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  1. Der_Dude

    Super foilers for sale

    Or this:
  2. Der_Dude

    ME109 "jet" (thanks CNN) found in Denmark

    Just ran into this old thread sorta by accident and thought I'd point out that, since you sorta cite Speer, you should be aware of the fact that his so-called memoirs or recollections in this book (German title: Erinnerungen) as well as his Spandau Diaries and numerous post-war interviews have not stood the test of critical historian research. Much of it is pure fiction, Speer working on his own legend and that of the Third Reich, one that many people liked to believe. He especially greatly exagerated the capacity of Gemany's war industry (and of course of his own role in that regard). If you're interested in this history and able to read German (I am not aware of an English translation of this 2017 relase yet) I highly recommend Magnus Brechtken: Albert Speer - Eine deutsche Karriere. I am not aware of a critical analysis of Mr. Galland's memoirs but I would not be surprised to hear that he too spun the myth of the brave German soldier defeated only by the incompetentence of the few Nazi leaders on top.
  3. Der_Dude

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Read that. Was wondering about the seemingly better pressure out west too. Why play follow the leader into conditions that favor the other boat? Because the pressure didn't materialize?
  4. Der_Dude

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Can somebody explain, why Comanche has come back West? Too much separation?
  5. Der_Dude

    a4 aok ?

    Thug life
  6. Der_Dude

    Inflatated Wingsail

    Has this been posted here? Interview in short: lesser loads, easy handling (hardly any sheeting, no trimming), equal performance compared to conventional rig. Will sailors be obsolete, once this takes over?
  7. Der_Dude

    thank you

    SA 2018 Hint for you 'Muricans: Danke means Thank You.
  8. Der_Dude

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Looking at Comanche from behind on the RSH-FB live feed seems like her bottom is really sticking. Can't she produce more heel to reduce wetted surface?
  9. Der_Dude

    frank bethwaite: High performance sailing

    Thanks, SA-community. @Julian, I will think about my questions once I get into the answers in HP-2 ;-)
  10. Der_Dude

    frank bethwaite: High performance sailing

    Thanks for the input. So pro'ly should get all 3... I'll start with HP-2.
  11. Der_Dude

    frank bethwaite: High performance sailing

    Raising this thread from the dead to ask this question: For your average dinghy hack seeking some insight during the long and miserable winter ahead, which of the three titles by Frank Bethwaite would you recommend reading first, HP-1 (2nd edition/2010), HP-2 or Fast Handling Technique? I understand they are partly redundant (between each other as well as within themselves I gather), however I haven't quite understood from this thread and the reviews online exactly where the focus lies in each title? Is FHT just the abbreviated, latest edition of the other two? I'm mostly interested in the boat handling parts, less in design, which would point to the third one, however meteorology seems to be a major chapter in HP-1 and that interests me too. So which of the three would be the best for starters?
  12. Der_Dude

    Mini Transat 2017
  13. Der_Dude

    Why was TNZ faster ?

    Interesting bit on the trade-offs of the NZ design:
  14. Der_Dude

    Tasars - differences old and new boats

    That's exactly what I was looking for (down to the wire measurements!). Thanks a lot Richard.
  15. Der_Dude

    Tasars - differences old and new boats

    Thanks a lot. So the Mylar sails could be used on an old boat without changes in spars and fittings, right? I was wondering because I saw pictures of older boats with Dacron sails with a jib-furler and I read about improvements to the stay adjusters etc. Seeing it's such a light and simple boat, you wonder why it did not take off like the Laser..