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  1. DIY radon mitigation ...

    I just went through this as we're selling the house. Radon level came back at 4.9 and buyers wanted radon mitigation installed prior to sale as the levels are above EPA stated minimums. I'm a DYI'er, but there are some things I just do not want to tackle, like Radon mitigation. Quotes came back from two good local contractors recommended by our realtor at $1350.....with a guarantee the radon level will be 2 or less.....I'll write the check this this. Considering digging into the concrete basement floor, running PVC pipe through the foundation wall into the garage and through the garage roof (brand new roof last year) the $1350 is a deal....
  2. Fuck the Elderly and Infirm

    You're a dumb ass.....re-read the post.
  3. Fuck the Elderly and Infirm

    I'm with you on your comments.....my dad was just admitted to a long term care facility and you're right, there needs to be a lot of planning and funding to do it correctly. One of my parents priorities was long term care insurance, even though it was a major expense for them. It will fund $35,000+/yr for him which goes a long way. In addition, they paid a lump sum of $7000 to a senior planning service to assist them with their elderly care choices. Both of these are paying dividends for them now...... The senior planning service was invaluable in working through the questions and details in arranging for his long term needs. I'm not sure how someone works through these issues without that kind of support. They were able to work with my mom to get him into a great facility and work with them regarding exposed assets vs. protected assets as time goes on. The staff has been outstanding so we are fortunate. I had discussions with the nurses that was enlightening. It is a regulated industry and everything they do is against a backdrop of regulations, regardless of whether it makes sense or not. I'm more than happy to see better patient focused results than rigid regulated requirements. A reasonable level of regulation can be helpful in that industry, but excessive regulation can be problematic. From my understanding, it is over regulated. Also, like you our financial adviser has a percentage of our assets in annuities. The annuities will pay out double the income should long term care be required without an end date.
  4. Individual Mandate is dead, now what?

    Actually, we did. The quote is from from the Gowrie Group out of CT who specialize in liveaboard worldwide cruisers. It covers us anywhere in the world including the US. There is an unlimited lifetime maximum benefit, $250,000 medical evacuation benefit, and 100% prescription drug benefit to $5000, $30 copay for office visits and no pre-existing conditions exclusion as long as you have insurance when applying for their policy. In addition, 96% of US doctors and 92% of US hospitals are part of this network. You don't need to be a righty or lefty to understand why that is.....your still buying insurance through an insurance company, but you're not loading up your costs with government mandated 'extras'.
  5. Individual Mandate is dead, now what?

    That's how the law was written....again, for me it only works for a year while I'm still in the US. After that I dump the ACA and fully fund my own health insurance at an affordable rate. As I recall, this is a reason the law was written, to free everyone to pursue their dreams without having to worry about their health insurance......this from the horse's mouth....
  6. Individual Mandate is dead, now what?

    While I can speculate why that is, it may in large part be due to I'm not paying for items I do not need that is now mandated by the ACA. However, what's important to me is I'm able to get health insurance both in the US and abroad for a reasonable (relatively speaking) price. We will be coming back to the US for our yearly's as our current physician is in their network. Should we have any chronic health issues arise, we would also be heading back to the US for treatment. You're medical evacuation comments are well taken. The GeoBlue has a Medical Evacuation benefit of up to $250,000 and repatriations of remains of $25,000. Additionally, I was not implying that insurance costs never increased prior to the ACA, but the premium increases in Minnesota far exceeds anything I saw while in business. Anyway, we were promised we were going to save $2500/yr on our insurance.....
  7. Individual Mandate is dead, now what?

    I can only guess it's the same logic used in the income tax.....you're taxed on your income, but not on your wealth (net worth).
  8. Individual Mandate is dead, now what?

