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  1. Echo that! It may be marketed differently in the UK, but whatever it is, I intend to find its equivalent. Regarding ability, I ain't no Spartan hero... ...but I can't plead disability either. Just a bit gutless. In a 20 knot breeze I found the original 4:1 10mm mainsheet very arduous. Just old age. But I can see the upgrade to a 12mm 6:1, was a mistake. What is the boat??
  2. Reading the original article its not clear what the band is. It mentions 1.00 to 1.27 as the most popular rating band. All a bit flaky. By combining the CC and the euros and putting a tighter limit on cat 3 sailors for CC that puts another nail in the CC's coffin. Reading the original article its not clear what the band is. It mentions 1.00 to 1.27 as the most popular rating band. All a bit flaky. By combining the CC and the euros and putting a tighter limit on cat 3 sailors for CC that puts another nail in the CC's coffin.
  3. Great boat, but you have to buy into the French way of sailing them to make them really shine. Short term look at the new mainsheet set-up the latest boats have, they have re-jigged the cockpit and its a big improvement. Daniel Andrieu the designer has done a lot of mods to his 'old' boat as the test platform before they brought out the new ones. Long term ditch the furler and go for a hanked on AP code 2 and code 3, and possibly a reef in the code 3 depending on what you are planning on doing. The ability to have horizontal battens is a huge benefit, furling jibs never quite work as-well
  4. As I said before: that's what they say. When we tried it, we surely could see the camber move aft, but the whole rig also felt kind of sloppy and loose. We didn't point any higher or sailed any faster, just heeled more. Then again, the J/70 jib has a whole bunch of problems if its own... Exactly, they are only basic rules. But are a good place to start from. Thing is though one change often requires change from all the other controls. J70's a boats with vertical jib battens often take on some weird shapes in their jibs when you are messing around with the rig controls, due to the extra roach and the shaping needed to support that.
  5. More forestay tension = draft aft on jib Less Forestay tension = draft forward on jib More jib halyard = draft forward on jib Less jib halyard =draft aft on jib Draft forward = Less point, easier to sail to (bigger groove) Draft aft = more point, harder to sail to (smaller groove) Breezy upwind flat water example, tight forestay to keep draft aft and you can still apply plenty of halyard to bring open the leech and flatten the jib without bring the draft too far forward. To drop into more power, less headstay tension will bring draft forward and power sail up. These are only very very basics to start from, every boat is different!
  6. Le Chameau or Aigle real rubbers with neoprene insides. Warm, durable and cheap if you get the fisherman's version and then get some guy cotton gaiters. If you go to the wet end of the boat get gaiters, wet socks ain't fun.
  7. Karver, pro-furl, facnor, bartells are all good, at a few different price points across that lots but they all do the job, there a other brands out there as-well that make good quality stuff. Selden furlers can be problematic, cheaper than most other but also a lot more flimsy and need more looking after, they are generally not worth the hassle. What sqm is the sail? Can work out the approx tack loading a furlers available.
  8. French politics are great.... Problem is non French output for this race is small, and really always will be, if it were to change too much we would lose the race we love. The French being difficult and protective is just they way they can be. I work with them a lot and it's like dancing on a tight rope some of the time, they have a lot of passion! On the course it looks like Armel is steadily starting to stretch his legs out, AT is 200nm further north with a big light patch up ahead for both of them but a easier way through for Armel, going to be a interesting few days to see if this is the break that will give Armel a big lead or let AT back in.
  9. Alex doing 4kts and Armel doing 12kts. Some big holes floating around
  10. Some background, the designer of the Whisper is the same guy as the Foiling 101. He designed the Whisper with the wands behind working with his own design theory and thoughts. Let's just say the jury is very much out on whether it really works. There a quite a few very good mothies who are not buying it. Hes now developed the 101. People seem too feel it makes foiling easy but it's not fast.
  11. With his youth, looks, languages, and comms ability, I think Conrad really is a force to be reckoned with for the future, and we should all be happy another company besides Musto and Guy Cotton get some love! Cotton is out (I think Safran was their 'works' team), but Alex, Armel, Jeremie all on Musto - though Alex's logos are removed and replaced with HB stuff i believe. Guy Cotten have Yann Ellis and Paul Melihat still out there
  12. Sorry it was this test https://static1.squarespace.com/static/556621c8e4b02628a8d3bde8/t/55e1c2dae4b0eea3c34ba889/1440858842931/PS_SpinfurlerEval.pdf I worry about any test that says the Selden is best! After any reasonable use the Selden gets worn out very easily, its furling drum is glass/plastic so the teeth get burnt and you have to change up to bigger and bigger furling line over time.
  13. DR Sails
  14. What size sail? Facnor or Pro Furl are best bang for buck up to 2.5tonne Swl, above that Karver is better priced. Used all the three and they all work fine, only flaw is the furling lock on the KF2's can be a bit weak and break if your not careful. Profurl is super simple which is nice. Avoid Selden like the plauge. Jury is still out on the Harken until it's had a bit of time under it's belt, looks good and well priced, but I'd wait another year before jumping in there.
  15. I've got a pair of Chameau Marinod's (Neptune's without the gaiter and for fisherman and thus a lot cheaper!) and they are the best boots I have ever had, they've done a lot of miles and are still going strong. I also have quite a lot of friends in France who have them as well and swear by them. Don't rely on socks to keep your feet warm in them as all you'll do is get sweaty, your feet will warm the neoprene up and should be toasty as hell in there, thin socks are all you should need. Mine a little bit too big so that air can still circulate and my feet are not clamped againts sweaty neoprene. Ive put them on with wet bear feet many times and had toasty feet in no time. Check yours have neoprene in them, all should but never know!