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  1. mward

    Black Widow

    Hit them up on Facebook, they're quicker to answer there. This is what I sent them: Hey Pettit, I have a question. I have a 26' boat that is currently on a trailer. When it is launched it'll probably spend 6 months in fresh water, but then it will likely end up in salt water a few weeks at a time, and on the trailer in between, or back in fresh water. Salt water is gulf/florida/bahamas. Fresh water will be very cold rocky mountain lake water. Also I don't want to launch it immediately after painting. What bottom paint do you recommend? This is what I got back: Vivid or Black Widow would be great options for you. Hold up well to trailering and have an indefinite launch time.
  2. mward

    Black Widow

    You can haul and relaunch repeatedly with BW. My boat goes in and out a lot and stays on the trailer for extended periods. It's one of the paints Pettit recommended for that use case. Vivid or BW.
  3. mward

    Finn sailing

    Sailmoore1: I just drag the boat and trolley onto a flatbed trailer and strap the whole thing down with ratchet straps. It tows fine. I have an actual finn shaped trailer but I've taken the bunks off and just transport the dolley and boat on the trailer flat. Just borrow a trailer from someone and you should be okay. Is this one of the boats Joe is bringing over in the container?
  4. mward

    Finn sailing

    That boat that was in KC is way way overpriced. 1500 is about the right mark for that boat. DinghyRacingUSA is bringing back a container of Finns from Europe for sale if you're interested PM him or hit up his website.
  5. mward

    Finn sailing

    The design of the Finn is pretty nailed down, you're not going to modify it like you're suggesting. If you want awesome tactical one design racing, sail a Finn, if you want a boat that's easy, try something else.
  6. mward

    Finn sailing

    Hiking wings are definitely out but a lot of guys have a rope tied around the centerboard trunk with a loop tied in it so when that line is overboard it's just about the right spot to get your foot in and climb back aboard. Works very well.
  7. Snipes fit the bill, I have no idea why you think they're cramped in the cockpit unless you're putting more than 2 people on them or you weigh 700 lbs. We race lasers and snipes together, no handicap, they're so close it's usually a wash, the better sailor wins in either class. They're also really durable, easy to sail, nice high boom for newbs to keep their head out the way of. There's several builders currently including a US builder (Jibetech) and a strong used market.
  8. No, a downhill bike does not cost 2k. The fork for a downhill bike costs 2k. Or 3k. You cannot buy a decent used downhill bike for 1k. Maybe a set of used wheels. Things in cycling have changed a lot in the last 10 years, and one of those things is the cost. A really top end downhill bike now costs more than a new laser.
  9. mward

    Finn sailing

    Andy (Pimental) at Jibetech will build a new Lemieux hull for you, fitted out, for 11k, or a Vanguard hull for 8k. No rig, obviously, but the Lemeiux is supposed to be competitive with the modern Devotis. A bit flatter aft than the Vanguard so it'll plane sooner down wind. I'm sailing an old Vanguard with a modern rig and it's plenty fast.