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  1. Sailed with Buckley a bunch. First class guy. Hope they can get it done. Where in Holland would they put this thing together. Doesn't look like a lot of buildings close to the water that can house a 75 footer
  2. Kack

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Fareast 28R 1. Mainsheet 2. Traveler 3. Backstay 4-5. Inhaulers 6-7. Jib sheets 8-9. Spin sheets 10. Tack line 11-13. Halyards
  3. Kack

    any tricks for renewing foulies water proof

    Will Musto Warranty it? Gill and Patagonia have replaced jackets of mine due to lack of waterproofness.
  4. Kack

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    Saw a stripped out Red hull in Riverhead new York sitting on a trailer a few years ago. Didn't have any windows in it. Can't find it on Google.
  5. Kack

    Upgrade from Merit 22 to S2 7.9, worth it?

    7.9 Great boat. Have a lot of miles on one.
  6. Kack

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    I built a bunch of chainplates for these boats a few years back. The aluminum ones crap out and the rig falls down and peels the boat apart. there's a google group of Hobie owners that is pretty busy. They discuss a lot daily. Surely they know where more of these things are.
  7. Kack

    i touch myself

  8. Kack

    i touch myself

    Yep, a solid "what the fuck? Over" would probably shut that shity down real quick. The girls notice the guys too.
  9. Kack

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    Spent a lot of time on Mirage (R.I.P) in Hampton. It was replaced with Myrage. Christian is racing her in every race possible to get her as fast as the old one. I think ex Smoke now Gail Force is/was owned by Chuck Eldred and is still on the hard up in Yorktown, VA somewhere
  10. Kack

    i touch myself

    Our dirtiest mouth on the boat is one of the women. She's had every guy on the boat blushing and looking at their shoes on multiple occasions.
  11. Kack

    i touch myself

    Cool, yeah, that other stuff is silly.
  12. Kack

    i touch myself

    #2 As a guy whose regularly moving around the boat a lot I can assure you that it truly is an accident a lot of the time. It's a contact sport when it's full on, guys or girls. Also being the big guy who is generally the crew boss, and stable I feel that I have to protect all my guys and girls. I've caught people in all kinds of different ways from going over, on in particular where a pit girl was caught off guard on a big day and went feet first through the lifelines, I dove for her and grabbed for anything to keep her from going over, got a big handfull of jacket and boob, pulled her back on the boat. She thanked me and said "that bruise will be tough to explain to the boyfriend." Completely unintentional and a reaction that I would hope anyone would have to keep someone on the boat. Please don't think that everyone is trying to play grabass.
  13. Kack

    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

    Did the GF ever speak to you again?