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  1. What Is It? Foiling Ghost...

    I have always dreamed to design and build a sailing machine. I have built remote controlled landyachts for fun, which is the only thing my current finance and time (kids...) can offer right now. This image is a 3D render I did in a CAD software, If only... My past is as an industrial designer, but naval architect is a whole different ball game for which I have tremendous respect. I actually considered for a while going back to school to get a diploma, but getting too old and my life is now too intertwined with current job. I was getting close to finish a design (for a 6ft monohull, just for the fun of it) and had contacted a builder in California few years back. But life happened and I now live in NC (windsurfing in the OBX). Now more sculptural as you mention is much more feasible, and I actually never thought about that. Great idea and much more feasible. Thanks for the idea! And I love Panamarenko's work.
  2. What Is It? Foiling Ghost...

    Did not work on altered carbon, but always on the lookout for sci-fi anything (especially visually appealing), will definitely look it up!
  3. What Is It? Foiling Ghost...

    Maybe not in a movie (want to keep my job...), but in the book definitely!
  4. What Is It? Foiling Ghost...

    yes inspiration were definitely Tabarly, Hydroptere, David Keiper's williwaw, the AC's and so on. Anything cool with foils.
  5. What Is It? Foiling Ghost...

    Hi guys, I am the creator of these images. Shocked to see my image doing the front page of a forum I visit regularly. And right away I knew I would have to brace for impact! Was quite cracking up reading the replies as I usually do when reading these forums. A little bit of background. I am originally from France, grew up sailing with my dad cruising and racing in the mediterranean sea, and windsurfed for many years. As a kid I grew up obsessed with the America’s cup and drawing 12mji’s as we called them in France. My job took me in a very different direction, the movie industry, as an industrial designer and concept artist. This foiler (monohull yes) is a small snippet of a massive book coming soon about yachts done with other guys. I am responsible for the sailing segment, and extremely proud to do something about my lifelong passion. I hope you guys will enjoy it, if not I will keep cracking up reading the comments anyway D ps: I did these concepts in 2014 but was excited to see the AC may go the foiling monohull road. Hell I am excited even if they do it on optimists.
  6. Buying from Pogo Structures?

    Considering also a Pogo 30 and wondering about shipping prices for the West coast. Sent a mail to Pogo, will see.
  7. Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    I am thinking seriously about a pogo (the 30 though) and just wanted to thank you so much for the awesomely detailed thread that I read beginning to end religiously. I already love the brand, but reading your thread strengthened me in my choice. Happy sailing! What a beautiful beast you have.
  8. Pogo 30 recomendations

    I am thinking resale for a pogo (vs RM) may also be easier?
  9. Pogo 30 recomendations

    Sorry to hear about the gas line, quite a pricey modification :/ Thank you so much for all the information shaggybaxter, that is hugely useful!!!!!!! And the pic is GORGEOUS!
  10. Pogo 30 recomendations

    thanks a lot for the info ctutmark, the 10.50 is probably a little too much on the big side for my family to handle when the wind picks up (but what a beauty). I could not help to daydream about going from Colombia to L.A aboard a pogo 10.50 for a few months...... sigh. In another life. If anyone can put me in touch with an owner on this side of the US of the 30ft, if not I would just like to know including shipping, taxes and so on, what the total came to, based on which options, and also if there are things to consider with electronics and other (aside from taxes) since originated from France. Or if that part should preferably be handled on this side.
  11. Pogo 30 recomendations

    Thinking about the pogo 30, I live in L.A, would not be for racing, but fast coastal sailing with family. Anyone from the US having done the transport/shipping who could give a good idea of an average total landing price? Looking at other boats too, but having trouble finding something I like on this side of the pond with a good price/speed combo. The fact that the boat is light, well built and somewhat reasonable price and good resale value is why I am thinking pogo. Also if the owners on this page have experienced family sport cruising, would love to hear about that too.
  12. Weta anarchy

    Hi Miranda, Thanks a lot for the links, I will definitely jump on these forums for more answers. When it comes to nationals, I think I first need to tame the beast before I can even consider turning around a buoy with anyone else but a seagull, as I have have never sailed one before. We will see how quickly I can adapt, the least I can do is come to SF as it is not too bad of a trip. Thanks for doing the videos by the way, they were very useful in me deciding on getting a weta, great job! Best, David
  13. Weta anarchy

    Just bought a used weta today, picking it up on Tuesday. I have a few questions, I hope it's the right place if not don't hesitate to point me in the right direction. - The weta I just bought needs some TLC after few years of neglect under the sun and cormorans digestive excretion due to overeating of anchovies but it is structurally sound (yes it was love at first sight). Any advice on gelcoat/paint job ideal scenario and things to avoid (aside from an ugly color) to give it a fresh new face. Type of gelcoat, and paint ideal to work with. - I have seen on a video of some san francisco wetaists a neat jib stay holder with a ring to lead the gennacker furling line, and was wondering if it is a custom job or if it is just the current deck fitting (that I may be able to buy). - I am about to install a hitch on my car to pick up the weta on tuesday, and was wondering what is the diameter of the ball and if the trailer has an electrical connection or not. Thanks in advance for reading a newbie. D