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  1. no shoes

    Walking the docks- San Francisco

    Easy big fella. Casing yachts is a thing. Nothing wrong with your budget. Act like a guest in any marina and yacht club. It's pretty simple.
  2. no shoes

    Dark side Not exactly my type but, a cool old boat. See I think the deal is, a guy who could afford this boat in 1987 could afford to maintain it. So thirty years later its fully depreciated, and still has a lot of life left. It's already In a great cruising ground.
  3. no shoes

    Dark side listing Sloop, $130,000. Live like a King. So many boats, so little time.
  4. no shoes

    Dark side

    Eastbay, My first real motorboat was a 1963 Chris Craft Constellation. My dad and I owned it for 19 years. It's not exactly a modern express cruiser. You have two choices. 6 knots or 16 knots. Displacement speeds is not really comfortable, or fuel efficient. At 8 knots, the bow is pointed skyward. Those types of yachts are suited for the bay on nice days. But for living aboard, if you like the studio 54 type of look I guess it would suit you. For the same money, the Californian has the diesels, a much better ride, is better looking (in my opinion) and is here in California. You could have that on a truck to Oakland next week. They are not at all the same boat. A younger member of my club has a Bayliner express cruiser. We can't really buddy boat because he has to go full tilt boogie or way slow. I guess express cruisers are my least favorite type of motor yacht. Things that are important to me, straight drives (or Vee), not I/O, Good visiblity, pilothouse or sedan (I'm a longtime sailor had have had enough of being outside in foulies), galley up, easy to make bed, icemaker, washer/dryer. Those last two items make living aboard very humanizing. I'm sure there are many here who don't agree. The 1968 Chris Craft below is for sale in Kelwona, BC. $30000 (USD). The one with the white bimini was mine, the washer combo is on my current boat. I can't the pic to rotate. Shit man, take a serious look at that Californian. If I had room in my life for another boat, I'd be tempted. My babe would kill me.
  5. no shoes

    Dark side listin If the $400,000 is not in your wheelhouse. This one's $58,000. I think it compares very well with the op''s Cal 34.
  6. no shoes

    Dark side listing Great boat, (not mine). Great price. Owned by the guy who owns The Brig/Miguels in San Diego. Elegant, seaworthy, economical.
  7. no shoes

    Dark side

    I'll just leave this here. Enjoy rowing.
  8. no shoes

    Dark side

    Hey Bull City, That's cool. He said powerboat ownership is not responsible. He said if you don't sail, you should get out of boating. I'm sure he rows his sailboat and powers the d/c system with fairy dust. If you guys want to talk about yachts that's done here right? There is a special place called PA for environmental concerns and politics. Vulgar? Man this place has changed. SloopJonB, Can't tell you how much I enjoy that old boat.
  9. no shoes

    Dark side

    Hey Sloop, that's right. Auto correct got me again. Mine doesn't leak. Anyway, I love both boats.
  10. no shoes

    Dark side

    HA! Got my first downvote from Proa. Yeah you guys are right , powerboats suck. The Vagabond is in the backround.
  11. no shoes

    Dark side

    It's great reading about motor yachts from a bunch of sailors. Geeze, if you want to have a serious discussion regarding living aboard/ cruising aboard a motor yachts, I'd be into it. I have a sailboat, 1979 Vagabond 47 (Gardner) and a motor yacht, an 1999 Offshore 48 RPH (Crealock). Big Marv, take it to PA unless you wipe your ass with your hands.
  12. no shoes

    Dark side

    I love my Offshore 48. Mines a pilothouse. Best boat I have ever owned. YMMV.
  13. no shoes

    i touch myself

    +1. Wow. Stop making sense. I'd sail with this guy. Paid or not.
  14. no shoes

    Doug Holthaus

    Great Guy. He will be missed. the very best maritime attorney. Although, the one time i asked him for some legal advice, he said "plead guilty" It will be cheaper.He was right. Sail on counselor,