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  1. That's exactly what I was looking for (down to the wire measurements!). Thanks a lot Richard.
  2. Thanks a lot. So the Mylar sails could be used on an old boat without changes in spars and fittings, right? I was wondering because I saw pictures of older boats with Dacron sails with a jib-furler and I read about improvements to the stay adjusters etc. Seeing it's such a light and simple boat, you wonder why it did not take off like the Laser..
  3. Tried tasar.org and tasar.org.uk and couldn't find an answer to: are there considerable differences between older and newer boats except the Mylar Seils (and wear)? Has the hull shape been altered? What are differences in fittings etc? I am considering an older boat, possibly 80ies, and wonder if new sails would make it competitive?
  4. He may have simply meant to say that he considers the German trade surplus in German-US trade a serious - bad - problem for the US, examplified by German manufacturer's car sales in the U.S. Or something in that direction. Leaving aside his astounding ignorance of the fact that BMWs, Mercedes and Volkswagens are assembled in the US in large numbers and that they probably have U.S. share holders profiting from their sales, it's quite funny to hear this kind of superficial view of the exploitation of the possiblies of capitalism and free trade from a U.S. president. U.S. administrations have advocated uninhibited international investments and trade - which, in view of the relative economic potentials, meant enabling further U.S. investments and trade in/with other countries - for decades. Remember the negotiations for an Unilateral Agreement on Investments in the 90ies and recently for TTIP? Hm. He could probably agree with Attac and many European right and left wing radicals on this issue.
  5. Not judging on the poor fellows in that boat and trying to be a smartass, just wanted to throw in that in some breeze most race boats can be sailed close hauled, if slowly, and make headway against the wind with the main raised only a bit, a third up the mast or even less, and by trimming it holding on to the leech with your bare hands. If the halyard is jammed/broken or whatever, you can help yourself with a line tossed over the spreaders. Not pretty, but it works.
  6. That title is still held by Ives Parlier (2000/01 Edition).
  7. Nowadays, a boat usually matures to a yacht at the age of ten. Rarely is a boat born as a yacht anymore. The few that still are can be recognized by large overhangs on both ends, a wooden cabin, tiller and seats and coiled ropes on deck. Some develop prematurely though and can grow seat cushions in the cockpit and brass applications in the cabin as early as during their second or third season. Others suffer from arrested development and are actually sailed and raced until old age as empty carcasses. In rare cases boats never reach the yacht stage at all, their respective owners being immune to the cruising and boozing life style for reasons unknown. So basically, the question can only be answered for an individual boat.
  8. Cut him some slack. He was under a lot of pressure, might have become the eternal 2nd, with la grande nation watching and all, because the S Atlantic weather played it to the incredibly tough guy in a (multiply) wounded boat behind him. No wonder he cracked when the reporter mentioned stress. Great guy. What a race, especially the last part up the Atlantic.
  9. They way I read it the damaged foil was up and violently slammed down - 'bâbord est violemment descendu' - upon the deceleration of the boat in the trough of the wave. The top of the foil and the lowering mechanism were damaged, prolly when they were pushed down into the slot by the foils own weight. Not sure why he yibed. Maybe he hoped to get the thing unstuck by the pressure on the foil?
  10. Ask the manufacturer? http://www.fpm.de/index.php?c=1&s=kontaktanfahrt English should be fine.
  11. Merci beaucoup, Leo. That was quick!
  12. VG 2016/17 might look a lot like this: The top ten boats seem to have different sweet spots (PRB in lighter air, foilers in 15 - 25, above 25 ?). We might also see different approaches re tactics since the foilers like hotter angles. Incidently, seeing there is a lager audience in this thread, does anyone here know where to obtain a copy of this doc film on the VG 1992/93: Parole de solitaires Documentaire de Jean-François Coste (1995-50mn) Production : Ellipse ?
  13. Disruptive Journalism.
  14. Actually keelboats are for the prematurely aged.
  15. Regardless of your age, if you cannot a find a dinghy design that suits you in 2016, you probably can’t be helped into sailing – especially in the UK. There is so many types and boats on the market, old and new, big and small, heavy and light, probably more designs and sheer numbers than ever before in the history of pleasure boating. Many people spend more on mountain or e-bikes than most dinghy sailors on their boats. If Finns are too heavy, go Laser, if that’s too for you, go RS Aero. If you can’t right a capsized Laser, OK or whatever, you probably shouldn’t be sailing dinghies. What a bunch of B.S. Finns and Laser Master’s regattas worldwide have a great turnout, greater than many youngster’s regattas. Almost two hundred and fifty competitors at World Laser Masters 2015, two hundred competitors at the World Finn Masters 2015 and ninety at the OK Worlds 2015, who have no problem whatsoever with their boats and the logistics involved (mind all three competitions were not exactly held at central locations on the resp. continents). The Laser class introduced the 75+ years category a couple of years ago. If old geezer dinghy sailing isn’t thriving in our sport then what is? What is Hanshell talking about? Yes, many sailing clubs face a problem of aging membership. However, that’s not a matter of the types of boats available on the market. It’s a matter of a) diversification of sports and other leisure activities in general and the working class’ limited free time, especially when mom + dad both work full time and are distracted by phenomenon a). On the bright side, that development in clubs in most places means that many of those aging, mostly well off club members are paying for the infrastructure that you, dedicated young or old dinghy sailor, enjoy, and that they rarely even use. They are happy to camp on the 4knshbxes on sunny days and once the wind pipes up and there’s a few clouds up above you have the whole place for yourself. Re young sailors: many youth regattas in Europe recently have had record turnouts, 900 Optis at Garda over Easter this year for instance. If there’s a problem with the different types of boats it's also diversification, a luxury, not a deficiency problem. If they do not stick with it once they grow, it could be a) puberty and diversification of interests (like the other sex, or the same one for that matter) or too many old geezers, camping out at the club in their 4knshbxes and some others occupying the dinghy ramp...