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  1. Sinking privilidge

    Seems like they could afford some lift bags and dyneema to get her sorted.
  2. There's just no wind when we need it.
  3. First off. the "we sold everything we own to buy this shitbox" They must not have had anything good. That POS could likely be had for free from any of the yards around here just trying to thin out what's there. Second. They didn't lose everything they own. It's right there, swim out and get it. Third. This would have absolutely zero press if it happened further out in the ocean and the sorry ass dreamers weren't pathetic and asking for pity. Fourth: I looked at her instagram. It's official.. I hate them. both. Hippy, vegan, yoga, bullshit. the world has worn/let them down at the ripe old age of 24. I can't believe anyone is giving them and their stupid ass worthless dog money.
  4. so, they sold everything they own, bought a shitbox and then pumped every dollar they had into it for a year. How exactly do two people work and make barely enough to fix a boat they are living on? This sounds like a train wreck from day 1. Glad they sank close to shore. Also, they didn’t lose everything they own. It’s in the boat, just swim out and get it. I probably wouldn’t have tried to shoot that inlet blind at night. Too easy to drop a couple anchors and take a nap until daylight.
  5. Running Backstays Bungee Set-up

    Both boats I’ve used it on are 30 ft. Worked great
  6. Running Backstays Bungee Set-up

    Pull them to the front. 2/3 of the way up the runner, splice the bungee through the starboard runner dyneema and terminate with hog ring. Run the bungee around the front of the mast to the same level and splice it through the port runner, terminate with hog ring. When one runner is pulled tight the bungee pulls the other runner forward to the rig and out of the way of the boom. May have to adjust height on backstays to dial it in.
  7. J70, cheating and pros

    Seems like this whole thing could work itself out pretty easily if they measured the top 3 boats after the regatta. You fail, you're flicked, and you get laughed at by everyone for cheating. Does it really matter if 10th place is cheating??? If they have to cheat for 10th and eventually they win something they get busted and flicked.
  8. Warren Miller

  9. Warren Miller

    Sad news this morning. No doubt he and Hobie are back at it again. He was a wise man "Odds are, if your parents didn't have children, you won't either" "I won't ruin a good story with the absolute truth" "Birthdays are good for you...the more you have, the longer you live" "If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your thing" "Die living" -WM
  10. Hey KracK.

    Ive been on multihull most of my life.  Now  looking for a possible change.

    Is it possible to retract the Keel on an Hobie 33 while in the water.  From what I understand its something usually done on the beach

    I need a performance boat that can motor in 2- 3' of water.  I want to gunk-hole in the Bahamas and chase bonefish up on the flats.


    Thank you


    1. Kack


      Yes.  Can carry a winch to retract the keel in the water.  The Keel drops down into a sump that goes above the waterline.  I've never motored with it up though.  Rudder is still 5 ft deep either way.  Get a paddleboard and chase fish with that.  

  11. why am i here?

    ALL IS WELL!!!!!
  12. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Sooooo. There's still a bunch of boats out there bArely moving...
  13. J 121

    I thought the same things about the inhaulers, wiring and the midship deck in general. The inhaulers trapping the control lines to the deck really just looks like a hassle. Trying to sneak a tack line out that’s pinned by an inhauler control line just seems frustrating. That stepped rail where the deck is glued on looks painful for hiking all day too. Time will tell. If the fleet builds to the sizes
  14. 25'-30' Sprit Boat For $75k

    Far East 28. Do it. Boat is a blast.
  15. Wetsuit neoprene with some sticky back sewn to it works great. Need to be replaced every year. you have an amazing machine on your hands.