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  1. hasher


    I know you are all butt hurt about how UNFAIR it is. Does little don ever not rely on playground bullying? The little don has had enormous resources and power. He squandered it. He has no moral compass. He is an ass. He could fuck up a blow job. He is a disaster. And he has always been such. The little don doesn't speak, he swears (sorry bob). The little don is a bankrupt, over and over again. He is a privileged little fuck. Fuck you stupid melon heads that support the idiot. I will roast the seeds when your melon head pops.
  2. hasher

    If Putin is smart

    And he is as smart as the average bear. He will desert the little don in the same way Giancana was treated. The little don was way over his head since the doctor first spanked him coming into this world.
  3. hasher

    Jeff Sessions On Bended Knee To Trump

    Stone understood he only survives while useful to little don. There are no policy agreements that overcome the overwhelming need for little don to have the minions fall to protect him.
  4. hasher

    Here come the Florida deaths

    But just think of how many less car accidents there will be with less people on the road? Let's take the long view.
  5. hasher

    Tax the rich

    Rich is when someone calls and tells you how grateful they feel towards you. Money is nice too.
  6. As a student of life, I admit I do hate being tested.
  7. If you can't stop the voting, oops I meant testing, stop the damn counting. Where are my lackeys asks little don.
  8. But fucking is good right? If it's their only option, let them fuck their heads. Have at it little don's minions.
  9. You mean the same rational response that's been advocated, tested and proven right?
  10. Coming to you direct from the fact free zone.
  11. Did you crop that picture so that we could only see the good folks?
  12. As his time to report to prison neared, Mr. Stone openly lobbied for clemency, maintaining that he could die in prison and emphasizing that he had stayed loyal to the president rather than help investigators. “He knows I was under enormous pressure to turn on him,” Mr. Stone told the journalist Howard Fineman on Friday shortly before the announcement. “It would have eased my situation considerably. But I didn’t.”
  13. Roger Stone, was found guilty by a jury of all seven charges that he faced. He was charged with lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstruction. Stone was accused of collaborating with WikiLeaks to release Democrats' emails that were hacked by Russia in order to damage Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump's 2016 opponent — and of lying about it. He was also found guilty of tampering with a witness, radio personality Randy Credico, pressing him not to cooperate with a congressional investigation that involved Stone. Prosecutors presented evidence throughout the trial that Stone tried to get information from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, specifically asking for details about the hacked emails that WikiLeaks published in order to influence the 2016 election. Barr signaled in a July 8 interview with ABC News that he disagreed with Trump and believed Stone should still spend time behind bars. "The prosecution was righteous, and I think the sentence that the judge ultimately gave was fair," Barr said.