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  1. hasher

    Bidens Laptop

    So that's why Tucker "lost" the Biden "evidence".
  2. hasher

    Bidens Laptop

    But it also takes ambition as in the form of someone to cook for other than the cook.
  3. hasher

    Bidens Laptop

    Pan fry some salmon in olive oil and douse it with old bay. Place onto a toasted bun and it will hopefully keep the heart ticking for 24 more hours.
  4. hasher

    Bidens Laptop

    If I'm cooking it will be simple. If you are cooking, I'd like something out of the cookbook. How many hours do you plan to work on it?
  5. hasher

    Bidens Laptop

    Maybe if you cry like a baby and refuse to eat dinner mommy will pick you up.
  6. Is there a tune that goes with that line?
  7. hasher

    Twitterer In Chief

    I doubt that drugs can keep him alive much longer.
  8. hasher

    Balance The Courts?

    I am sure it is more appealing to drop bombs on peoples' heads. It works quickly unless you're watching it happen.
  9. hasher

    American Dumbass

    How about that pretty girl who holds you in the dark?
  10. hasher

    Our President the Rapist

    He was trying to find his balls, he could not show her he lacked a pair.
  11. I expect the other side is empty and he has his employees wiping his ass.
  12. Because some votes are more important. I don't know why anyone other than me gets to vote anyway.
  13. hasher

    Obama in Orlando

    I'm hoping to get into a crowd just to test how tough I am. Damn right.
  14. hasher

    Balance The Courts?

    The progressive wing of the Democratic Party prefers a country that respects its citizens. Go listen to John Lennon:
  15. hasher

    Bidens Laptop

    I prefer all of my media to be bought and paid for by corporate interests. It is just as healthy as the air I breath and the water I drink. God bless dollars.