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  1. GlitterBomb

    Star racing on TV is compelling to watch

    Both Scheit and Zarif were sailing 8400 series pstars
  2. GlitterBomb

    Wrecked racer spotted adrift. Who can ID this?

    Another piece of plastic trash from over indulged, over privileged white people who preach global warming and socialism (for everyone else)
  3. GlitterBomb

    J70, cheating and pros

    Obviously the brown shirts got hacked by the russians
  4. GlitterBomb

    Tybee Island options?

    The place totally sucks. You will be lucky to leave without some sort of insect borne illness including having all of you blood drained by no see us and swarms of mosquitos.
  5. GlitterBomb

    What's happened to the C&C 30?

    Cool boat that's great fun to sail - 20 knots downwind is hard to argue with! With the recent uptick in economic confidence and some smart class leadership I would expect some solid growth in the years to come.