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  1. S2 7.9

    Sailed on for 5-6 years. Awesome boat. Very well balanced and easy to run. They like weight upwind. When we put the 250lb owner on the rail and let a little kid drive it was worth about .4 knots. Also, it's so simple and sails so well that you can let a little kid drive. the owner still regularly wins and sails that boat over faster boats just because it's easy and fun.
  2. J 121

    I thought the same things about the inhaulers, wiring and the midship deck in general. The inhaulers trapping the control lines to the deck really just looks like a hassle. Trying to sneak a tack line out that’s pinned by an inhauler control line just seems frustrating. That stepped rail where the deck is glued on looks painful for hiking all day too. Time will tell. If the fleet builds to the sizes
  3. 25'-30' Sprit Boat For $75k

    Far East 28. Do it. Boat is a blast.
  4. Wetsuit neoprene with some sticky back sewn to it works great. Need to be replaced every year. you have an amazing machine on your hands.
  5. Olson 30 Hull Database Project

    Hull 246 now resides in Middle River, MD.
  6. Dreadlocks needs a new home

    This sounds like a perfect opportunity to find some 15 year old junior sailors and get them out there having a blast.
  7. Oh the group shows up for the ride, they just tell you a different place and go a different direction.
  8. Irma

    first group of vids I've seen. Impressive. also.... a palm tree is a tough bitch
  9. I'd slap a cold plate refrigeration system in the galley and a little Honda Generator in the lazarette in case shit happens.
  10. Bringing up an old thread. Some Dbag stole our flag off of J70 Monkey Business. BOLO. Had this giant image on it.
  11. Keel well trap door

    That hole causes a lot more drag than any bottom paint ever could.
  12. FE28R Tuning Guide anyone?

    Yep, that's us. Getting it dialed in, still learning for sure. It's a fun boat.
  13. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    The players involved will share the story. It was an accident that could happen to any one of us. Let them get home first.
  14. Tack line loads

    pre stretched heat set and 1/4 core dia. 15k was high. I think it's actually around 10. was typing in traffic.
  15. Transpac 2017

    correct. Rio story is pretty bitchin. Could have gone waaaayyyyy worse.