    I live in Minnesota, so they went all in on the ACA with their own state exchange. The first year they had very attractive rates from the insurers, but the rate increases have been substantial - from 30% to 66% year after year with a number of insurers leaving the state exchanges. I gave up working for a living this past June at 59 years old and my wife and I are heading to the Caribbean next year to enjoy ourselves. This left me with a couple of decisions to make. My COBRA coverage from work (a Gold Level coverage for my wife and I w/ $2500 deductible) would run $1000/month. While that's expensive, the equivalent ACA coverage was over $2000/month! We would not qualify for any subsidies as my wife is still working. In addition, the ACA does not cover you outside the US, so we would also need an international health insurance plan when we leave the US. If we dropped our ACA insurance, the individual mandate would require us keep the ACA insurance also, or pay the penalty. There is nothing affordable or rational about the ACA...... Next month my wife also gives up working (we're currently on her company insurance) so our income approaches the poverty line......giving us $1400/month in subsidies, even though we have a substantial net worth. We'll take advantage of the subsidies through 2018, but when we head to the Bahamas and into the Caribbean we have a quote from GeoBlue Health Insurance. GeoBlue is a joint venture between Blue Cross and a large international health insurance company. This is also a Gold Level plan with a $2500 deductible ($1000 for international). This plan will cost $700/month for the both of us....fully 1/3 the cost of the "affordable" ACA insurance. The GeoBlue plan covers us anywhere in the world including the US. And now with the individual mandate down the tube my rum budget just took a big jump!
  9. Diy bottom paint: powdered copper+graphite

    The results of their 'experiment' start at the 8 minute mark......
  10. Diy bottom paint: powdered copper+graphite

    You can watch this video shit show to see what they did......this stuff is so hard to watch......grab a beer and popcorn. The copper/epoxy 'experiment' begins around the 7 minute mark.
  11. The Man Cancer

    I came across this NPR article that sheds some light on HIFU and its use and history in the US and abroad. It has been approved for PC treatments abroad for a while, but they had difficulty with FDA approval in the US due to their clinical studies submissions. One can argue that the FDA is too stringent, but they do err on the side of safety. Good to know it worked for the OP. Here is a link to the article: NPR Article on HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment
  12. The Man Cancer

    I did some research....HIFU is approved for use in Canada, however their insurance does not cover the cost of the procedure.....
  13. The Man Cancer

    Prior to giving up working for a living I ran a contract manufacturing facility that focused on the disposable medical diagnostic market. Our involvement with our customers usually began when they were start-ups. It is not unusual for these companies to spend 10 years and $50 million to develop their product prior to market introduction. Most of these companies would not introduce their products in the US (even though they were all US based companies) as the FDA had become increasingly difficult to deal with. As a result most of the companies were launching their products in Europe, Australia, and others. It's my understanding another factor was the 2.3% medical device tax that was enacted by the ACA. When you export you do not need to pay the tax....it's only taxed for US consumption.
  14. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    Sitting in Minnesota.....it is god forsaken tundra. Currently 15 deg and heading for a low of 9 deg tonight....light snow falling and 15 kts of wind blowing it around. Just gave up working for a living and tired of paying Minnesota taxes. House is on the market in 30 days and time to hit the boat in spring and head south to live.....all the way to 13 degrees North. Huggy out!
  15. Advice for first time Grenada bareboat?

    Enjoy your charter! The Tobago Cays are great. There is a turtle sanctuary on Baradel so you'll see a lot of turtles in the anchorage. We've always found the boat vendors helpful, especially if you run low on ice (Mr. Quality always has some in his cooler). I would also recommend the lobster barbecue on Petit Rameau. I would suggest connecting with Patrick Forde (Pa Pa San) from Mayreau. We've used him for about 8 years and he has become a good friend. Neal out of Union Island is also a good choice. Mayreau is our favorite island. Salt Whistle Bay is great, but if too crowded, Saline Bay is also very nice and the walk to the village is much shorter (Saline is a hard sand bottom so make sure your anchor is set well). Walk to the Catholic Church on the hill as the view of the Tobago Cays is outstanding. I would also suggest a Hairoun at Robert Righteous and de yout's. Eclectic place and Robert is a hoot. Union Island is also fun with Happy Island in Clifton. Jante built the island from old conch shells. Also consider Chatham Bay on the west side of Union. Seckie and Vanessa run a great beach bar and grill. Here is a video of the lobster barbecue we shot a couple of years ago.