts of fishing-lines/nets. Te latter maybe no for Kito, but my guess is, it doesn't need all to mucht to damage those rudders at 20 knots. My suggestion above that boats have cameras recording through sight bubbles in the hull would answer these questions, wouldn't they? 3 cameras and some cabling couldn't weigh more than 5kg and cost less than $500 at most. Even if the footage was never made public the teams could learn from it?
  7. Pants on Fire

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    These boats all have video recording systems with a "crash button" to capture the footage before an incident, right? So why aren't there cameras on the outriggers (where applicable) looking at the foil area outboard, or some looking down through the hull (small toughened glass window or bubble in a sealed off box) looking at the rdders and keel so that at least they can rewind and see what they have hit? Surely it would provide massive value to the teams and builders if they knew what casued the failure? If all boats are mandated to have 3 "camera bubbles" in the hull then its fair to everyone with regard to additional drag etc?
  8. Pants on Fire

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Re FaceOcean (cant get the quote thingy to work...) Doesn't that constitute outside assistance? Although there appears to be conversations between sailors and their "technical teams"... so maybe not?
  9. Pants on Fire

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    These from the Du Toit Yacht Design FB page
  10. Pants on Fire

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    A friend of mine who is the captain of 72ft sailing cat in CT took these when out on a Rib to assist Safran coming in to port. There is also a post on Facebook, by Safran, of the whales he encountered in the bay.
  11. Pants on Fire

    J 121

    My J/105 has a large drainage hole (2in) in the outer tube as it passes through the anchor locker. Also never had any leaks into the boat (built in France) in some rough conditions offshore South Africa.
  12. Pants on Fire

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Once you try vertical batterns you'll never go back ! I cannot think of a single J-Boat in the UK with the roll-able horizontal batterns - I had them for a while and they sucked, they are poor for sail shape, don't furl well, they don't last long and they are expensive. The vertical ones are a bit of a hassle when changing jibs but the benefits outweigh the negatives. I had just saved a picture of those Doyle jibs to show to North in Cape Town... I really hate the vertical battens but want to keep the furling ability on my 105. Since moving the boat to Cape Town we have used our No 4 jib more in the last 6 months than in the 3 years prior as it's often blowing over 25-30kts true. Its a real pain to take down the no 3 with those long battens to hoist the no 4... Oh well, we can at least dream can't we?
  13. Pants on Fire

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Agree it looks strong etc but it should have the same smooth finish as the front of the bulkhead or the roof. Understand this is hull no 1 so hopefully these small details will be improved on. I like the layout. I still think I would prefer the standard off the shelf windows of previous J/boats because I am sure these stuck in lexan windows will start leaking sooner. I swore I would never buy a boat with "custom" windows after spending too many weekend covered in black sikaflex on a previous boat... Overall I think the boat is a great J/105 upgrade but I just cant wrap my head around almost double the cost of my new 105 3-4 years ago..
  14. Pants on Fire

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Wonder why they have not run the pole outhaul line through the inside of the saloon handrail like on he French boats? Such a neat solution... Also some of the finish on the reverse side of the front bunk bulkhead looks pretty rough in the NA Sailor pics. Agree with Jambalaya, the foam backed vinyl lining on the EU J/105 is siply stuck onto the underside of the deck. 5mm thick and not much weight at all. I would be fine without it but then expect a really good finish on the underside of the deck. Some of the backing plates under the winches and stanchions look a little "rough"?
  15. Pants on Fire

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Thx Chris - looks sweet! I think the quality of the interior without a headlining is great. Also easy to maintain and get to under deck nuts and bolts. Well done J/Boats.