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  1. cbull17123

    Is this Nantucket harbor?

    Fits with being a different camera. Where did it go?
  2. cbull17123

    Is this Nantucket harbor?

    Nailed it! Nantucket it is. As to ferry routes, today I think it's two ferry rides: Quonset to Martha's Vineyard, and on from there on to Nantucket. He did pass a number of other vessels and took photos, these being new to someone from Ithaca, NY. Apologies as these are not sailboats, but maybe pins down the route. First is Cross Rip lightship LV-66, on station from 1926 to 1934, based on various old photos on the net. Second is the ferry Mohican backing engines before docking. Might be from a different day, because camera is different. Third ferry overtook the one he was on. Same camera as others, fuzzy in the corners, 120 film, a Brownie?
  3. cbull17123

    Is this Nantucket harbor?

    Is this Nantucket Harbor? This image was taken by my father in 1933 at age 13 during a trip to southwestern Rhode Island, after taking a ferry boat somewhere. Anybody recognize the setting?
  4. cbull17123

    Club Seeks Association

    46 is: PERSON IN CHARGE A boat shall have on board a person in charge designated by the member or organization that entered the boat. See rule 75. Yachting Australia prescribes that the designated person on board shall be a member of a Club affiliated to an MYA and a Yachting Australia Card holder, or, if an international competitor, a member of a club affiliated to an ISAF recognized Member National Authority (MNA). 56 is: CREW ELIGIBILITY Yachting Australia prescribes that except in an international event, any crew member that sails in more than 3 races in any one sailing season, shall be a member of a Club affiliated to an MYA and a Yachting Australia Card holder. It shall be the responsibility of the person in charge of any boat to ensure that all crew members on board for each race comply with this prescription. A Club may seek dispensation from this requirement from the MYA. Advice of such dispensation shall be included in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. and 75 is: ENTERING A RACE 75.1 To enter a race, a boat shall comply with the requirements of the organizing authority of the race. She shall be entered by (a) a member of a club or other organization affiliated to an ISAF member national authority, ( such a club or organization, or © a member of an ISAF member national authority. 75.2 Competitors shall comply with ISAF Regulation 19, Eligibility Code.