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  1. CowboyKell

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I haven't changed my perception about Rimas after his "reporter" request or his book hints. After all, how long has he been out there? The mind can wander far and wide with that much alone time. I don't think there is anything wrong with what he has done or is doing. Different strokes for dif.....As I mentioned, I won't make the crossing in anything that will take longer than about 10 days. Fast is fun. But at the same time I will definitely buy Rimas drinks all night to hear the stories of his adventure. And during that story session I would never mention that there is a better way to do it.
  2. CowboyKell

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Everyone seems to forget who they are and who Rimas is. You have to get down on his level. It's easy to say "if I were him I would do this". Or "why doesn't he do that". He has no idea of why, he just does. He turns on his Garmin Nuvi automobile purposed GPS and it points him to San Francisco. That's where he wants to go. He has no idea that he might not get there or why. A person gets tired at night so might as well go to sleep. Pull over and get some rest. Continue on the voyage in the morning. Doesn't everyone do this? He most likely has no idea that that he is not in the same place in the morning as when he stopped sailing the night before. He probably has no clew to how long a TransPac-Hi/mainland should take. probably doesn't care. It is easy for us to draw the line at 10 days westbound and 14 days eastbound. That would be like teleportation to Rimas.
  3. CowboyKell

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I hope that's a spot tracker error. But then again.....That's not a little circle either. I can only imagine that the food supplies have got to be getting low.
  4. CowboyKell

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    . ...too many of us think of all the possible fails,,try to prepare against them,,,don't go -anywhere-,, ..........there's something about this guy's naive-bravery that's somehow admirable ....I'd imagine he at least has a frying-pan!! ......(anyone remember that one??) .....from what I've seen on Ebay,,it might be that SanD would be a good place to 'wash-up',, ,,,,,he could 'move-up' to a catalina 27 don't know if he has a frying pan but I've seen pictures.....his winch handles fit.
  5. Why not? They're not "nots" they're knots. And they're not Knots they're "voids". Do we need to bring up the plywood discussion/tutorial again?
  6. After all of that I hereby declare this thread officially dead... Or should I say, Dried up.
  7. I don't know about retarded but he does look and smell like a homeless person.
  8. I should have put money on this prediction... Looks like I nailed it. You sir, need to talk to me about next years stock picks.
  9. "watch the Am CUP in style" that's pretty funny.
  10. Discaimer first- I am not a tax lawyer nor an accountant, FB- Doug Very true. Do a little more research.
  11. CowboyKell

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I covered that angle too. It's the lamest excuse there is. Perhaps I should add another group. People who do and have done great things but don't like the idea of less experienced people showing them up. My point is, there is no real reason to be "anti" or negative towards anyone who goes out and does it. You may not approve but who are you? I think ya'll are wussies for using a handheld GPS and taking the canal. (Not really, that's pretty awesome) But thats what I'm talking about. People can talk shit about your little adventure too. From your point of view they would be wrong. From Rimas' you are.
  12. CowboyKell

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    No, that's not it. Most people HATE it when someone actually does something. Most people, (especially boat owners), think they are the greatest at their particular hobby. Anyone who accomplishes something in a way that they do not agree with are completely wrong, reckless, irresponsible, stupid....After all, they could do it better. And lets not forget the favorite argument against.... "He will have to be rescued at my expense (tax dollars)" What? You think you're going to get a big tax refund if no one needs rescuing in a year? That money is already spent. "The rescuers will be put in harm's way". If rescue authorities don't find anyone to rescue they will throw a drill and pretend. They love that stuff. That's why they volunteered to do it. Rescue responders are on their own adventure. And guess what. They aren't paying for it themselves, they get paid to do it! For all the pretend adventurers and armchair naysayers; Go ahead and save up your pennys for 50 years and buy the best suited equipment for your "adventure". Make sure you have every conceivable safety device and be completely prepared. Have a nice yawn....I mean adventure. Meanwhile, Rimas and the likes will be having a great time doing what they love and truly living life.
  13. You obviously do not follow the AC forum then... once you read his posts enough, you can read them without difficulty. And he usually has very insightful and intelligent comments. No, that would be Snaggletooth. this POS is just some attention whore wannabe that never makes sense even when translated. The first guy might be a little humorous. The copy is just annoying.
  14. Perhaps we could get Woody to translate for HotRod. Or the other way around. Oh never mind. They are probably both speaking the same language,
  15. Sorry Hot Rod, the sight wouldn't take my donation. Or are you to good for my money?